As most of you have already heard, Abstergo Entertainment’s new game Syndicate, set to be released on October 23, takes you through the streets of Victorian London. The Victorian era has captured the imaginations of thousands of people, whether through the books of Charles Dickens, or movies like Alice in Wonderland. We hope our new game will capture the spirit of the Victorian era while also keeping to its industrial roots. Our team works hard to make sure that the gaming experience is as real as possible, which means hours of research, visits to historical sites all across England, and even wearing period clothing to get the flow of fabric and movement in them just right. This story highlights the harsher side of Victorian London’s glamour by following a street gang who preys upon the wealthy. Why a street gang? One reason for this, is that it will help tell gritty industrial England’s tale better than a wealthy factory owner could. The street gang perspective gives character to a harsh reality, much the way The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, or Death in the Haymarket by James Green did. Remember, what may seem good may actually be evil, and what may seem evil, may actually be good.

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