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PTSD is a major issue facing many people today. Though most often thought of as a military condition, it can be found in all types of people. This ailment affects every type of person, in every social class. Here at Abstergo we are working on eliminating this condition by creating a drug, when administered by a professional, blocks the targeted memory or memories that creates the traumatic stress. Our researchers have found that cannabis triggers the same receptors found naturally in our brain called anandamide by THC and other components of the marijuana plant. People with PTSD lack sufficient natural calming anandamide reaction. However our product will not only replenish anandamide but will completely eliminate the unwanted memory all together. We are currently using the information gathered by the animus and our memory research team to create a prototype of the drug. If you are interested in participating in our testing please contact our medical research team in New York.

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New York? I know I have lots of unwanted memories but though I won’t take any chance on a silly drug because it won’t work. The memories will come back again, there’s no really chance it’ll be gone forever.

So yeah, anyway if there are people who are not in New York and have those? How you think they can get there? Magic? They can’t just book a ticket to New York just a click of a finger…

Maybe I should just stop talking, because I don’t want have anyone following me, since last time….

We will be offering transportation in the near future to our facilities in New York for the testing procedure. As far as the primary tests go, it seems to be very effective; if anything would occur such as a limitation to prevention we assure you that we will work on fixing it immediately. Once again, it is only a prototype for now; all grand developments start as simple investments.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Our Dear Moka,

I just received word from my assistant (please do not mention his name) that all preparations were successful and that you are currently at our New York facility. I wanted to personally welcome you back into the Abstergo family. We hope your new suit is as luxurious and comforting as your old one if not even more; a limo will be by shortly to take you to Abstergo Entertainment so you can see the results of your help to us first hand :)

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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