9 months in and did a great job

Effective as of Monday, 3rd of March 2014, Ms. Melanie Lemay was promoted by Mr. Alan Rikkin to become the new Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment.

During her first 9 months, she managed to successfully get Helix out to the market ahead of schedule, increase employee productivity and efficiency by 18% as well as come up and aid in the development of grand projects to come in the future.

“A fair, cheerful and amiable woman, Melanie was quite good-natured and genuinely cared for those working under her. She argued several times with Olivier Garneau about the pressure that Abstergo Industries had put on them” — An Abstergo Entertainment Employee.

“She often became genuinely concerned when any of her employees were subjected to harm or duress, as demonstrated when the newly recruited research analyst ran into trouble in several instances” — An Abstergo Entertainment Employee.

“Melanie is great to work with. She has offered tremendous help to our Future Technologies Division via very creative and innovative technological concepts and very vital genetic and historic research data. She is truly great” — Otto Schmidt, Head of The Future Technologies Division

We would like to thank you Ms. Lemay for all of your hard work and dedication to Abstergo. We hope to keep seeing more great work from you.


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Our CEO did not go to Chicago, our CCO did. That was a mistake on BLUME’s side. We currently have no comments nor statements to provide about Oliver due to the on-going investigation that we wish to keep quite for now.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Your all nothing but population controle thinking your goIng to be looking done at us one word. Have to say It’s not going to be lasting very long……good luck

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