Announcement of Death

May Dr. Vidic rest in peace.

It is with great sadness that Abstergo announces the death of one of its most influential employees, Dr. Warren Vidic.  Dr. Vidic’s body was found in his office at our facility in Rome early this morning.  Cause of death is under investigation, pending an autopsy by officials.

Dr. Warren Vidic in Sept. 2012

Dr. Vidic has been with Abstergo for the past 35 years and has been a key player in many of Abstergo’s advancements in biotechnology.  Dr. Vidic was the head of the department that spearheaded the entire Animus project, which is quite possibly Abstergo’s most famous product.  Though he is gone, his legacy will live on with the various Animus projects he helped develop.

We will keep you updated with funeral information.  We thank you for your continued support during this sad time.

24 thoughts on “Announcement of Death

    1. Officially he died of natural causes. However, there seems to be some debate on that. Abstergo is well respected and has a history of credibility, but it is not without its enemies, nor its secrets. To that end, I suppose this simply depends on whose word you trust the most.

      1. I actually know how he died.
        Desmond Miles, A.K.A, Subject 17, used the Apple’s power to control some of his own men. He made one of them shoot Vidic.

    2. He died from natural causes.

      Thank you,
      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  1. I know who killed him. How, when, who.

  2. it’s very sad for Warren to be killed by an ex-subject of the animus (the same that killed he’s assistant Lusy Stillman and Daniel Cross) with an Apple of Eden.

    1. Constantine,

      Dr. Vidic died of natural causes.

      John Griffin

      1. Lies. I controlled his guards to shoot him.

  3. Forgive my late condolences. A great man has passed. A true visionary like many before him that were misunderstood for their ideals that if simple understanding was used, would be beneficial. May he rest in peace in the knowledge his work will be continued to the betterment of man.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Randall. Dr. Vidic will be sorely missed.

      John Griffin

  4. its desmonds fault him and his entire brotherhood they just take what they want we only wanted to give humanity everything we could and in his madness we lost a valuable asset and friend in the proccess rip mr vidic the father of understanding guids you to the feilds of glory

    1. Moka Thorwham - Subject 18 Tuesday, January 1, 2013 — 4:19 PM

      Warren is no friend….

      I am glad he’s dead….so I don’t have to meet him again and I dislike Warren Vidic

      1. Met viddic once. On the thirteenth of December. Then the breaking and my escape.

  5. Abstergo spreads lies.

  6. Why are there words in the background in the picture that says “Warren Vidic- December 14 2012”
    What does it say?

    1. Wait. I’ve got some of it.
      we __ the loss of our__ friend
      __ __ Templar //Warren Vidic// ____
      ____ Animus Project ____
      Murdered //December 14 2012// R ___Finding ___
      There’s more at the bottom but I can’t read it.

      NiS, EiP

      1. We mourn the loss of our__ friend
        ___Templar //Warren Vidic// __ the letter
        Father of the Animus Project and true vision
        Murdered //December 14 2012// R ___Finding ___

  7. We will truly miss you sir. May the father of understanding guide you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Andrew.

      John Griffin

  8. This is a sad day for us all. May he be in a happier place now.


    Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  9. Someone deserves an award!

    1. Give it to me then. I technically killed him.

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