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How do you detect something if you can’t touch it, taste it, see it or smell it? This is an issue that Abstergo was more than willing to tackle. We developed an electronic ‘nose’ that could detect different odors.

The electronic nose was developed in order to mimic the humans sense of smell. Basically the instrument consists of head-space sampling; getting a clear picture of the odor compounds present in the air sample, arrangement recognition modules; data maps of molecules, and sensor array; to produce signal patterns that are used for classifying different smells.

So who uses an electronic nose? Electronic noses are used by research and development laboratories, quality control laboratories and process production departments for various purposes as well as environmental monitoring. We also hope to advance this technology to be used in the field of health and medicine as well as crime scene investigation. Please contact Abstergo if you are interested in purchasing one of our prototypes.

Haylin Porter

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This is a secret that R4 has not shared with anyone. On behalf of R4, “I like your curiosity however I regret informing you that I may not answer your question at the time being or at any other time. Thank you, R4”

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

I am sorry Tom, maybe one day I shall share the reason of my name however it will not be today.


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Lets all not forget the Denver International Airport incident of 2009 which was caused by YOUR misuse of an ancient artifact. Your pathetic excuse is not fooling us. We know the truth.

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Do you have any proof on this falsified accusation? Abstergo was a part of the rescue team at that incident. You want to know who caused that incident? Let us help you, the assassins. The reason you may have heard Lucy mention Denvor was just to reinstate our rescue attempts (Dr. Viddic asks if all is ok, Lucy replies it is all Denvor (if we really created a catastrophe as the assassins claim then that code word would have signaled the guards and the alarm; her reply indicated to Dr. Viddic that she was able to rescue the memory fragments from the subject just before the animus overheated and ran out of energy).

It is very unfortunate how people are being so easily deceived. Therefore, please have proof the next time you file an accusation that you have no clue about.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Henry Stone
Abstergo’s Attorney Firm

The electronic nose was developed in order to mimic the humans sense of smell.”
Doesn’t sound as great as compared to mimicking a dogs sense of smell.I don’t think this would replace something like police dogs (which can sniff out drugs, find explosives or arms, and help with looking for missing people.). A human nose can’t do any of that so why mimic it? I mean, I could see this working if people are working with smells that are toxic, or an area that’s hard to get to, or over all dangerous, but come on! You have invented a machine that allows one to look back at someones ancestral history and yet, you make this! Its like comparing the animus to ancestry. com. You can do better then this Abstergo! I think A new study should tested before releasing this to the public.

It was not a human nose replicate. So far, field results show that it has been rather effective.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

O.o Electronic…nose? That is the invention you made? That is…weird…
Why would anyone want it for?
anyway…how much are they, just wondering…

Hello Thorwham,
The electronic nose is a handheld device, not something you actually wear or looks like a nose, I for got to mention it in the article. Its just an instrument for identifying what compounds make up a smell. Lots of people use the “nose”, a good example would be someone trying to mimic the sent of a flower for perfume.

Haylin Porter
Marketing Division

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