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Our Medicine and Drug Development team is proud to introduce a new product in the Abstergo lineup: Herne+!

You’ve seen those little breath freshener strips that are produced by our subsidiary companies, right?  Well, we asked, what if you could use something the size of a breath strip to boost your energy?  In today’s fast-paced world, everyone could use a little boost from time to time.  Energy drinks have hit a height of popularity, but it’s so inconvenient to have to carry around those odd-shaped cans.

But now, with Herne+, you get that energy boost you crave in a small enough package to fit in your pocket.  And it works in any drink!  Simply dissolve the strip into any container you drink out of!  Check out our new commercial still in development:

Herne+. Boost Your Everything.

15 thoughts on “New Product Line

  1. does Herne+ have any side effects.

    1. As any other drug product in the world, taking in too much of it will decently harm you but it will not be devastatingly bad. Mostly headaches and chances of vomit.

      If you follow our medical prescription on the bottle or the prescription that one of our doctors would have given you if you asked to be checked before taking Herne+ (these are usually people with diabetes or another disease) you will be absolutely fine.

      In case anything happens, just pass by one of our facilities for treatment.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer


    whoops wrong fandom

    1. I could redirect you to Blacknet if you wish :) I remember my days in GenTech. They may even be working on a new prototype #3 :D

      I wonder if GenTech would be interested to join Abstergo.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  3. Moka Thorwham - Subject 18 Thursday, December 20, 2012 — 3:50 PM

    I don’t trust this drink…

    1. No it’s a strip. Towards world domination I assume.

  4. Abstergo spreads lies.

    1. what if abstergo is telling the truth and erudito is spreading lies. havent thought of that, have you?

  5. The most important question I think is where and when can I buy it!?!?!?!? Please let me know here or through e-mail. Thank you

    1. Doug,

      This product is not yet available, but we will be sure to let you know when and where you can get it!

      John Griffin

  6. How does Herne+ work? What is in the strip you would be dissolving?

    1. Sharon,

      Without giving too much away to keep our competitive advantage, we applied the breath strip formula to herbal ingredients that improve the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream and deliver a healthy serving of antioxidants. None of the bad stuff, like sugar and caffeine. Basically, instead of dissolving this odorless, tasteless strip on your tongue like the typical breath strip, you would dissolve it into a bottle of water, or a punch bowl like seen in the commercial above. The Herne+ strip then adds these ingredients into whatever drink it is dissolved into!

      Thanks for your question, hope this answers it!

      John Griffin

      1. “We applied the breath strip formula to herbal ingredients that improve the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream and deliver a healthy serving of antioxidants.”

        What is in “the breath strip formula?” From what I am interpreting in this sentence, you include herbs in the strip, but this isn’t necessarily the only ingredient. The effects are improved oxygen flow in the blood stream, but may be only one of the effects to help you feel more energized.

        I’m not asking for a complete technical break down, but I just feel there’s more to the story. Surely you could explain more with out revealing enough to replicate your product? After all, explaining the workings behind your product might help some of your potential customers feel less alienated by such advanced technology.

        1. Sharon,

          Federal regulations in the United States require a listing of ingredients, active and inactive, to be printed on any container of consumables. Abstergo goes one step further as to put this listing on all containers worldwide. Once Herne+ becomes available to public, you will be able to read the package for yourself!

          John Griffin

          1. I see. I suppose I’ll have to be patient then. I thank you for your time.

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