Celebrate With Abstergo The Success of “Devils of the Caribbean”

After checking up on our friends and their AWESOME work and products at UbiWorkShop, we have this to proudly share based on what we discovered.
Ladies and gentlemen, Abstergo Entertainment is proud to celebrate the success of its new video game titled “Pirate of Nightmares”.                                                                                                    
This success reinforces our position as a company driven by innovation. Furthermore, our entertainment branch has just announced a movie for the summer of 2014. This movie will be an adaptation of our best selling game! It will be titled “Devils of the Caribbean”.                                                                                                                                    
Join us in this time of grand success and glory! Honor the progress by wearing the colors of innovation with the new “Abstergo Entertainment – Official Hoodie“.                                                                                                                                                                        
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11 replies on “Celebrate With Abstergo The Success of “Devils of the Caribbean””

Hi Abstergo!

I’ve really been enjoying these rich stories that you have been weaving with Devils of the Caribbean and with Liberation. Would it be possible to have them meet in some game in the near future? They’d be an unstoppable team!

PS: Devils was an incredibly historically accurate game and was filled to the brim with action-packed content. Keep up the swashbuckling work!

We are glad that you are enjoying the Animus. As for future plan, who knows what it will hold; pun intended. We thank you for your support and enthusiasm towards Abstergo, we truly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt

Not so sure Devils should be made as a movie. Look it’s a great game, much fun is had but…. to cut all that down into at best a couple hours? I’m not sure it can be done really. Besides who would you get to play Edward? Brad Pitt is the obvious choice here but I dunno. Maybe an up and coming actor that isn’t a Name just yet?

Then again Robert Downey Junior made an awesome Tony Stark and everyone thought that’d be a sure way to fail. So I dunno. Hell Chris Pine could work.

By the way liking the attention to making your offices the anti cubical farm. Might try putting an application in. Would have to go back to school though. Still, seems worthwhile.

Any idea if the communicators i’d seen employees use will end up making it out into public? I know Google has Glass, but I dunno. There’s open source/do it yourself aug reality solutions but we really need someone on par with Google resource wise to light a fire under them to improve.

When it comes to movies, some may face limits and especially with time; however that only allows for the creation of a better story with more segments or just a longer-than-average movie. Our main focus, movie wise, is currently Piece of Eden set to be released on May 2015.

As for actors and actresses, no information will be currently released.

Although Google has Glass, Abstergo has many innovative technologies such as Angelus, Animus Glasses, and BodyBand. Our communicators are designed to be operational within our buildings more than the public domain however our R&D may be looking into a public prototype soon.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt

It seem that Animus 4.0 has quite a lot of bugs, sometimes annoy me, is there a fixed to this. I am using the private version of Animus 4.0

We are sorry that you are not living the experience to the maximum with your Animus 4.0 and we apologize for any inconveniences it may have caused you. Please head over to where you may specify your issue even further and hopefully get it solved.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Great work everyone! 2014 is going to be a productive year, I can tell!

(Also, Bethany found a communicator in the lobby. If anyone’s lost theirs, it’s being kept in my office until we find the owner.)

Thanks for the enthusiasm, we appreciate it.

Thankfully the communicators only operate via DNA identification, good job finding it through the tracker. Please make sure to file a strike against that employee for carelessness.


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I just finished Pirate of Nightmares! It was a top notch game, and I enjoyed the story a lot. Keep making more great games Abstergo!

We are glad that you are enjoying our line of products and admire your enthusiasm towards Abstergo.

We thank you for your delightful comment and wish you an amazing day.

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