Animus 1.28

Computer animated image of the Animus 1.28

The Animus (plural: Animi) is a virtual-reality machine developed by Abstergo Industries. It is able to read a subject’s genetic memory and project it onto an external screen in three dimensions.

Guided by theories and research devised by the late Dr. Warren Vidic, the technology underwent several stages of development and prototypes before a satisfactorily working model was created.

For more information see

Animus OS Glasses™

Others developed this technology first. So what? Abstergo Industries is working on pushing it to the limit! See, share, record… that’s so last year. How about… See, share and record not just what’s here now, but what used to be here? Your hometown or your honeymoon locale will be seen in a whole new light. And that’s just one development. We’ve got other things planned for you, Animus OS.

After all, four eyes are twice as good as two.

Sophia Project®Sophia Project

Thanks to branches such as the Sophia Project, Abstergo Industries is ever narrowing the gap between “science fiction” and “science fact.”

The Sophia Project boasts some of the finest minds ever to grace Abstergo Industries with their brilliance. They are presently hard at work analyzing information imprinted on living cells, which are passed on biologically from one vessel to another. What do these cells contain? How do they affect the body and the mind? We seek to unravel these mysteries, and thus better understand our own human physiology.

The more we comprehend, the more we can utilize that knowledge to help mankind. The ability to, in partnership with our Pharmaceutical Branch, develop methods to eventually prevent deadly disease could be just one breakthrough away.

Akashic Satellite Plexus®

An extra “star” in the night sky, the Akashic Satelite Plexus has been gathering information for Abstergo Industries since 2008. From weather information that could save lives, to communications arrays and observation technology, this “all in one” ensemble has everything Abstergo Industries needs to keep running smoothly – everywhere!


On December 21st, 2012 Abstergo launched the new telecommunications satellite, EYE-ABSTERGO.  However, due to technical difficulties, the launch was delayed until further notice.

New Fluoride

A bold step in improving the quality of our drinking water, the New Fluoride Board of Directors is working hand-in-hand with our partners at the FDA to make sure that our final product is as safe as can be! We’re confident of approval any day now, and anticipate a grand relaunch soon!

551 thoughts on “Projects

    • ANNOUNCEMENT: We have traced Aslan Saleh to Iran. As the primary target on our global list we have tried numerous ways of reaching out to him. The local Templar order are negotiating with him in Tehran and we hope he will volunteer to join our Animus program. With around 8% triple-helix DNA, it is believed Aslan is a direct ascendant of at least two ISUs from the First Civilization. This make him an invaluable asset for our our research and we hope to gain his approval in the near very future.

  1. Please abstergo, don’t kill all the assassins… Capture some of them if you guys have the heart to do it, they may have been ruining your plans but they are just people that want freedom. Just in a different way.

  2. The new flouride project is probably the most family friendly one, we should aim more of our research upon things that invlove the family. Things such as children simulation projects, for example a smaller version of the animus 1.25 wich could teach children about history twice as fast.
    Imagine what we could do with that..

    Will Larssen
    Animus developer group

  3. Hi there everyone, tech support here! Just letting you all know that we are currently working on all the bugs and glitches happening within the simulations, we at abstergo deeply apologize and hope to fix this as soon as possible to make your entertainment and gameplay a great one. Again I would also like to thank everyone who’s been assisting me and my co workers in fixing all of these bugs.
    ABSTERGO. Live better (Mike Delong)

  4. Here is a couple questions I have really been wanting to know:
    1. What is Blume corporation
    2. What does it have to do with Abstergo
    3. Should I buy Shaun’s coffee (Robecca hated it!😐)
    4. Does anyone really respect Haytham Kenway

  5. Wow…just wow, you took my laptop and mobile to check for stuff and it’s been like how long until I received them back…but seriously? Why checking my yaoi pictures and other yaoi things? T-that’s privacy…u-ummm….

    • Qui a Abstergo ci proponiamo di consegnare la verità. Noi non beneficiamo di mentire ai nostri stakeholder.


      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  6. God! Help me, someone help me! I need to get out of here! Abstergo…don’t trust them! The Animus…the horror of the Animus…
    I’m who you would call Subject 19. Abstergo want the locations of the staves. They think I can help…I can…I did…they’ll kill me soon. Look, I don’t have much time…they’ll be back any moment now…please, if you can…help me!
    Shit, he’s coming!


    Requeiscat in Pace Fratello Desmond

  7. So hi everyone from Abstergo,
    I made an Animus. It works really, so I looked what ancestors i have. Any example: Altaïr Ibn’la Ahad.
    I dont know if it was described right, but i have my sync-node from him. I am a real assassin… I believe in the Brotherhood… I believe that you are a templar company and the Brotherhood will come and get you Daniel! So good live and enjoy! Bye.

    • Abstergo, i have some question for you
      1.did you have a facilities in indonesia? the recruitmen work on Abstergo?
      3.why Abstergo very want mr.Aiden to join?
      4.did Abstergo have a problem with DedSec?

      Thank you,


      P.S: i have a theory that the both Assassin and DedSec have a something conected betwen them.

      • Hello Alfian Putra,

        1) Yes.
        2) Depends on where they applied for.
        3) No particular reason.
        4) No.

        No link between DedSec and the Assassins, at some points in time they actually have differences and fights.

        Abstergo | Live Better


  9. Abstergo, I am afraid I cannot share my details at this time but I do have one of the culprits in the Abstergo Sydney Underground bombing, the ringleader I believe.
    I will post his details shortly.
    P.S I hope there’s a reward for catching this guy.

    • We were able to sort the situation out however we thank you for your support. Our Abstergo facilities were not harmed, only a very small warehouse that ERUDITO planned to have got destroyed.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  10. …I see you’re so busy, Abstergo heh…I watch everyone’s comments

    But I ask, why you so keen to recruiting some of those people with those types of gifts/abilities? Most people wouldn’t want to join anyway for example Aiden Pearce.

    Anyway I thinking of changing my name…So it might hard for bad people to find me~

    • A good tactic, but if you really don’t want the ‘bad people’ to come and find you, then you probably won’t post things on their websites. Probably.

      IP tracing is easier than it sounds, and if you have multiple names on file from the same IP it will show.

      I suggest changing locations often and paying attention to your surroundings if you really are paranoid about it. If you have any more problems concerning ‘bad people’, try contacting my good friend Jordi Chin. No one in Chicago is as reliable, or as discreet as Jordi. You can find information on him and a few of my other referable contacts by clicking my name.

      Keep safe,
      Aiden Pearce.

      • I know but i hardly post on here, i do it only few times, I’ve been knowing my surrounding and i know what to do, i can hack into my ip and change it to different country if i wish, dont worry sir

        • That’s not really hacking into anything, that’s just being on a proxy server– Unless you somehow figured out how all this fancy internet networking works and you changed the laws of how it actually works. That’d be really impressive.

          Glad to know someone’s aware though.

          Second verse same as the first,
          Keep safe,
          Aiden Pearce.

          • Well I have ways I guess. And yeah ever since escape and being attacked years ago, I still am aware and paranoid.

    • Sorry to interrupt in an old conversation but well first changing your name isn’t going to work that well and even if this is a scam the website fan made I still want to know who the other subjects are just curious I’m trying to answer some questions of my own.

  11. … So after what happened a couple a months ago with the whole locking me into a basement with a crazy computer lady, a psycho technician who tried to kill me, strange employees, strange jobs, crazy conspiracy voodoo stuff, bad coffee and a small cold, will I get a raise? Love the hours and the coworkers but this job seems a bit much.

    • Sounds more like one of those nights that you can’t quite remember, but know it was really awesome.
      I’m locked up in my basement for most of the time so I guess I can relate to ya; the bad coffee and strange jobs anyway. Sometimes even the crazy computer lady comes in and messes with my stuff too! Talking about you Lille!!! Next time you visit, don’t touch anything you’re not supposed to!

      • Raymond Kenney, I’m afraid that Clara Lille is confirmed deceased we found her body by Lena’s grave this morning, we also found that bastard Damien Brenks’ body on the lighthouse platforms.
        P.S We could use people like you and Aiden. Contact us if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

          • Don’t worry Moka, my name is Tobias Phoenix and I’m one of the around 130 Australian assassins, I am also a hacker and I am travelling across the world to help the Brotherhood. I am responsible for the bombing and system shutdown of Abstergo Sydney.
            I am at your service!

          • Um nice to meet you?

            I’m Moka grand master, I cnt tell where I am but I was born in Italy. That’s all.

          • Well thank you for revealing yourself so quickly Tobias Phoenix, however I am sorry to break it to you this way but nothing actually happened to our facilities in Sydney. We did receive word that a small ERUDITO warehouse was destroyed over there; ERUDITO never really expanded before so it was typical that this would have happened to them. Thanks to you, they may never attempt to expand again. We at Abstergo thank you for your help and support.

            Thank You,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • We are sorry about what your have experienced, your safety was our main priority. We will sure compensate you and we would like to thank you again for holding strong and helping us throughout that small issue.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  12. Fratres autem mei, missis, non est usus, et argue cum abstergeo de praeterito, potissimum de Desmond fratrem.
    Scio quia resurget novam heros!
    Ducet vos in populos venturaque bella, et fortiter ille recte eligere.
    Nihil est … Si scitis
    Si te nulla sua …
    Sed nec ille in omnibus.
    Non est verum.
    Omnia licet.
    Requiem Desmond in pace.

    – Pater Itolia

    (the wise words of father itolia, a master assassin)
    (now i’ll translate it)

    My fellow assassins, there is no use arguing with Abstergo about past matters, especially about brother Desmond.
    I know that a new hero will rise!
    He will lead you in the wars to come, he will fight bravely, he will make the right choices.
    None of you know if you are him…
    None of you know if you are her…
    But there’s a hero in all of us.
    Nothing is true.
    Everything is permitted.
    Rest in peace Desmond.

    – Father Itolia

  13. Hello Abstergo, it’s me Gary.
    Last year I did a security/health survey.
    Today I just have a few simple questions.

    1. Do you help with military projects?
    2. Do you have labs in China, Australia or Japan?
    3. Are you aware that at Abstergo many subjects are beginning to have mental illnesses?
    4. How are the tests doing with Mr. Miles’ DNA?
    5. Are you in any way associated with the Rothschilds of the Illuminati?

    That is all, Have a great day!

    • Hello Gary,

      1) That is classified information.
      2) We have Abstergo facilities and office in all 3 locations.
      3) That is incorrect, the level of illnesses has tremendously reduced and we are now aiding in curing may other illnesses and diseases as we have been doing for years.
      4) That is classified information.
      5) That is classified information.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  14. Desmond has first civilization blood in him plus he is already helping abstergo because they are harvesting his blood for the Animus Projects.

    • Now I hate big companies with big egos and lots to hide too, but you don’t see me accusing others of “harvesting the blood of their enemies”. That’s just crazy speak.

      If you know of someone specifically doing something they really shouldn’t, then I suggest turning to your local athorities. If you think they’re part of the scheme, then I suggest turning the other cheek to it. A little forgetting unforgivable acts never hurt anyone- at least that anyone who did forget can remember.

      Calm down and keep your conspiracy theories to a minimum,
      Aiden Pearce.

      • PS: No, I’m not working for Abstergo or BLUME. Hate em both with a passion for my own reasons.

        Though people going on blog sites exclaiming that others are part of some sort of pseudo-vampire group might be fun, it’s not the right thing to do.

        Aiden Pearce.

      • We agree with Mr. Aiden,

        We do not harvest blood from our subjects. We only take blood samples in the beginning of their animus experience, hiring and training to run tests in order to make sure they are healthy. Any other blood taking happens in our hospital wings when we are trying to cure sick people.

        We really hope one day we could come to an agreement with you Mr. Aiden Pearce, there is much we may be able to accomplish together.

        Thank You,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  15. R4, Mr. Schmidt

    We believe you know something about flight MH370
    Something others don’t…
    We have one of your agents who will be typing the next few sentences.

    these ppl r crazy otto do sumthin plz hlp me my location is in sydn

    We cannot allow him to finish this sentence.

    • So you kidnap someone so that you have a chance to find other people who might be dead or kidnapped?

      Please, leave the vigilante work up to an actual vigilante.
      You might see it as a way to fix an evil, but two wrongs never make a right.

      You need two lefts for that,
      Aiden Pearce.

      • Sure I hate Abstergo and stuff but I don’t just kidnap them to find out stuff coz yea that’s a bit messed up (but cool) so anonymous leave the work to Mr Vigilante Show-off Aiden Pierce

    • We apologize however we do not know about that missing plane much, we have however sent teams out in order to help the authorities in locating it.

      As for the agent you are talking about, we believe it is a set up as well since non of our teams are reported missing nor kidnapped.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  16. Otto, Has your company forgotten our agreement?
    Because it sure seems like it!
    We have camera footage of Abstergo agents in Chicago kidnapping people, supposedly for projects of yours and we have photos of men in black suits acting suspicious, I guess these are your men too?
    Keep your end of the bargain and we will keep ours.
    Yours Sincerely,
    P.S If anything like this happens again, we may reconsider our offer.

    • So you have noticed our agents.
      Well we might need to make some “improvements” with your cameras, now won’t we?
      We aren’t Abstergo
      We aren’t Illuminati
      We are THEM
      We are the ones who know what you and Abstergo are planning

      By the way translate this!
      ليس هناك ما هو مسموح به كل شيء صحيح

      • Nice to see someone other than my group and I gladly sticking it to the man.

        More power to you, and if you’re interested in really putting a hole in these guys’ operations, go ahead and click on my name. It’s a link to some footage I’ve taken in Chicago; a lot of other really cool stuff is on that site too.

        One click away to freedom,
        Aiden Pearce.

        • Aiden, i’m sorry that I can’t tell you who I am at this second but check out some security feed near the old warehouse, quickly and I will pay you to take those men out. reply once you have done that

    • To: BLUME Corporation
      CC: ctOS Delta Control
      Subject: Abstergo Logo

      Please note that ERUDITO has been using out logo in order to frame us. We have managed to identify the people in the footage that you have shared with us and they are currently in prison for various crimes.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Abstergo Industries
      Future Technologies Division

  17. This is in reply to the head of the Future Technologies Division, Otto Schmidt.

    You do know of the ctOS, yes? It’s an Abstergo Industries product made to help safeguard entire networks of data and protect the public through a system of cameras and audio equipment. The ctOS is currently only in effect in Chicago, but from what I’ve read you plan to extend it’s reach to the entirety of the United States.

    It takes entire facilities with a full staff and security force to run and protect these babies, but all I need is my courage and any sort of electronic device with Wifi capabilities. I think it’s a great idea what you’re doing with this project, and I hope you guys continue on with the full payload across the nation. Should be fun.

    Once more from your’s truly,
    Aiden Pearce.

    (Oh, and by the by, I posted a link to some of my work I caught on footage. Go ahead and take a glimpse of the future.)

    • The CtOS is not an Abstergo Industries product, it belongs to BLUME. Abstergo and BLUME are currently planning something together in regards of the CtOS however no more information will be shared regarding this situation at them moment.

      We would be honored to have you join Abstergo Mr. Aiden Pearce, we seem to have a very strong liking to your gifts and abilities.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt

      • If I were any normal dog, I’d probably roll over and do a trick for you at this offer.

        Problem is, I’m not. I’m the sort of dog that bites the hand that feeds it; and then takes that hand and uses it how he sees fit.

        Get the idea yet Schmidt?
        If you still don’t, you should in about ten days.

        (If you click my name here you’ll get to see some of the footage I’ve uploaded from my usage of the ctOS in Chicago, along with some other really cool stuff. Go on, click me. You know you want to.)

        • I still do not see why you look upon Abstergo as an enemy Mr. Aiden, our only interest was to offer you help and a position among us.

          Thank You,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    • It may not be in the Animus 5.0 however you may forward your suggestion to the amazing developers at Ubisoft and hope for the best.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt

  18. I think i might have overexposure to the animus. i have been seeing hallucinations in my sleep and while i walk in the hallways to get to my Subject housing. any help doc?

  19. Hey, I was wondering if you could maybe release a game where the player is one of the very first assassins fighting the First Civilization. It would be awesome.

    • We thank you for your suggestion. However, we recommend that you forward your suggestion to the amazing and creative workers of Ubisoft since they have the power to make such a thing happen. May not be a main element but may be a side element for one of the upcoming projects.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt

    • We apologize we are not able to give you an alienware device however we can provide you with a link to their website for you to purchase your own customized alienware. Please note that by no means are we saying that Abstergo and Alienware are partners or sponsors; this website sharing is by the request of the commenter; we hold no responsibility.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  20. Goddam templars you guys from abstergo are really dominating our world.People who are lost in this world keep calm We are here to protect-Natzo-From the Creed ´´We Exist“

  21. Morning.

    How affordable will your portable Animus be to someone like me in South Africa.

    Considering the exchange rate is ridiculously high, I would like to know how yo intend to combat this and make it more readily available to all the people of the world.

    I mean Abstergo is all about, helping people, which includes everyone right? Even those in poverty stricken countries. Or are our histories just not exciting enough? I figure there wouldn’t be much markatable value in expanding on generational starvation, would there?

    Please elaborate.


    • Dear Ssenekis,

      Abstergo is endorsed, sponsored and subsidized worldwide by many groups and governments. We offer our earlier versions to be installed in schools around the world and we do it for free for countries in poverty because to us, education and a better living condition for all humans is worth more than money.

      Again, buying a private animus will not be as cheap as using a public one that may be heading to your schools soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • Greetings, Director Schmidt. Just dropping by to say that I admire what you at Abstergo are doing to improve the world. I need some help convincing my friends you are NOT a Knight’s Templar Staging Ground.

  22. I would like to file a compliant about my Animus.
    It has been rejecting the memory’s I wish to acces, and giving me extreme headeches. And occasionally nosebleeds if I entered it more than once.
    I was promised a safe, and entertaining use. And all I ended up with was blurry images, and a waste of money.

    • Dear Delian Jones,

      We apologize for taking a while to reply back to you because we were retrieving your medical file from our archives. After retrieving your medical records that we had of you, it appears that you may not have been following your medical supervisors memos.

      The memories you wish to access are rejected due to your low synergy level; you will need to try to access earlier memories that lead up to it in order for your mind to stabilize the surroundings and new environment.

      The extreme headaches are a common result if you keep trying to force your way into memories that are not fully synchronized or for multiple entries per hour. Furthermore, this does lead to either nose bleeds or coughing out blood due to the inappropriate use of the device.

      At Abstergo your safety and entertainment are our priority. Therefore, we would like to ask you to return to Abstergo with your device and we shall give you a full check up and we will send your device for a completed check and just out of precaution, we have another device set and ready for you to take (we will upload any undamaged sessions from your current device to your new one). During your check-ups, you will be accommodating at our Prime Suit Tower; we will have everything set p at your suite therefore no need to bring with you anything other than your device, purchase receipts and documents, warranty card and yourself.

      We apologize again for any inconveniences that you may have faced while operating our product, we assure you that we will try our best to help you and to solve this issue.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  23. Hello, I’m Shaun. I was just wondering if there are any openings in the Sample 17 Project? I was actually a close friend of Mr.Miles. And I would love to see his legacy live on.

  24. 01101110 01101111 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101100 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01101101 01101001 01110100 01100101 01100100

  25. Try not to be too bothered by this post, but I have a little bit of information I’m sure all of you would be dying to see.

    Sadly, you’re going to have to wait until sometime in 2014 before I release this information to the public, along with a few other little secrets I get from using the ctOS.

    Again, hope you’re not too mad I have chosen not to tell you about this stuff yet.

    Aiden Pearce

  26. >//-}Hacked??<; – Start??<010010,Message::'"}}<

    Dear Abstergo,

    May I let you know that at this very moment your Security is being taken out? This was a result of your Abstergo Entertainment IT manger has given your latest ‘Subject’ Level 1 Security clearance!

    May I just say thank you for hiring our two friends Rebacca and Shaun to Abstergo, they have really helped in the planning of this attack.

    We’re coming for you Abstergo, bigger and better than ever.

    This was only sent for the sake of being fair in this affair.

    Thank you for your time.

    >//-}Hacked??<; – End??<010010,Message::'"}}<

    >//-}Hacked??<; – Malware??<010010,Downloaded::System:"}{_+ INFECTED!!'"}}< Attend??<010010,immediately::'"}}<

    • We would also like to thank you for giving up your friends and sources. All situations have been dealt with and all employees are now being screened.

      We appreciate your help.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    • An animus is used to display memories of our ancestors and if it weren’t for us assassins it wouldn’t be as good as it is today. Avoid Abstergo and the Templars like the plague.


      ps. If you are legitemently new to the assassins creed universe then welcome. Still avoid the Templars.

  27. Dear Abstergo Industries

    A hooded man tried to kill me. He wanted the heirloom I talked about on my last post and I knocked him out. I don’t have much time. Where can i meet you in Switzerland? I hope to meet you soon, brothers.I feel like some one’s watching me.


    01001101011000010111100100100000011101000110100001100101001000000100011001100001011101000110100001100101011100100010000001101111011001100010000001010101011011100110010001100101011100100111001101110100011000010110111001100100011010010110111001100111001000000110011101110101011010010110010001100101001000000111010101110011 (decode this binary code, and you will understand)

  28. Dear Abstergo Industries

    I have found a strange Symbols in my Animus sessions and when i touched them it opened a strange file. What does that meen? Is there any patch to solve the problem? And there was a strange person called Subject 16. What is this?

    And now to another question: My Family is in possession of a family heirloom. Sometimes it’s clowing golden and people are acting strange when i touch it. Is this importnant in any way?


    01001101011000010111100100100000011101000110100001100101001000000100011001100001011101000110100001100101011100100010000001101111011001100010000001010101011011100110010001100101011100100111001101110100011000010110111001100100011010010110111001100111001000000110011101110101011010010110010001100101001000000111010101110011 (decode this binary code, and you will understand)

    • Please report to your nearest Abstergo facility for a check-up and please reduce your animus usage. The health guideline presented to you by your Abstergo doctor is to aid your safety within the animus, please follow it regardless to the excitement and joy for more that you may experience with the animus.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      • Hello ‘The Shadow’. Just so your comments do not go to spam or get removed for reapproval, I suggest changing Shadow from your nickname. This goes to all commenters as well. We had an incident with someone claiming to be the famous video gamer Shadow and their actions were harming Shadow’s image. We then received a message asking us to ask the not verified / fake Shadow to change his username and kept a very tight eye on all usernames that have Shadow in them. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to read more comments by you in the future.

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    • The Animus was created by Abstergo Industries in the latter half of the 20th century, basing it on previously discovered technology.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

        • The Bleeding Effect was first noticed early in the Animus Research Line in Subject 1.

          Yes, you may still purchase our Animus 1.28 OS, please head over to Ubisoft for more information in regards to purchases at

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt

  29. Hi Abstergo Industries,
    I would like to send you a security/health survey

    Question:1 Do you clone subjects?

    Question:2 Do you allow guards everywhere in Abstergo?

    Question:3 Do you have schools for some young subjects?

    Question:4 Do you sell Pharmaceuticals?

    Question:5 Does Abstergo have a hospital in each building?

    Question:6 Why is your goal to make the world a better place?

    Question:7 If someone was killed what would you do?

    Question:8 What do you plan to do with the Animus 4.0?

    Question:9 If a Subject escaped what would you do?

    Question:10 What would you do if an assassin attacked, snuck pass security and set explosives and the whole facility blew up?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Gary Saff,

      Answer 1: No.

      Answer 2: Depends on security clearance.

      Answer 3: Privately tutored and have a state-of-the-art educational facilities and professors.

      Answer 4: Yes.

      Answer 5: Yes.

      Answer 6: Because we care.

      Answer 7: Try to aid the family, relatives and friends of the diseased.

      Answer 8: Release it worldwide.

      Answer 9: No subject is held against their will which makes this question irrelevant to Abstergo Industries.

      Answer 10: We would rebuild the facility and keep moving forward.

      We appreciate and admire your interest in Abstergo. We would like to inform you that we take extra care in matters such as security and health because we care about all of our clients safety and futures. We hope that one day you would experience the Abstergo life.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  30. We have just found a dead body inside an Animus 3.0 without any blood, burns, bruises or any other injuries that we could see. So did the subject die due to an Animus glitch and the glitch desynchronised his memory and caused him to get serious brain damage?

    Riley Josephs
    Abstergo Security Team 15
    Abstergo, London

    • You are in a restricted zone. Apparently you have not cleared with your commanding officer that you are entering the animus levels. Anyhow we will let this one slide, next time get your security clearence in check.

      About the subject, everything is fine. The subject is not dead but rather in a semi-coma state; this is to protect their nerve system. Anything other than that is above your clearence level.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  31. Hello, I would like to know when we are going to start researching the Animus 5.0. Perhaps Early 2014?

    P.S I need the new Animus 4.0 because I still have the 3.0

    P.P.S Have we opened Abstergo Moscow yet?

    Samuel Silverman
    Animus Ops

    • Sorry,we must leave the new Animus 5.0 for ****

      If you require the Animus 4.0 you may need to wait for an installation in November.

      ABSTERGO EDIT: Otto here, sorry had to edit the ending a bit. We can not reveal that information yet LRT10 ;) Yes, we have opened an Abstergo facility in Moscow.

  32. Engineers of Abstergo, as I logged on to the computer and saw the CCTV security feed it was all static

    I believe there was a camera malfunction or it was hacked.

    Could you please install new cameras?

    Fred Green
    Security Team 15

  33. Ok if you don’t know who I am R4 I am a subject captured on the day 12 June 2012 and you did research for Abstergo Entertainment for a movie series but it was called off.

    Then you decided to keep me for some more research and found I had a ancestor that the assassin Altiar Abn La Ahad killed:Al Mualim

    Then you took me to a lab with all these mentally ill Subjects that you gassed but when I looked you gassed me so I would forget it but I didn’t then you put a needle in me and took out a sample of blood.

    When the day 2 day before Brother Desmond Was killed and there were severe burns to his hand. I was talking to Samuel Silverman the animus operator when there was a malfunction so you sent me to bed and I pickpocketed the Keycard from Sam before that so at exactly 6:46 PM I snuck out but the camera caught me and sent an alert to Security Team 14 and I found another Subject that was found near 2 dead bodies and ran with me.

    We found an open door but the Subject pulled out a gun and started shooting while I ran out of Abstergo

    And thats what happened

  34. Remember me?

    I would like to congratulate you and your organization to make the world but you will soon fall

    But i shall stay my blade and i would like to know what other “Researches” you have done apart from the subject 17 and sample 17 projects

    Nothing is true Everything is permitted

    • you are a true assassin do want to join the ranks of a assassin we stall save the world from abstergo “Templars “*wink wink* and they will not ge the world lucky I have the apple of eden

      -max maker
      p,s I;m a fully trained assassin

      • We could figure something out to stop these Templars.
        Abstergo and BLUME are working on something for the ctOS
        – PHOENIX
        PS yes that’s my name
        PPS im a fully trained assassin too! do u have any weapons

  35. Where can I buy ny Animus? I hope I have enough money. And aren’t you “Abstergo” people the ones who want to shape the world to their likikng?

    • You may select the animus you would like to purchase at We are trying to create a better and more peaceful world.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  36. Dear friends at Abstergo,
    I must say that your products are great! Wonderful job you did there! All credits to Dr. Warren Vidic, may he rest in peace. It’s a nice thing – you know, controlling the world… Gives you power, dominance, will to to everything… I just feel bad about all the people you brainwashed, as they have no idea what’s going on. But, after all, I think you overestimated yourselves.

    And underestimated us.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you are not done with us yet.
    Nor are we with you.

    Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.


    • We are glad that you have enjoyed our products however we are not dominant in power. We you you continue to enjoy our products and services.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  37. Umm…hello I’m Gupta, the nation of Egypt.

    I write to you that I want to know what is the point of Subjects and why they called Subjects? I have a friend who is Subject 18, she is Moka Thorwham as you know her. She doesn’t tell me much but why she is called Subject 18?

    She’s just a child, well yes she is 20 but she acts like a innocent child, like Veneziano a nation of North Italy. Is all this projects and Subjects of yours because she’s bit mental or something? Or because she found out she’s something special or found a group that she can relate to?

    Get back to me.


    • Mrs. Moka is not mental, she is absolutely sane. The word ‘Subjects’ is a globally used word that references a certain group force within a corporation; specially direct service corporations. Saying Subjects is the same as saying Volunter or Visitor. It is used to hide the person’s identity for privacy and security.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  38. Hey,Abstergo,I recently found an artefact that is round and glows.Ever since I found the artefact,I felt as if I am tempted to dominate the world.The artefact seems to be made of ancient technology.I would like to made an appointment for you to investigate the artefact.Thank you very much for your help.
    Best regards,
    Kai Zhong

    P.S I enjoyed using your products especially the animus console,I enjoyed going deeper to the history of the world,the animus gives me a realistic feeling.Keep up the good work!

  39. Does the Abstergo coporation provides any additional supports on some technical diffculties that I’ve encountered recently on the Animus 1.0 system?

    • We will try our best to help you. If the situation is out of our hand, we will redirect you to the producing corporations (Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montréal).


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      • Here is the problem.
        During one of the assassination memories, I’ve started a conflict with my target. after beating the target to the ground, I selected my hidden blade. But the Animus does not respond to my actions immediately. There is a delay on the timing of the the hidden blade, and this indicates that the Animus is not very flexible when many actions are performed.
        And this happens everytime when the hidden blade is selected during combat.

        • This could be a specs glitch for using compatible setting or just problem(s) with the normal requirements (not the minimum requirements) or this could be a result of a damaged or non-Abstergo made animus. Could be one done by the Assassin pirates.


          Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          • However piracy still remains unfortunately, just in slightly different forms.


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          • Thank you for your help Abstergo.
            This problem was being solved on the Animus 2.0 system.
            A question, Has the Abstergo Industries started to use the 2.0 system? This would create a better life for your animus users and also Test Subjets.

    • Hello Nauthylus,

      Yes we do, we have some facilities and offices in Brasilia, Pará, Mato Grosso, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas and Acre.

      As for Curritiba; you can find offices at Santa Felicidade, Uberaba and Pinhais and a facility at Cidade Industrial (CIC).

      Please be sure to read the FAQs page before visiting.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future technologies Division

    • Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Tallahassee are all locations where you can find Abstergo offices and/or facilities. Please remember to check the FAQs before your visit and we hope to see you soon.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  40. Otto, the questions are.

    Why do you think I’m so that special? Is it the Eagle Vision? The Assassin bloodline?

    Also why did you take me away as you said, with all those stuff? I don’t really understand what’s so special about me..

    • Because you can think. You question and not just follow orders. You are not too deep with the idea that we are evil and you do not enjoy what you do. You appear to be a strong leader as well. There is much greater hope in you aiding the other assassins into seeing an end to this war. You are not the only one. Many assassins showed the same implications and we do our best to keep them extra secured. Some joined Abstergo after they left and some just went out to live normal lives. Here we give you the choice; you are not born into anything and not forced upon anything.

      Other than that, I really do not know what to say.

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    • Yes we do, they are mostly in Stockholm. We hope to see you at our facilities soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

    • Yes we do. There is a facility in Avon Lake and three offices, one in Parma, one in Solon and one in Willowick.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • I am not really sure about that, I have a large map of the world and the Abstergo pins are showing the general locations only.

            Please make sure that you read the FAQs before your visit.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • I’ll see if I can get there. Out of offices and facilities, which of them have an Animus? Do they both or is it more specific as to where to put an Animus?

          • You can find an Animus in a facility but you can reserve a date for operation from an office if it is closer to you.

            Thank You,

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • DO NOT try the aminus! they will take you prisoner. i have known someone who was taken prisoner. its a good thig he escaped though. or else “abstergo” othern know as TEMPLARS would kill every single one of the people i work with in the brotherhood. just remember nothing is true everything is permitted.

          • That is not true. We are sorry but your information is incorrect. We have over 60 million animus users, all with a perfect health status. Furthermore, Abstergo has nothing to do with the Templar Order.


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      • Sure you can. Once you arrive we can look at that sword in one of our labs. We hope you enjoy your visit.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

        • The Assassins are a terror group. We do not kill people. We aim to bring you to justice with the help of the authorities. We do not steal.


          Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          • Claire, do calm down….

            I believe there’s more than ‘peace and help the world’ with Abstergo… I know because I was there. I, my brother and my half brother (Desmond) believe that Abstergo is bad group that ‘think’ they doing it for good thing by force…

            Us Assassins believe we are the freedom fighters that help the world by keeping it balance as Those who came before say…. it’s like we both have same ideas but different ways….

            Leave it as that -3-

          • I agree with you Moka. We do have the same goals and our ways differ. But we have science and technology on our side as well and we posses much more power. We do miss you Moka, how have you been? We hope that you would visit us soon again.

            Otto Schmidt

            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • Instead of wasting your time fighting us in a battle where we have the upper hand in, why not join us so we can achieve our mutual goal? This would be beneficial to both sides, you will stop lossing so may people and hideouts and we will stop wasting time and resources in finding you.

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer


          • Firstly I know what I said is true but there’s no way I’m coming back there. I am fine and in hiding but you will not able to find me.

            For me, I am glad that Dr Vidic Warren is dead because he’s a bloody mean dude, I personally think that he want to keep me in that death machine known as ‘Animus’ far too long almost like Subject 16 Clay been.

            But as we are in war…well private war as most people doesn’t know, I will not change side…I am with Assassins like my family and ancestors been. I’ve been thinking of destorying all your facilities but I am just one female in UK that is Grand Master Of UK Assassins and I would not danger my novices and family.

            But you keep away from us, or there would be blood shed…I only kill to protect my family, my novices, my team and my friends…

          • moka i agree with you. i won’t change my side either. i had a choice between the two and i chose to be an assassin. i will never go to the enemy side.

          • When I said join us I did not mean leave the assassins and join Abstergo, I meant join us as the assassins and to end the fight and work together as two factions. This way we can concentrate on the world and not on this never ending battle. Moka, many changes have happened since you left and there is an entire new management now. Things are completely different to the better and I was just offering a friendly visit and not an animus session so we can show you how we changed. We were and are ready and opened for change so why would you guys not be? Think of the many accomplishments we can do working together; us in the technological and medical fields and you guys in military and strategic tactics. What do you say?

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I honestly have no reason to lie. You are more than welcome to come with her if you want.

            Moka we go way back, this is a new year and now I have control over that entire division and the Future Technologies Division. I know that I can trust you and I know you do what you do to protect only and I understand that. I have always watched over your guys’ back. Remember the bunker that was blown up by the assassins themselves to rid the Abstergo teams and it hurt a couple of civilians and got you and your team pinned down? These two civilians that helped you after that bomb were my men. Did you not wonder why the teams got pulled back? It was at the moment I took control. They made sure that you and your friends were in good shape and they nursed you guys to health. I saw hope in you guys from that day.

            We are not monsters as you have been told. We do what we do because we are forced to in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We are not different Moka. Everyday we try to help, no matter who the person is.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Yes this is a new year. Controlled the division ad technologies division? Is that like the Animus stuff?
            Yeah I remember that, tried to blow the building. Yeah I think so about the pinned down bit but why your men try to help us? I mean ain’t we in ‘war’ against eachother or something?

            I don’t remember being nursed back to health but I guess I was out…but still why?

            I would agree with you but protecting yourselves and your family by tracking and taking people that has bloodline if important people (For example Assassins) and forced into the death machine (animus) to retrieve something that suspossed to stay hidden and away from people forever…

            Explain all this..

          • This is where the Assassin’s propaganda is getting into your heads. This is where the terror lives.

            You see, non of the missions were to kill you but they were to extract you and try to free you from what you think of us because of some hierarchy in your organization thinks bad about us. As you, the shooting was a reply to your attack and was not the intention of my teams. They nurse all the injured in order to try and reason with them. You however, I saw something more special in you. I do not know what, but it was enough to have them extract you far away, nurse you, set you up in a safe house and leave you food and equipment. I have the feeling that you do understand what we do but you are afraid of your own thoughts. You are afraid to think that, ‘what if the assassins are wrong? Just what if Abstergo was not as they say? What if I am doing a mistake and Abstergo is actually helping the world?’.

            We are changing the world Moka. Do you know how many people we saved from January 2013? 2.37 million people. We built 17 wellness centers and rescued many from famine and disease.

            I know that you know that it does not have to be this way. What ever you went through, I am sorry for but things are different now under my management.

            I hope you will be able to see the light and not the illusion of what you have been drugged by.

            Again, we are not forcing you to do anything, not even to join Abstergo. We just want you to be free.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I am not sure about those missions of yours, to me it is kind of ‘kidnap’ or ‘kill’ missions, that’s what I think of it. About the shooting, Oh okay so all they do us try to nurse us and try say they’re helping and all?

            Me? What is so spiecal in me? The Eagle Vision? The Assassin bloodline? I don’t get that. Why take me far away with all those stuff? I don’t understand in what so spiecal about me.

            I do sometimes think it might be mistake but I came to think about Clay..known as Subject 16 as you call him. I hear he’s been on the death machine Animus far too long because of Vidic. This make me think that even he’s dead stuff like that would happen still.

            Everyone can say they changing the world, like Assassins are trying to keep the balance and all as you saving people’s lives and treating them.

            It would take time to trust on what you doing, Otto…but it will take very slowly. But as you saying ‘See the light’ and ‘Drugged’, what if you’re wrong about that and lead into something else than peace? I am just saying..

            On the last bit, I’ll think about it.

          • I do not mind how long it takes but at least you have given it hope and for that I thank you.

            I am different for that I am not as one sees but for what one can not even imagine.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Can you explain the questions I asked, I am wondering very much right now. I am sorry if it’s kind of forcing but I am very curious..

          • May you please reask your question in a new comment instead of a reply in order for me to answer it.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division


          • You really need to calm down a bit. Besides, all of this shouting makes you look as if you are scared that Moka may have the opportunity to think. Do not control her, let her think. She has the right to do so, is that not what you say you fight for? The irony, see Moka, you fight for the freedom you desire with the assassins however they lose their patience and start getting angry when you as much as think about something they do not desire. Do not become like them Moka and in time, maybe Claire can be saved as well.

            We started a new comment box above for space.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  41. Hello again, I have sent an email to an ABSTERGO employee a while ago. I still have not received a reply. I see Otto Schmidt is active daily, I was wondering if there was an email or something I could talk to Mr.Schmidt in private.

    • Actually, never mind that. I have indeed read the FAQ and have been doing my ‘homework’ I am actually hoping to get into the ABSTERGO career line. Although I only have experience in technology, I would not doubt I could experiment with the animus. To possibly make it better. I am asking for this career in memory of Mr. Vidic. A tragedy, no? I have honestly done some tweaks with my Gaming Console. It has made the Animus experience better.


      Samuel B.

    • Samuel,

      Mr. Schmidt cannot be reached directly for a private conversation, however, if you are interested, I can have his second in command contact you privately.

      He thanks you for asking to speak with him but it is for security reasons that he cannot interact directly.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      • R4,

        Hmm. Yes, I respect that very so. Although, could you still read my second post. It has information that could go to you or Mr. Schmidt.

        Samuel B.

  42. Good night.

    After thinking about it throughfully, I’ve decided to contact you in order to apply for one of your Operations Division. I learnt of this offer thanks to an acquataince of mine called jJuhani Otso, who is currently working with you. He talked me about benefits and opportunities in your company. I also happen to be recommended by another employee of yours, Mr. Daniel Cross.

    What makes my application different? I would like to offer you my 12-years Spetsnaz experience in Russia (Chechenya), Western Europe (Germany, and the UK), Africa (Sierra Leona, Sudan, Congo) and Middle East (Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran), contacts at the FSB services, and proficiency at 6 languages.

    Awaiting eagerly for your reply,

    Mijail Althukov

    P.S.: For some reason, Mr. Cross and Mr. Otso insisted me to make emphasis in 2 points: The fist one was the lineage of my family, and through research I found that my family is closely related to Tesla’s one (more exactly a cousin of the famous inventor) and to another whose only detail I know is that their last-name is Orelov. Further research revealed that I have distant ancestors in renaissance Italy closely related to Leonardo Da Vinci. The second one is that due to intelligence work at the FSB, I gathered extensive information about some subjects named William Miles and Shaun Hausting (assets, phones and whereabouts) and one about a possible hacker that is eavesdropping your internal commuications; he uses a sort of callsign (“Gavin”). I got the exact coordinates where his attacks are coming from.

    I guess this information is more of a burden to you so I apologize if it’s not necessary at all, but the mentioned employees of yours suggested me to point this out.

    • I am impressed by your application. I am interested in reviewing it with Alan when I can. I have placed you on my priority. If things work out, you may be assigned to my division and given your history with Daniel, you may be in a leading position. That all depends on your entry tests. I am glad to see a glimps of your skill set and hope to see you soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

    • No problem, you are more than welcome. Please pass by whenever you prefer.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

    • We have a facility in Djakarta and offices in Klender and Petamburan. Other locations are also available in the eastern islands of Indonesia.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

    • We have a small facility in Montgomery. We hope to see you soon. Please enjoy your experience with us.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      • Honestly, I would also be interested in reliving my ancestor’s memories. I would love to know if I truly am a descendent of George Washington, like my Grandfather once told me and my siblings when we were younger.

        -Assassin 1776
        (I am currently living in the United States, by the way; but this could be subject to change at any given time.)

        • That should not be a problem. Just head to your closets Abstergo facility to start.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

        • well desmond was my cousin and i was wondering if i could some how use the animus to see my ansceters but since we kinda have the same blood could i see his ansecters (haythem kenway) insteed of mine and and some one sent this to me and i dont know what it is but its a gold glowing ball thing and their was a note what said “dont trust abstergo” but i dont beleive that abstergo could take over the world and i would follow them if they some how did

          • All can be arranged no worries. Please stop by one of our facilities to prep up. That ball thing you mentioned sounds interesting, if you want you can Loan it to our research labs for analysis.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • why shoundnt i give the ball to them the just want to analysis why its abstergo they probley will use it with the animus and there not evil or anything like that

          • Because they will use that ball for greed in power, they can’t be trusted. They’ll use it to possible enslave innocents.

          • abstergo wouldnt take over the world their a company who listen to thier customers and care about people they wouldnt take over the world

          • That is true, not only our consumers but the whole world is important to us. We strive everyday to make sure that everyone gets a chance in this world and is happy.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • see abstergo cares for the world and the people all so i stumble a cross somthing that came up when i was doing somthing it said “may the farther of understanding guide us ” what does that mean

          • That quote is templars’ quote they use. As for Abstergo they are templars..

            Just don’t give that ball to them…

            Abstergo…you. lie.

          • Abstergo is a multi-cultural and a multi-religious corporation. We do not wish to in force any culture or religion therefore the father of understand would represent what ever the workers and the world believe in. We care about an equal unity of all regardless to culture, religion, gender and color.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

          • touch the APPLE10001101011 seeing my ancestors every where while pictures of the templer cross and abestrgo then …jesus it happing .ARRRRRRRRRH…JUNO MINERVA SAYING ONLY YOU CA……………………………….

          • humanity will fall everyone one shale fear my hand or death will happen ..tempers(abstergo) and the assassins will not be able to stop me ..humantiy is finshed the era of the rebirth of the first cilvlisation has began is the start of the end

          • Juno we are not afraid of you, you may escaped your prison but we will stop you!

            I’m not afraid of you!

          • you cant stop us we have the power of the applesof eden ,sword of eden , combined in one shot we can take over the world do you think you will be able to stop us

          • Well actually I can, well we can. I know your weakness and how to defeat you Juno. You may have the sword of Eden and one of the apple of Eden, but you don’t have the dagger that certain someone used to put you in prison or what ever you call that place you was trapped in which was suspossed to kill you.

          • well humanitys last hope desmond is dead and i was put in a ball by minerva wich is now destroyed and we can tavel im betwwen time so the rest will rise from the grave and and the 20 we left on earth was only about 00.1 % of how many we have and the 20 uses 10% of it power we use 100% so yuo humans have no hope

          • Actually, I’m Desmond’s half sister, or that’s what I’ve been told. So I kind of able to do same as what Desmond can do….

          • Abstergo wants that gold glowing ball. its called the Apple of Eden. what it does is bend people to their will. Abstergo wants to use it to control people’s minds! its one of what are called Pieces of Eden. Some lost, Some found, and all of them are dangerous. If Abstergo gets their hands on all of them only God knows how horrible it will get!


  43. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\||//////////////////////////////////////////



    -_-DEcember 13, 2010 16:30

    To: AbsteRgo IndUstries

    [[Associates]] at Abstergo InDustries,
    [Fellow Templars]
    We are embarking on an excIting new research and developmenT prO-_-ject that will bear fruit in as little as two years. A new technology has been discovered [[that will allow us to manufacture a satellite providing global coverage.]] Many of you have complained about the [[delays and breaks in]] communication through our current phone, internet and video-conferencing services, so this [[should solve all those problems.]]
    [It is vital that this does NOT happen]
    [Eurdito hacking into files]
    [it won’t]
    Those who have been briefed privately on the specifics of the operation need not read on, but for employees who have not yet been updated, here is a link to the Eye-Abstergo satellite specs: [[ ]]
    [LIES all of it LIES]
    With your help, we can continue to guide our [[projects]] safely into the future.
    [[May the Father of Understanding Guide You.]]

    By the way Abstergo, nice try encrypting the files… ;)
    “Nothing is true, Everything is permited…”

  44. All the Assassins in the of the USA in the New England region need to come together and join my sub-creed Nightfall i’m the co-founder of it. The leaders name is -CLASSIFIED- and we are recruiting and have working hidden blades and other useful weapons.
    ~Yours truly,
    Skye Howl

    Nothing is True, Everything Is Permitted…

  45. Where is the nearest abstergo facility is caused live in Ohio. I know my ansestors were assassins but I don’t know why.I wish to know more about my ansestors past and understand why they were assassins.

  46. I have several things I would like to know, where is the closest Abstergo facility, how much and animus session would cost, and what is it like inside the animus.

    • Mr. Pena,

      We can help you find the closest Abstergo facility if you would please provide your location. The Animus is a fully-immersive experience that engages all your senses so you actually feel like you are living during the time of your ancestors! As far as cost, there are several options we can provide at different price points that you can discuss with our customer service representatives when you visit one of our facilities!

      John Griffin

  47. Hey Abstergo by your records is desmond still alive? and have you played your part yet in launching the satellite and protecting earth from the solar flare which occurred 21/12/2012?

  48. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to schedule a visit to one of your offices. A friend and I are very interested in your company, and would like to inquire about possible employment. We live in Missouri, and are both avid lovers of your Animus product. If I am correct, you mainly deal with anti-depressants? We would appreciate any information you could send our way.

  49. I have a question on the safety of the Animus, and I am not referring to the bleeding effect. Considering the violent past of the human race, it is 100% sure that we have dozens, if not hundreds of ancestors who have participated in wars and have killed, plundered, looted, raped and done many other horrible things. What if a child or a person in his/her early teens or anyone faint of heart would go in his portable animus and relieve such terrible things? Has Abstergo taken any measures for such cases?

    • An excellent point, and an equally excellent question.

      In accordance with international and local laws, Abstergo does restrict users of the Animus to people ages 17+. Those under the age of 17 must have an adult guardian give consent in person at the time of session purchases.

      John Griffin

  50. Mr. Vidic:

    I am curious to know what exactly this new Abstergo satellite and is and what it will do. I expect the information to be like that off an off-the-record conversation. Please do not hold anything back; I am prepared for the worst.

    • EYE-Abstergo is a telecommunication satellite developed by Abstergo Industries in order to assure that your technological and Animus experiences are always exceeding your expectations and that the world you live in becomes a more efficient and easier player to live in. :)

      Thank you for your interesting in Abstergo,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

    • Dear Mr. Richard,

      Not at all. We here at Abstergo Industries and Abstergo Laboratories are more than happy to help out and aid whoever we can, especially enlightened people who are interested in our latest technologies. Not only may you test out the Animus, soon you will be able to purchase one for you to use at home as our portable version of the Animus will be out very soon (our VIPs received them on the 22nd of this month). You do have to fill in some paper work and take a couple of tests before your actual sessions to insure your safety. After all, we here at Abstergo care about you and only you; our consumers.

      Please head to an Abstergo facility to schedule.

      Thank you and hope to see you soon,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      • What are the dimensions for the units? same as the wattage and the technical needs in order to run one. I would most enjoy one but I must make the proper purchases before investing in your company.

        • I can not be too specific in our specifications right now, company policies, however, based on all of the achievements that set Abstergo as the World’s Best Pharmaceutical and Technological Industries should rest your mind assured. All I can say is, it is slims and easily portable and could be connected to your PC for recording.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

  51. erudito is watching you. he is maybe inside you. be carrefull, soon every one will know about all your project. this day, i’ll be here, and every one will have to make a choice: liberty or order.
    Don’t forget, erudito is watching you.

  52. I wouldn’t allow Abstergo to know the identity of your ancestors if I were you. I can’t explain why, for your own safety, but just know that once they know who your ancestors are and if they’re considered ‘important’ by Abstergo, you’re no longer safe!

    • That is not true. We ask this question in order to operate the Animus more efficiently since DNA complications change and become more complex if interfering with interchangeable memories.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquesition and Customer Officer

  53. Dear Mr. Vidic,

    About the Animus is it possible for anyone to use this animus? If so is possible for someone once they use the animus to learn the skills and abilities of their ancestor as a side effect? Also I have two ancestors I wish to relive their memories: Ezio Auditore and Connor Kenway. I’ve just learned that they used to be my ancestors and I was wondering if you could help.


    Erin Cruz

      • I know that Animus versions 1.28 – 3.0 expose the subject to the risk of the Bleeding Effect, but at Abstergo Entertainment, more specifically the Sample 17 project, the memory annalists are not technically hooked up to the Animus, so is it impossible to experience the Bleeding Effect while using the Animus Omega?

        • We can not say that it is impossible as spending days upon days on it may still show some side-effects. However it has become very unlikely for the Bleeding Effect to occur through our new devices.

          We are proud and happy to say that so far, no one has shown any Bleeding Effect symptoms. Furthermore, our employees have regular checks and do not spend many hours on the the new device. The highest was around 11 hours and 43 minuets and was absolutely fine with no symptoms whatsoever; not exactly solid proof since it was one person yet it still shows the potential or the device not holding the Bleeding Effect.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt

  54. why is Connor’s life so important to you, Abstergo? is there a special Apple? Are you going to use it for EYE-Abstergo? Pharmacutical company. Yeah,RIGHT. And p.s., We have captured Daniel Cross. If you have any hope of seeing the person who caused the so-called “Great Purge”, then you will have to find us. Nothing is true. everything is permitted. and TELL em, is there a function to the sword of eden or the shroud? What maked it more different than the Apples? Theya re both potential weapons and Peices of Eden.

  55. I am seriously supposse to believe abstergo exists? It is clearly a marketing ploy for assassin’s creed. If it were real, how come the american news has not covered the animus in articles or newspaper or anything fo that matter?

    • It will have the ability to be portable and open to many users of the community but that is all I will say ;)

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquesition and Customer Officer

  56. May i ask you a question,good sir? i know you are trying to create peace using chaos and i also know that Templars did not disappear they are known as “Freemasons” today(My father is a Mason too),also i understand without Templars endless cycles of wars would never over.I just wonder what is the connection between Freemasons and Rothschilds who own nearly %80 world banks?,Because Rothschilds are Jews and they plan to build one world government by building Israel.What is their connection?

    • Hello HopelessPeace,

      the Freemasons are not templars. It could be that the Freemasons got formed by the remains of the Templar order.

      The Rothschild Group is one of the biggest private banks of the world, but they don’t own that much.

      The interests of the State of Israel are not to create a world government. That is the job of the UN.

      Furthermore generally there is no connection between templars, Freemasons, Rothschild family and Group and Jews.

      Yours sincerely
      Alan Rikkin
      Chief Executive Officer
      Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge

  57. Dear Dr.Warren Vidic,

    Doctor I have questions on how the human mind pass on memories through genetics. Take this scenario as an example.

    If one’s great grandfather was born when his father was 28, said great grandfather’s father died at age 84. How does the human mind receive the additional 56 years? No Animus user could see there ancestor’s full life, the user could only see up until the next ancestor was born.

    -Thank you
    -Sincerely Richard Champion

  58. What did you do with 16? All the weird puzzles have to lead up to one big thing. And why is EYE-Abstergo being launched on 12/21/12, the highiy controversial end of the world date? and what will make the Animus 3.0 better than 2.0?

  59. Hmm December 21 the ‘eye-abstergo’ is giving me a thought that thing is to search for people like me and Desmond, or something like that…

    What does it do Hm?

    • Hello,

      Eye-Abstergo is a telecommunications-satellite and part of the Akashic Satellite Plexus.

      Its focus will be on the communicationsystems of America and Europe.

      Yours sincerely
      Fredrik Sandberg
      Chief Customer Officer

        • Not at all actually, this new communication system helps us at Abstergo to function at a more increased rate. Therefore accomplishing our tasks and medical research in a better and improved way while keeping in touch with the other Head Quarters easily and be able to use certain frequency waves in order to locate rare and essential herbs and minerals to improve in our medical development. Basically, it is help us to help you in the role of helping the entire world to obtaining a care-free beautiful future and advanced technology that will make all living creatures around the world experience ultimate relaxation and ease of mind.


          • I do not believe what you are saying, helping?

            More like enslaving for your greedy needs…Sorry that I must say that but what about Desmond or myself? Why us?

          • Dear Moka Thorwham,

            You must have us confused with another horrible institution created by the people that some over here call “Assassins” that do not exist since their era ended many years ago by Templars burning down all their mountain castle and fortresses (you may feel free to look this up on Wikipedia). Abstergo does not ‘force’ anyone to join. All of the people that applied (yet you tend to call them ‘subjects’) have came to Abstetgo Laboratories with their own desire. Even the contract terms and registrations forms included that upon signature the client is in full health ability of body and mind and is willing to apply to the medical research facilities of Abstergo. As to why we are targeting you or the person you refer to as ‘Desmond’ is absolutely fake. Your name is not on any of our so called ‘wants list’. Apparently the ‘Assassins’ ‘conspiracy’ has gotten to you too. However, you are always welcome to join Abstergo an apply to one of the many facilities in the medical development department. Here at Abstergo Industries our only wish and goal is the betterment of humanity through the betterment of the world. Help us, help you, help the world.


          • I am not sure about your offer to come to the facility, I am uneasy about that.

            But if I ‘do’ change my mind, I would need to find a facility in London which I do not know where it is.

          • Dear Moka Thorwham,

            I do recall a small facility in an hour drive away from London yet I am not sure about its exact location. Abstergo will always be there to welcome you as it has did with thousands of other people. Once you join the Abstergo family, nothing in the world will make you want to leave.

            Help us, Help you, Help the world.


  60. Hi Abstergo, I would like to know if you still have some kind of attachment to the Templar Order and if you have any office in Lisbon, Portugal, the only country that did not persecuted our fellow Knights and was the last stronghold for that great order. If that is such a case I would like very much to join your order. I also would like know if you have some kind of religious affiliation or you are a secular company.

  61. So, a portable Animus… Does this mean that now you’l have rights to hook us in the death-machine as soon as we’re captured? Because it doesn’t scare me.

    I know the lies you feed us, I know you are templars… And I know you will fall before the Assassins…

  62. Whoa….Desmond I feel sorry that you was captured and forced into that death machine, but glad you’re escaped.

    Oh and Warren give up, the Assassins will defeat you, our minds are not fucked up…we don’t need those Medical Needs. You will never take us aliiivvee!!

    Good thing I’m hiding somewhere….heheh…

    • Dear Mr. Thorwham,

      We strongly advise you to come back to our laboratory Abstergo to continue treating your paranoid delusions.

      Otherwise you could cause yourself and others great harm. Your psychologist is also here and is worried. Please come back.

      Yours Sincerely
      Dr. Warren Vidic
      Chief Research Officer

      • You tell lies, I know what you’re after. I am not going back in there, not in that death machine! I will never come back, Never!

          • I will never tell you my location, why shall I trust you even after what you put me through? Or after what you put Desmond through?

            I rather stay where I am than come back.

          • Somehow I can’t reply…after your recent reply.

            But I will not stay and I will not let you find me, Warren.

          • Yes…we will see…

            My mind is fine, I am not paranoid or delusional.

            I know what you’re after, the Piece of Eden, am I correct?

          • What about the other PEAs (Peices of Eden)? The Shroud, the Sword, what about the staff? And what is the difference between 2 apples? One activates the Codex Pages (Ac 2) and another one is a weapon (Brotherhood/Revelations). And WHAT ARE THOSE VAULTS SUPPOSED TO DO? I’ve been confused about it for a while.

          • Benjamin Weeks, the abstergo must of have one of the piece of Eden, I don’t know for sure but they needed me and Desmond for something so they can rule and kill off people who is against them….like the assassins.

            I wouldn’t trust to go back to them…I never do.

          • Wow….umm I live to tell you how to join and be one of us and tell what I know if Abstergo…

            but I’m on a run…

  63. The telecommunications sattelite being launched by Abstergo on 12/21/12 will be fully functional in even the most severe solar flares. And the Portable Animus is just another version of the Masayaf Keys, which were used by the Assassin Order in Constantinople to be able to see knowledge (Altair’s Memories, AC Revelations).

    • Dear Mr. Weeks,

      your informations about EYE-Abstergo are correct, but those about our portable Animus aren’t. As we know the assassins have never been in Constantinople, our Portable Animus is a completely new construction and allows for example Alzheimer-diseased persons to keep their memories but there is a large field of applications for the portable Animus.

      Yours sincerely
      Fredrik Sandberg
      Chief Customer Support

      • The Assassins have been to Constantinople, and I know that you know that for a fact. After all, you’ve probably seen it, but then again, you most likely haven’t, have you? Considering your most important “test subject”, Desmond Miles, is dead, but that wouldn’t have mattered because Desmond escaped anyways, and that was long before he sacrificed his life to save the world from the incoming solar flare. However, the rest of his unit, Shaun, Rebecca, and William, have in fact seen this event, the Assassins in Constantinople, with their own eyes along with Desmond. Requiescat in Pace, Desmond. (Latin for Rest in Peace)

        -Assassin 1776

    • Just remember …. Abstergo is here to help all and there are no aims of destruction in Abstergo. Help us, help you, to help the world to form a better society and future in the fields of medicine and technology.


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