Our Year To Come

Hello everyone,

I hope your new year is coming along as well as you have hoped it to. This year Abstergo is excited to release many new improvements and products that we wanted to share with you all today.

To start, Abstergo Entertainment is currently working hard with many production companies, directors and actors for its first full length feature film set to be released in 2015, titled Piece of Eden.

Furthermore, Abstergo Entertainment is also working on expanding the Animus universe for the home system. New updates, stories and characters are in the works for 2014.

Even more, Abstergo Pharmaceutical Laboratories are working on creating strips to be place in the body that uses minute changes in conductivity to detect targeted viruses or antigens faster, cheaper and more accurately than today’s standard diagnostics. This strip will be used mostly to detect early stages of cancer when treatment is most affective.

For our ‘green’ friends we would like to share that our environmental sector is working on a new form of renewable energy from an encouraging source. This is promising research that we are taking extra care to guard; therefore unfortunately we will not be able to share more details about it at this moment in time.

Last but not least, our space program is creating a private shuttle to carry supplies and people to the international space station, this shuttle can be hired by private people for personal use.

Our year is packed, expect great things from us. We will be sure to deliver.

Have a great year

By haylinporter

Abstergo Employee: Works in Marketing and Research

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Why a shuttle? What’s to keep your design from having the same problems the US Space shuttle/DynaSoar or the russian Buran would have in terms of cost to operate? Sure
Space X’s dragon capsule may seem a bit retro for not trying ot reuse Everything but they’ve got rockets that can land themselves, capsules that can, when they hit the human use phase, seat six, and have been doing supply runs to and from the ISS.

Don’t get me wrong it’s neat and I want to see an economically feasible space plane design since I grew up reading about how space would be the future (and then the internet kinda blindsided my generation.) I’m just concerned at the research costs as well as inevitable setbacks. Space is a very very difficult place to deal with. Then again don’t you have a communications array in orbit already? Thought that was done in partnership with governments to provide money and most of the legwork on fabricating stuff.

Our communication satellite is a different case. The shuttle project is part of a bigger construction project that we are working on, however we can not reveal anything more about that at the current time.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt

It is a movie and not a representation. Besides, it is apparent that it is the antagonist that is usually remembered the most through out the movie.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

I am glad that every year brings new things to come and I can’t wait until all of your projects are fully complete. may the father of understanding guide you Templars

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