Synaptic Interface and the Animus

The way the animus gets its visual information from the brain to a computer screen and vice versa is by using a system called synaptic interface. Using the synaptic interface, visual information is transmitted straight to the brain, without the use of the eyes. This works by duplicating the way the eye preserves things and stimulating the brain to recreate information inside the head. This project steamed from a larger one on brain interfacing which goes a step further form just receiving and sending information to neuroprosthetics applications that aim at restoring damaged hearing, sight and movement.

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Very amazing things you guys do! Amazing stuff!! My cousin is an intern at Abstergo Industries!! Hopefully one day I’ll be good enough to join Abstergo!

We are glad that you enjoy what we have to offer. We hope to see you amongst the Abstergo family soon as well :)

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