Nature and You

Ever wonder where the ideas for inventions come from? How something like Velcro came to be or why you can read some computer screens in the sun and not others? The answer is closer than you think. Biomimicry is the study of nature for new ideas on how to solve human problems.

For example Velcro came about by studying burrs and how they stuck to fur and other materials. Being able to read a screen in the sun comes from looking at how light is reflected off butterfly wings.

Biomimicry even helped created the animus. By studying birds and how they migrate we were able to discover the ability of recalling ancestral memories to relive historical events. The next time you go outside, Abstergo wants you to remember that what you’re looking at might be the next great invention.

15 thoughts on “Nature and You

  1. I know an Assassin codenamed “Sister Russia” who found an item more powerful then the Pieces. Its being taken to the southern states.

  2. As with your ‘green’ building I like this post. Remember folks no matter how great technology is we have a responsibility to nature and the world. i don’t want to be in a choked future where the only woodlands and wild fish can be found in memories brought to you by the animus.

    Fun Fact: Teddy Roosivelt (Y’know Mr ‘Bully to that!’, the Memetic badass Death had to take in his sleep, warmonger up til he lost his son in World War One) is the reason America has a national parks system. Before then while there were parks at the state and local level he’s the reason we have land set aside at the federal level.

    Sure most of the country is in a drought and it’s wildfire season but if you can go visit a park or lake. Summer is On us folks. Get off the computer and get going with living. Never know, your memories might be poked around at somewhere down the line.

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