Instantaneous Learning

Abstergo strives to be the world leader in medical and technological research, and nothing exemplifies that desire more than our work in brain science. Abstergo is slowly recreating the human brain piece by piece, which has lead to astounding discoveries, such as the Animus. One potential application for the Animus is to use the system as means for learning a new skill, or behavior. The side effect known as the ‘bleeding effect’ is being translated into a system for instantaneous learning. Imagine downloading a program on physics into an Animus-like system, and then becoming a master of that program within just a few days or hours. This technology would completely change the way we learn new information, and the way we teach it. While this information system is still in the concept, Abstergo feels confident that no one else will be able to bring you technology like this and we are excited to share our ideas with you.

By haylinporter

Abstergo Employee: Works in Marketing and Research