The phoenix project

To our beloved clients and future investors, we here at Abstergo Industries wish to give you a better world and a better future and we have finally found a way to make this possible in a more efficient way. Thanks to our research and development department as well as our Future Technologies Division, we were able to build up on the Helix Theory and create our strong standing Phoenix Project.

We share this with you today because it was leaked out by corporate spies from the Assassin’s creed. The creed is trying to make us appear evil with hidden commentary and unethical methods of persuasion which leads us today to reveal this to you and explain.

Over the past years, we were able to use precursor technology to heal many people, repair many villages and make technological development more efficient and effective. We created more medications, cured more diseases and prevented many deaths with the technology that we received yet the Assassin’s insist that we aim for this technology for evil doings while they aim to use it for manipulation or hiding it so no one can use it to save others in need.

We here at Abstergo value all humans more than anything and we live to ensure you a better future and not the propaganda the Assassin’s are spreading.

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6 thoughts on “The phoenix project

  1. I will stop you. Simple as that itself.

  2. i have a question
    – do you guys have a facility in NL canada?

    1. We have some offices there but not a facility; hopefully soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  3. this is vary good info also is there a application for abstergo? lol

    1. We have not created one however if you access this website via your smart device and bookmark it to the screen it should appear as an application. We thank you for your suggestion, we may be creating an application for Abstergo in the future.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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