Blood key to Suicide Prediction

Abstergo’s contribution to medical neuroscience research has led to a discovery that a certain molecule made by the gene SAT1 may be linked to suicide. Subjects with a higher tendency to exhibit suicidal behavior showed elevated levels of the gene SAT1, a gene involved with cell death. During testing, several biological molecules in the blood of our subjects changed including the SAT1 gene.

Right now doctors rely on people telling them their feelings and symptoms to detect suicide. With the development of a blood test doctors will be able to detect clients in immediate danger. See the full research, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

7 thoughts on “Blood key to Suicide Prediction

  1. Great invention Abstergo Industries, congratulations.


  2. You wouldn’t happen to be able to provide an example of a bloodline that might suffer from this predisposition to suicide, would you?

    1. Out of respect and privacy, I do not believe we should share this type of information. We hope you understand.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  3. A certain drug sold commonly called “sig” on the streets enhances the interactivity with the molecule. Doses of these have been found in many of your Subjects. I suggest taking samples.

    1. All of our subjects are drug tested prior to testing, however, we take such situations very seriously and we will be retesting them. Thank you for your cooperation.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  4. Interesting. What I’m concerned about is does this lead to any sort of false positives? What other reasons would cause this marker to show up? Worth researching of course, but still caution needs to be applied.

    Unrelated but loving Black Flag so far.

    1. We always keep in our mind that we can never get 100% full information and that there is bounded rationality involved. However, our results are averaging 92% in terms of valid and reliable; we appreciate your concern.

      We are also glad that you are taking a liking to our Animus 4.0 and your new position at Abstergo Entertainment. Have fun exploring.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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