Algae and the Future

Most people do not think too much about algae but here at Abstergo we believe this simple form of life can transform worlds. We are pouring millions of dollars into biotechnology centered on algae. We are exploring the possibility of biomass, biofuel and even terraforming in our search for a sustainable future. We believe that we can even use algae to terraform planets such as Mars into suitable planets to live on. Algae is a super adaptive, fast growing organism that helped lay the foundations for our world three billion years ago. Algae are found in almost every environment, including thermal springs and soil free environments, or even inside other living organisms. Algae also produces 70 to 80 percent of all the oxygen we breathe, thus making it a perfect organism for terraforming. With the help of small-scale lab experiments, we are currently able to create microclimates using algae and hope to scale up in the near future. We have also discovered that certain algae can produce combustible oil as a byproduct and are working to genetically modify these algae to produce on a large scale. We are also looking at the toxins that are produced by some algae in hopes of resolving dangerous algal bloom events and preventing future mass animal die-offs.


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