Growing in Space

Liked The Martian by Ridley Scott? Abstergo is taking steps to cultivate in space. We have successfully grown flowers and herbs on the International Space Station and would like to move towards crops that are more substantial. Many problems arise when it comes to growing in zero gravity, including water uptake by the plants. Another concern is whether the continuous exposure to common contaminants found in the spacecraft affects the growth and development of the plants, and whether this exposure makes them unsafe for consumption. Using information gathered through the experiments on the space station, we could improve farming practices on Earth by creating farms that are more efficient, and greenhouses that use up less water and arable land.

We are constantly moving forward in our efforts to understand the galaxy and you may, by now, have heard of the discovery of the 9th planet. This planet was first discovered in 2014, but with our high scientific standards, we wanted to be certain before making an official announcement.

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I think It is a great advancement to Abstergo International or should I say Universal, Oh and Mr. Schmidt we need to have a discussion

Juhani Otso Berg
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I have received word that you wanted to talk with me. My assistant will be in touch.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
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