News From BLUME – ctOS 1.0 Giant Success – ctOS 2.0 Plans Are A Go!

After weeks of secret conferences and planning. BLUME is now ready to announce, with the aid of Abstergo Industries, the future grand launch of ctOS 2.0. Plans for this grand event is to take place over more states than just Chicago if not countries. All test runs of ctOS 1.0 within Chicago have produced stellar results ever since first implementation in 2012. We can all hope now for a better interconnected world through the powers of Abstergo industries and BLUME Corporation.

7 thoughts on “News From BLUME – ctOS 1.0 Giant Success – ctOS 2.0 Plans Are A Go!

  1. The Vigilante is still at large, might wanna put some firewalls up on your projects, He might come after you all.

    1. Thank you for the warning, we appreciate your consideration towards Abstergo.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. You’re welcome, we are willing to help you against this Vigilante at all cost.

  2. We can see through your lies.
    You May have the upper hand now.
    But we will come back.
    When we do.
    We will take all your power.
    Be prepared


  4. Are there going to be any major improvements to ctOS 2.0?

    1. We cannot share anymore specifics at the moment as instructed by BLUME however we will be sure to update you whenever possible about the development of this upgrade.

      Jhonathen Green

      Temporary Assisstant of R4
      Abstergo Customer Services Assisstant Officer

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