Animus 4.0 Reaching Full Exposure

We are glad to announce that on the 21st of November 2013, the animus 4.0 would have reached its full exposure point around the world. We would love to celebrate this great achievement by presenting you with the opportunity to join Abstergo Entertainment if you have not done so already via the animus 4.0.

Our amazing friends at Ubiworkshop have created, specially for all of you, The Official Animus 4.0 – Abstergo Entertainment Baseball T-shirt.

We thank you for your continuous support to Abstergo and we wish you a pleasant future.

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Desde que probé esta cosa me duele la cabeza pero creo que valió la pena vi a muchos de mis ancestros y pude ver las memorias de mi bisabuelo fue genial saber todo lo que hacia jaja un saludo para mi amigo Aiden Pearce que sabe español jaja y espero que lea este mensaje. Atentamente tu amigo: Franco Javier Fazio

I’d get one of these things myself for the simple reason of figuring out what kind of coding you use in it, but I actually feel like it’s over my head. (Getting a headache just thinking about what kind of safety protocols you guys set up on these things.)

I can take over the entire city of Chicago with my phone, but I can’t break into your entertainment systems backdoor files.

Congratulations Abstergo, you’ve proven to be a challenge.
Challenge accepted.

Aiden Pearce

We are planning on expanding our security and software to Chicago; BLUME sent us a proposal a couple of months ago.

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Unfortunately not at the current time. We still have many applications that we are still going through.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Hello Mr. Otto Schmidt, My husband recently passed due to an over exposure to the animus, I looked into his previous comment on your technologies and he had never told me of any of this. I thought it would be a good note for you. But, after his father’s death my son ,James Bradford, has started using the animus as well. He’s 5. What should I do? He says he keeps seeing WiIliam hurting people. I tried pulling him out of it but he just yelled saying that Will wanted him to play. I am frightened.
Thank you for your time,
Jane Bradford Phd

The animus is definitely NOT for anyone below the age of 18 as the side-effects maybe very severe. Please bring your son to your closest Abstergo facility for a check-up. Chances are that he maybe confined for a while with a team of doctors in order to return him to a more stable state.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

This is actually on of the few times I will agree with you. The animus needs to be kept away from youths. I really don’t want to say this, but I think you should take him to Abstergo, it may actually be the right move.


My name is Kevin Bradford. I am William’s brother and was wondering when my nephew, James, was taken into your facility at Denver if you recovered any information that could be in use to us as we are setting up a memorial to Will. I would also like to request to have a meeting with the developer of the data from my nephew. I have worked at the genetics lab at CU Boulder for 5 years now and would like to see if I can crack into any of Will’s memories (ex: his first date, prom, etc.). If you could set a time and date for pick up I will reply with in 24 hours of response.

Kevin Bradford Phd
P.S. perhaps we could do a project together on my ancestors and Will’s.

Your requests are a bit hard to do since there are many legal matters in it, however we would be delighted to have you in one of our projects. Please read our FAQs page first and then head to your nearest Abstergo facility to start the initiation process.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

What do you at Abstergo intend using the animus? Its a high grade technology, very amazing, and I would like to have one too. How can I buy/acquire one?

We intend to use it to make the world a better place. For acquiring one, head over to

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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