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For further information, please consider purchasing the Assassin’s Creed games, which are being developed by Ubisoft. There may be some similarities here to the ideas and names found in Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” franchise.  This blog is based on the ideas and concepts behind the game series. We would like to thank the developers at Ubisoft for this brilliant game series.

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    1. Greetings brother or sister I have been amazed by the order of the Templar’s and assassin’s brotherhood as I played almost all existing games of assassin’s creed I saw good assassin’s and the bad assassin’s. I also saw the good Templar’s and the bad I know that assassin’s were once known as the hidden ones and the Templar’s were once known as the order of the ancients and cult of cosmos but after the order of the ancients were distorted by evar and the hidden ones help but also the king who was the leader of the order and have created the Templar’s order somehow or some one else and you may already know the rest of the it Ubisoft and the people who made the games have open my eyes to some questions I want to ask to god and if you want to answer some questions as well I would be interested in your story the world has forgotten so much about the truth and the only one that knows is god and all of you I want to see if I have some contaction to someone important in the history and if abstergo can give me some power and training from all of the great fighters and a DNA from one of the isu I could use the pieces of eden I would become an ultimate weapon for the Templar’s and I would become an isu but that is up to you all sand a meeting location in oak ridge TN if you want to talk I’ll be waiting for the contact information have a great day.✝️😇

  2. Hi

    Do you have a quick moment to talk about some observations I’ve made on There’s a few slight strategy redirects where I think a tremendouse difference could be made.

    Would you be open to having my consultants briefly get in touch? They can show examples of their work, in addition to composing a detailed report to illustrate their points.

    I’d just need to know the best time this week to reach out, as well as the best line to connect.

    Please let me know your thoughts,

    Tyler Mcintyre

    1. I would love to see it and I have some ideas as well in oak ridge TN sand a location but it has to be in oak ridge TN say the password of the Templar’s order and I will say in the light of the cross for the order we are one with his faithful children.

  3. Make an assasin game were you pilot a man of war please i would kill for one

  4. Hi im Cris aguilar i want know if the animus its real, and if its real i want see my ancesters maybe one of them you stay find it! Please

    1. Hello. It is. I went into one, and it almost crashed my mind. It’s less clear than the game, but you have all these weird memories flowing through your head afterward, so you need to maintain a clear and sane mind before going in.

      1. this is true, should an unclear mind enter the Animus, that mind will be trapped in the Animus intertwining memories of past and present, maddening the subject. this can be seen in subject 13’s file, which is supposed to be classified, but the assassins managed to bring it to the public eye.
        may the farther of understanding guide you.

    2. I also want to see my ancestors as well seeing the true history would be a great honor.

  5. Lantern 333 reporting.

  6. Hy.I wana ask if I can volunteer myself to find about my ancestors and myself maybe.I belive in past lives thats why i got married whit a filipina but I feel inside me coz is not the one and still Im searching for her. I have that feeling shes somewhere in Peru and something is Actracting me there. Also Many peoples told me I have a bright White aura.I really wish to find about my ancestors past coz like this I can find also about myself. Who knows may be something big.Also many elders told me that Im special and there is my special one waiting for me and I will know and fell when il will find her but I dont know where to exactly,is just That feeling that is in Peru and I belong there from past lives. Please help me find myself,who I am and from where Im coming coz il do everything to find that even if is the last thing I will do. Happy New Year also And please reply.

    1. Happy New Year to you as well! Please check out our FAQs page for more details.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  7. Hi, I would like to know if the animus is real, and if so where to get one?

    1. Please check out our FAQs page for more details.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  8. I absolutely enjoyed the progress Abstergo has made lately. I preciously sent an email stating my past attempts of hacking Abstergo for many years. I would like to personally confront the good hard working people I may have caused distractions for.I owe them a personal apology.

  9. Abstergo you are a disgrace to the entire world. in my view point the assassins are the who are going to destroy you. i will never join your team,you evil hell spawn. when someone finds out about you and try’s to spread the word,you pretty much kill them just to protect your secrets. your company is nothing than a bunch of murderous tyrants who want to control the world and force their selfish views on to innocent people. you think that you are doing good work for the greater good of mankind but you are dead wrong and deserve to burn in the flames of inferno for all eternity

    1. It upsets us that you would think so badly of us. We are nothing of what you imagine us to be. We have helped so many people and still do. You are always welcome to come and see Abstergo for yourself without the need to join. We have always been open to the public and we still are. It is sometimes best to believe what your eyes can show you than what your ears can tell you.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    2. we work in the dark, to serve the light….we are assassins …..Abstergo is a templar company having masons and more templars around the world to support your company

      1. Hello Jax,

        Templars and free-masons do not go together (back in the time of Templar’s the church would refuse to acknowledge any member that has joined the free masonry; meaning that the real Templars cannot be of both. The new reformed free masonry has Templar at the top status as a want of keeping the ideologies alive and remembrance for those who were denied). These factions are no more in our times today.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    3. You contradict yourself…

      “The Assassins are a cruel and terrible coven, they speak only the language of death!”

      The Assassins are the ultimate killing machines but Abstergo Agents are many! The Assassins represent chaos, Abstergo represent order. Every Assassin must be dead in order to bring order to the chaos. Without Abstergo’s intervention humanity is doomed, Abstergo is the salvation of humanity!

      May the father of understanding guide us all!

      Abstergo Agent

      1. We at Abstergo believe that the light of knowledge can be shared with the assassins to remove their ignorance on their way of life. Many assassins were able to see the error in their ways and repented by either joining Abstergo and/or living an assassin free life. It is not to late for the rest; there need not be killing or bloodshed.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  10. I love AC4 but I hate the Abstergo service so much. I lost 400 points due to disconnection in games alone in about a day. I hate you guys and I hope Abstergo burns in Hell..

    1. We apologize that you have received a bad experience and we understand your anger. Ubisoft Support may be able to help you more than we can (please see the FAQs for more details).

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    2. long live the creed abstergo. you wont take us and sure as hell not destroy the creed

      1. You tell those Templar dogs!

  11. Hi, I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the person in charge of advertising for your business. I would like to send over an email with my proposal for economical flyer marketing delivered throughout Ontario via the postoffice.

    Thank you


    1. Please try contacting

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. Hi, i sent you guys a text through the mail thingy, my friend told me about you guys nd she told me more facts about you,Either way, I’m curious about a job interview at abstergo, when I was younger I got hold of an assasin order (a Facebook page) that was false and was grumpy, either way im curious about more info about you guys

        1. I have received your message. It was rather interesting to say the least. I’ll have my assistant contact you soon.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

        2. Unfortunately my division’s internal communication system is down. We will not be able to contact you. But all you need to know is on our FAQs page.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  12. ok im done with this game. What is the focus? Assassins? What kind of an assassin would rather punch their follower in the face instead of kill them. Ive noticed that sometimes you can take everyone on at once but its bs because i always get some stupid contesting crap. Also whats up with these stupid smoke bombs and this other tool. I can still see everyone clearly. Why arent they dead you ask, idk my x buttom seems to be broken. I also have been killed through the wall and sometimes i kill civilians because i thought that targeting would automatically lock on to who i thought it was for some reason idk. In other words ill probably play this game one more time. I Only have fun in this stupid game when im being chased by their whole team and i just run circles around them but then i just get hit with a dart because they know they cant catch me. and thats a fact

    1. Try playing with a friend or streaming (or even both), that may help to make things more interesting and/or fun. We apologies that you are going through an unpleasant experience.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. Go 5 degrees east 75 degrees south and I’m sure you will find what your looking for

  13. Now ive been relating most of my recent coments on relations with the people i meet in life. Now i tell you one thing, life is the perfect game and im in tune to many voices. Im done with xbox, its a bored game to me now.

  14. I stood on top of a building with another assassin and i thought i had an understanding with this person but i guess not. This cunning individual hopped off the building then without another thought climbed back on and killed me. what a creative setup, i think i dont even want to try for the top anymore.

  15. I dont like this 2game anymore, im losing points Because of my team. Why dont you see all my contestings or how long i last or if i steal the artifact at last minute, people are still tak3ing advantage of respawn. And why cant i kill 6two people i always have to chooe who i kill, when there buddy ju9st kills me then. This is assassins creed right? H4as an assassin ever had two or more targets? You can contact my8 phone at ### #### if your interested in conve9rsation.

  16. Is this were you role play your game

    1. I want to play assassins creed as a assassin future mentor my friends think im a real assassin becuase im good at running,hiding,and stealth.

    2. Not on this page. Please head to the Role Play Page instead.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    3. whats this page for?

      1. This is the page if you wish to contact us by. Please read the FAQs page first before contacting us.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

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  18. After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now
    on every time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment.
    Perhaps there is a means you are able to remove me from that service?


    1. We apologize that you are going through this problem. Your case seems very odd yet we will try to help you with it if we can. I will send a copy of what you posted and this reply to my director and hopefully we will be able to find a solution.

      This system of notifications is provided by a separate entity and not us, that is why I do not believe we are able to access these settings. From our side there does not seem to be any options that link to that setting. Nevertheless, I will still forward your problem.

      Thank you,

      Abstergo | Live Better


    (Tigra lies in her bed staring up at the ceiling. A light knock on her door sounds)
    “Tigra? Can I come in?”
    “CBF! Yeah, it’s okay, come in.”
    (CBF steps in, soaking from the rain outside. Tigra sits up.)
    “How’s the search going?”
    (Tigra looks at him, brushing jet-black hair behind her ear to reveal three jagged scars over her left eye.)
    “Same as last time. Sebastos is back, though. That counts as something.”
    (CBF stiffens, remembering his little incident with some party supplies.)
    (The two silence for a moment.)
    “Forget me, how are you doing?”
    “Come on, there has to be more than ‘good!'”
    (A timid knock sounds at the door. Tigra’s mom pokes her head in.)
    “Come on, dinner’s on the table.”
    (Tigra’s mom leaves.)
    “Well, looks like mom’s getting ready to eat. See you tomarrow!”
    . . .
    (Tigra jerks around as a man in a black bandanna holds a knife to her throat. Black-bandanna sneers to his partner, whose face is concealed by a hood. A hidden blade slides out from his sleeve with a soft ‘chk’ sound.)
    (Tigra jolts awake in a cold sweat.)
    “Huh, huh, god…”
    (She glances out the window, taking in the street and pitch black sky.)
    “I’m a thinker. An irrationalist. I am a scientist who does not believe in silly myths and legends. But something tells me something sinister is brewing in this starry night.”
    (Her head drops to her pillow.)
    “And I don’t like it.”


    1. Hey Tigra,

      I asked an associate of mine to contact you in regards of your submission but the e-mail you provided seems to be invalid for some reason. If you would like, send us another submission with another e-mail for us to contact you through it and receive your work. Please do not post your e-mail in a comment for confidentiality reasons.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. Oh… Yeah, i forgot to tell you. thats my school Email, I cant use anything else. that makes it so I can’t get any messages outside the school boundaries. I dont’t have another, so I used that one. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can’t send me anything aside from this on this website. Besides, I. Have rethought my decision on posting that picture. It seems to be too much of a hassle. I can’t use my parent’s, either. I doubt they would appreciate some stranger sending them messages meant me. (no disrespect or offence intended.)

        1. All criticisms and lectures are openly accepted. Feel free to ask any questions concerning the email, although my real name and personal life will always stay under wraps for safety reasons.

          1. *VIDEO INCOMING*

            (Tigra sits in her research office at Abstergo)
            “Miss Kenway,”
            (Tigra whirls around in her swivel chair and looks at the woman)
            “You have a visitor.”
            (She ushers a girl inside the office; Tigra blinks in surprise)l
            “Sarah? What are you doing here?”
            “We need to talk”
            (Tigra follows Sarah into a level 3 security room)
            “Remember your dream last night?”
            “How can I forget?”
            “Well, EDUR1TO is coming for you.)
            “How do you know this?”
            (Sarah glares at her older sister)
            “Did you forget that I’m an assassin?”
            (Tigra flinches remembering how she got her scars)
            “Ye… Yeah. Why?”
            “Get to a safe spot.”

            *END OF VIDEO*

          2. Please post such comments in the “Role-Play” Page and not on this page.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          3. Please do know that security and safety of all of our visitors is one of Abstergo’s top priority.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

        2. As you wish. Usually people who submit their works uploaded them to a public site and send us the URL and we deal with downloading the work and posting it.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  20. This design is wicked! You most certainly know how to
    keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job.

    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

    1. Thank you for your interest in us; we are glad we were able to entertain and amuse you.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  21. Hello Dear Role-Players!

    I would like to request of you to continue your Role-Playing on our new dedicated page “Role Play”, you may find it at the navigation bar above or simply through this link here

    R4 and myself will be waiting for you over there to continue the stories :)

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

      1. What or whom R4 maybe is a highly classified Abstergo secret that only the highest of the highest have very limited knowledge of. R4 is a highly classified topic at Abstergo.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        1. Lawrence theservant of the Truth Tuesday, February 3, 2015 — 6:01 AM

          So we cannot know if R4 is a person,a group,or a computer,right?

          Lawrence|Learn.Expose.Fight(unofficial project supervisor and overseer)[for those that don’t know me]

          1. R4 is a close friend of mine, and is one of the mysteries of Abstergo because R4 wants to be a mystery. There are a very very small selective people that know about the real R4.

            As R4 would always say; Help us. Help you. Help the World.

            Hopefully R4 too will be returning soon.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  22. *towards one of the abstergo buildings in dc a man in a familiar grey hoodie walks tiredly*

    1. *Checks screen again*
      What the hell? Summanus?
      *Sensors pick up a familiar figure outside, and Sebastos turns on the outdoor P/A*
      Grey! Check in to the top floor, left wing, door seven. It’ll let you in when it sees you. I have coffee!

      1. huh/ sebastos? am i finally ot of there? no… its just another illusion… *stumbles before falling over, weakly attempts to get up*

        1. Grey I hope you are alright. I have dispatched medic teams to retrieve and help you on the way. Do not worry, everything will be fine soon.

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    {A drunken man walks into a penthouse, head down, and hood off. Swaggering slightly, he sips from a bottle of rum, before placing it on a counter next to the bar. Rubbing his temples, he groans slightly, then slams his fist down on the countertop, “Damnit Sephiras!! Why did you, just why did… Wh…” He groans again, head pounding, then passes out and falls over, knocking over a barstool on the way down, and scratching the hardwood with various belts buckles and metal pieces on his suit.}

    1. {Meanwhile in an undisclosed location, a man with white hair sits bloodied and beaten, strapped in a cement chair which is drilled to the floor. He looks up, and when he does, he sees his tormentor.
      “Another day, another beating.”}

      1. *Snaps awake, jolting up on the floor, then reaches for his phone, dials Dean’s number, and waits for the ringer.*
        “Hey Dean, what have you been doing with Ms.Chyl these past few weeks exactly?”
        -“Wait, rewind, so you called me at two thirty-seven in the morning to ask what her training regime is? How does this tie in with anything you’ve been doing?”
        “It just does. *Sighs* You see when Sephiras went to meet up with that girl hey put a sticky note on about a month ago, she lured him somewhere, and now he’s missing. Chyl used to be an Erudito agent right?”
        -“Her name is Kathryne you know, and yes but how does that have anything to do with anything?!”
        “So I’m wondering if she’s told you anything or any strange occurrences have happened. Or if she knows anything about the person gone missing with him, AKA the girl.”
        -“I’ll check, but do we have any names or anything? Can’t work on nothing here.”
        “Monique. Monique Belle. I doubt it’s her real name, but that’s all I got.”
        -“Okay I’ll see what she knows, but don’t expect her to solve your problems. She’s still kinda resentful to the finger accident. Now GET SOME SLEEP!!”
        “Thanks Dean.”
        *Hangs up the phone, then gets up, walks a few steps and vomits.*
        I hate alcohol…
        *Moving over to his laptop, he send s a message to Caitlin, who is currently hanging from rafters.

        Code level:SephirasSearch
        Access code: ***********
        Hey Caitlin I have Dean asking Chyl if she knows anything.
        We currently have a name, which is Monique Belle. Nothing else, Can you work on that in some spare time? Thx.

        1. {Caitlin swings upright, moving to lie along the wide rafter, chin in hand. Her laptop screen lights up her face as she opens up a custom search program and enters in the names given to her, setting them to run in the background.

          Everything is minimised as she opens up video feeds and blueprints for some nondescript facility, taking in what information she needs to figure out her trip.

          A paper airplane is thrown down at Sebastos, a small note scribbled on it in a messy hand. “Hey Seb, I’ll be back soon. Don’t go to the Erudito place till I’m back. Laptop will *ding* with results, feel free to look”.

          As he looks up, she walks into the shadows near the wall, seemingly disappearing into the solid stone.


          An hour or so later finds Sebastos sitting in the same rafters, staring at the laptops screen, slowly reading through the results. As he moves the mouse to expand on a hit, the screen freezes and begins to fill with text. The thunder in the background of the night seems to grow louder as he reads.}



  24. No no, you completely do not understand. What you said in that second sentence, made you sound like you don’t want us to have private lives off the website communicating to eachother. Communicating in other games, websites, or voice programs that have nothing to do with this forum. And I KNOW that’s what you meant. So please, suck us in with no doors to leave with one another when we don’t want to RP. Maybe we want to get to know the person behind the brilliant character they play as. Maybe we want to actually be friends with the person behind the mask. And if they were true to this RP on here, they wouldn’t Double-Feed. Definition of Double-Feed: “Use of information given Out of character, In character, there by breaking the universe wall in which Roleplay, and reality is seperated.” Do you really think someone who is into this RP do that?
    Please, I want to hear some answers.

    1. That is not what I meant. You may not be doing this on purpose but you are adding words to what I am saying that I did not say.

      The simplest way I can put what I meant is this; it sounded that you wanted to take the story that started here and continue it on Skype (I said nothing about other fan-sites or forums) and that would increase the chances that you may forget about updating the story here which may result in a big mess for fans that may be following it. If you read carefully, I mentioned more than once that it was under the assumption that you guys are role-playing the same story and continuing it on Skype and there was no assumption taken into consideration about it just getting to know one another. Even more, I encouraged your idea of getting to know one another to prove to you that I do not have a problem with that concept regardless to the fact that meeting some of us (me included) is close to impossible either due to location or personal reasons.

      I do not know how to simplify it more than that.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. I apologize then, I did not understand at all… I’m sorry for the way I acted on the matter. Hopefully I can be forgiven for that. And I’m sorry for getting mad and over re-acting.

        1. We thank you for your apology, all that we want is our readers and commenters to have fun and enjoy themselves. We understand that there has been miss-communication and we are glad it is all resolved now. We look forward to reading more of your posts :)

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    2. Uh Mountains out of molehills* Otto.
      Although he did say Anonymity, and I like very much to keep mine.
      Not that I don’t want to share about me, just my personal preference.

      1. Thanks Sebastos, I fixed it.

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  25. ((Gone quiet, I’ll take the civility path, so, there’s an awkward silence stalemate,Gg.))

  26. ((Caitlin says: I cant get on the website due to other problems, but Otto, please let me explain. We want to talk out of character somewhere else so that we can become true friends. We have been on here for two years now, and have made many good connections. That is all we are doing. And truly, feel free to contact me on Skype or privately. We only RP on this site, anything else is our private lives. I am happy you have let us continue this for so long, and I hope to continue into the future. Regards, Head of Research, Caitlin))

    1. ((I Decline Le Skype. I have many secrets best left undivulged about these characters and this site, and to be truthful, I see no need to “behind the scenes” on this. Anything needed to be said can be double bracketed. Sorry guys.))

      1. ((Not that I’m opposed, It’s just that I probably won’t participate.))

      2. ((And I live in Canada. Chance that ever in my lifetime I will meet one of you guys is very slim if at all going to happen))

        1. Yeah the distance thing bothers me as well. Maybe one day, we can all plan to visit the same country and get to meet each other face to face :D

          We can then have an event or something and call up our fans to the website that are in the area to come and meet us and we’ll have a grand celebration.

          It is currently a plan we may be considering but we may be able to work something out in the future.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. I oppose to this website then, if you don’t want to be friends off this forum, then you’re no better than anyone sucked into this, goodbye, I will not be returning until I get explanations to why you wish to target our lives only here. True friends, guess not. Goodbye.

          2. Okay. Bye. I never had any ambitions to meet up with anyone I met on this website just so you know. It’s a Role play website, so I will do just that. Role Playing doesn’t mean you have to meet up with people and really get to know them. In fact people role play to be something they’re not, and that’s the fun in it. Meet up to RP, then go on with your life and come back later. Done and done. At least that’s my opinion.

          3. I concur. That perspective is pretty similar to mine on the subject.

          4. That actually makes a lot of sense. I’m going to go with that point of view in this conversation. Not that any of us are friends even in RP…

          5. Dean, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. You are opposing the website under the conception that you claim that friends cannot be made on this forum and that we suck people into this forum; all of that and even after I mentioned more than once that we are doing this so people can meet other people and have fun and can stay anonymous if they want to. When personal information is shared yes we try to remove it because we do not want to be held responsible if random strangers start to contact that person because their information appeared on our webpage.

            I cannot believe that you would even consider to measure “true friendship” though a scenario as given. I was actually disappointed to read that comment to be honest with you; those accusation were faulty and without any back-up and the way you handled it could have been better. Do not get this the wrong way but did you read the entire long comment that I posted earlier?

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  27. And I…

    *with a few quick moves, Dean and Katherine are thrown to the floor, hands bound behind their backs, and completely disarmed*

    Am equal to Grey, if not better in some areas. And we trained together.

    Now sit. Stay. Calm the hell down. Else I will drag you two to the cells and leave you there. I am sick of this immaturity, and you call yourselves true Agents? I don’t care if you’re Assassin or Templar, but you’re in my base now. So shut up and stop judging the people who could help you.

    ((*kicks you both in the crotch* I hate you both so freaking much right now. Sebastos, go make a Skype account and friend me l, cirquedualice, so we can all chat))

    1. (( Yes Ma’am! Also did you say Dean & Kathryne on purpose? Because I think she already left.))

      1. ((I tried pointing that out on Skype, but apparently the door was looked, and even we couldn’t get outside, which is confusing as hell. It would mean none of this took place.))

      2. ((locked*))

      3. ((I need dat Skype, Sebastos.))

        1. I urge you guys not to do that. Please try to keep all connections public here on this website so fans can enjoy and join in. Furthermore, when this conversation is here, we have evidence if anything goes bad; we cannot attempt to solve any issues if you use other means.

          Most importantly, we are not responsible to what happens to you or to your information on third-party software such as Skype and/or the chat room.

          Please note that we may be planning to create perhaps a global gathering but that is for the future to come. I am pretty sure John informed you about all of this earlier.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. ((Caitlin says: I cant get on the website due to other problems, but Otto, please let me explain. We want to talk out of character somewhere else so that we can become true friends. We have been on here for two years now, and have made many good connections. That is all we are doing. And truly, feel free to contact me on Skype or privately. We only RP on this site, anything else is our provate lives. I am happy you have let us continue this for so long, and I hope to continue into the future. Regards, Head of Research, Caitlin))

          2. ((I’m glad she typed that up before I blew heads off with rage, Otto, the second sentence in your statement is what shot me off.))

          3. I am absolutely fine with meeting up out of character and all of that, we were always doing that but typing it in brackets therefore that is why it seemed to me as not the issue and I did not understand what was going on or planned to happen. I understood it as role playing in an easier way by privatizing or LIVE role playing where not everyone can join.

            It has been two years and I want to thank you for actually role playing, making new friends and having fun :D This is our goal and we would like you to continue forever too and would be glad to support in any way. You guys became practically family for us here :) Please do not stop that :) It seems to be a misunderstanding on my part or in general.

            Dean, I do not know why you would get angry from what I typed, neither do I know why Caitlin would get angry. Here is my second sentence that I will break-up for you, “Please try to keep all connections public here on this website so fans can enjoy and join in”. Remember that I am still under the impression that you will be role playing over there and by connections I do not mean personal affairs but I mean the connection between you to this website and from this website to the community. The second part of it is the attraction to the community to comment and join in to your role playing in order for everyone to make new friends and have fun.

            In case you meant this as my second sentence, “Furthermore, when this conversation is here, we have evidence if anything goes bad; we cannot attempt to solve any issues if you use other means”. You see, I was afraid that if a fight started or a misunderstanding happened (still thinking that you guys would be role playing or something) there would not be any proof or string of comments that will help us to make it clear when we retrace what was said; the reason to this is because of what seemed to be a bit over-heated battle that happened between Seabstos and Kathryne. I assure you I meant nothing by it other than to use it as a tool to break up conflict or misunderstanding that may happen.

            I hope this made matters more clear to all parties. Remember, our goal is to have fun, get together with new friends and be happy with some of the great games we love that Ubisoft was able to create and to show our appreciation to Ubisoft by having this fan site where we all could enjoy their games and live our own adventures that were aspired by Ubisoft.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          4. Caitlin, I understand what you may be going through with connection problems. R4 and I are experience some as well and for the security of our accounts we forward our messages to John that posts them instead of us so no worries in that domain.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  28. Actually I think Grey’s better than I am.

    1. Who’s David Holt?

      1. Isn’t he part of the Animus Division?

      2. ((I’m calling Caitlin, and I woke her up. :D))

        1. (( Nice! *Cyber-Five* XD))

          1. ((Gotta go sleep, it’s almost 10, cya))

          2. ((Sorry, was tired, I’m awake now, it’s 8 here.))

          3. Hey S, I took care of that ‘spelling’ issue by Dean and fixed up the situation. no worries.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    2. “You don’t say? The Grey Assassin?”

  29. Any ideas of pulling stunts now Kat? Can I call you Kat?
    I’ma call you Kat. Or better yet, when are you going to pull your next stunt? Because it’s going to happen sometime.

    1. Dean, Look at me and think about it. Look into my eyes and think, do you see a person who would give mercy after these events? Because some people would, But Me? No. Not really, so the answer is yes. I stay true to my word.

      1. *Pulls off his robe, leaving on Jeans and a Bulls Tee-Shirt*

        “Before I presentedly try to kick somebody’s Ass, I’m going to feel aired doing it.”

        *Pulls from his Jean pocket a boxing wrap, and he wraps them around his hand.*

        “Now I heard there were some Eurodito problems?”

    2. *looks to Sebastos who’s outside with Dean*

      I can only hope…

      1. At least I didn’t kill her eh Dean? She was literally SCREAMING at me to kill her!

        1. And if you hit me, I won’t hesitate to concuss you.

        2. *Shoves him to the wall, showing no sense of fear.*

          “You fucking listen to me!!”

          *Pulls off Sebastos robe, giving him no weapons*

          “I don’t care, what she was scream! Ya’ hear!? I will fucking skin you!!”

          *He opens his blade, and cuts the leather straps holding Sebastos’ blade to his arm.*

          *Puts the blade point to his wind pipe*

          “If you’re gonna kill her when that last chance is up, I better not be there!”

          *Holds him up until’ he answers*

          1. *Still holding him.*

            “And, I never hit you once…”

          2. *Using his right blade, Sebastos shivs Dean’s right thigh, then as he falters, grabs his head, and brings it down to his knee, and shoves Dean to the ground stepping on his blade arm,*
            Two blades Dean.
            *Then he steps on his chest*
            Cutting off fingers, Wrong.
            I get it.
            Afterbeating. Deserved.
            Holding me up. Bad Idea.
            *He kicks Dean in the ribs, then goes to get his robes.*
            And don’t touches my clothes.

          3. *opens the door, normally, showing no sign of pain*

            II’ll let you two figure this out, and I’ll be with Mr. Holt…

            *she sways off, looking back once, then continues to another wing.*

          4. *Stands, holding his thigh.*

            “Who exactly trained you..?”

            *Not shocked, not fearful.*

          5. Who’s Mr.Holt?

          6. Assassins, Templars, Hitmen, Myself. I’ve had a lot of experience.

          7. “Hell if I know… it’s your workplace…”

          8. “Wait.. wasn’t it… David Holt..?”

  30. *Tightens the final stitch, cleaning it gently.*

    “Fucking shit Sebastos.. this is really….”

    *Looks to him, speechless.*

    “So you really were going to kill her?”

    *Looks back to the stitching and thread.*

    “Give it 4 weeks… you’ll be fine… I’ll see if they can insert a metal joint.. and the bone should re-connect.”

    *Sighs, he stand and walks past Sebastos, putting his arm around him and pulling him into the hall.*

    1. *Looks down to his own wrist, at his vanbracer and hidden blade.*

      “Y’know.. Sebastos… You’re good guy…”

      *Flashes his hand as if he’s going to open the Blade.*

      “But.. y’know there’s a limit to being a Psychopath.”

      *He clenches his fist and puts his arm down.”

      “There was no FUCKING reason for that SHIT! She’s scared! She doesn’t know what to do! So what she fucking flipped out!? This is a fucking hard time for her!”

      *Her starts to turn red and he raises his voice, but he lowers it, trying to remain calm.*

      “That finger doesn’t stay on, I’ll be taking that same knife, and use you as a dart board!”

      *Dean is now in Sebastos face, furious and more fired than a normal human being, more than Sebastos.*

      1. His face*

      2. *looks at them through the glass door, hearing nothing*

        My pinkie…

        *she looks down at the perfect stitching*

        It doesn’t even look like it was chopped off… I think I can move it… Just a bit…

        *she curls the finger slightly, but the nerves are still healing*

        How did he do it so… perfectly..?

  31. *Phone buzzes on his arm*
    I gotta take this.
    *Looks at Dean, then at Kathryne*
    We aren’t done Chyl, and this time *Looking back at Dean* keep her under control!
    *mutters something nearly incomprehensible about ‘already dealing with’ murmermurmer ‘ito and Seph’*

    1. *looks to Sebastos*

      Try living in a cross world between a period of Crusades and Modern times, and you’ll fucking think again to insult me.

      1. *looks down, feeling regret of coming along*

        Whispers: Kill me then.. If you don’t want me here so bad..


        *stares him in the eyes*


        *show grits for teeth, and her eyes strain as her eye brows pressure down*


        *her face in flushed red with anger, she breathes hard, and loud*

        1. *Looks at Kathryne, quickly running to her, covering her mouth.*

          *Whispers: “Shut.. up..”

        2. *Looks to Sebastos, exhaling a big breath*

          “Speechless.. is all I can say. Speechless.”

          1. *bites Dean’s hand, forcing him off*

            No.. I want to see his reaction…

          2. “These guys are fucking serious, Kathryne! Shut the fuck up! Or you’ll get killed!!”

          3. *tears up*

            Would Sebastos.. really kill me…?

          4. *Looks to Sebastos, waiting.*

          5. *Puts phone down, and turns around slowly*
            I’m not going to kill you, you little fuck. But lets get oriented with our group initiation.
            *Pulls out a throwing knife, and hands a blur, flings it a Kathryne, separating her left pinkie from the rest of her hand. Blood spurts all over the table as she clutches her hand close to her chest and holds in any noise, glaring at him.*
            Oops. I missed.
            *Looks at dean, then back at Kathryne.*
            I’ll kill you next time. I’ve killed worse than you.
            *Slams hands down against the table, then in a dangerously low voice, eyes burning with rage he says*
            Don’t test me. This is your last fucking chance.
            *Beginning to leave the room, he stops and turns*
            And remember, that when it comes to murder, I have no morals. Only reasons to do it.

          6. *Quickly grabs the finger, taking her hand aand connecting it.*

            “I NEED ASSISTANCE!”

          7. *Thinks*


            *He reaches into his hood, pulling from it thread and needle*

            “The nerves will heal if I do this quick…”

            *He quickly sews the thread and wire stitches the finger to her hand, where it was chopped off, positioning it correctly.*

          8. *looks to Sebastos, holding in the screams of pain*

            You’ll get yours…. And that’s not a threat…

            *Eeks out at Dean sewing her finger*

            It’s a promise…

          9. *looks at Sebastos*

            “Give me warning next time you throw something, kay?”

          10. *Just watches as Dean Tries to repair Kathryne’s hand*
            Dean. Any objections to recent events?

        3. Otto says “Did she pass or fail in this primary test S?” He told me a while ago but I got delayed.


          Abstergo | Live Better

          1. ((I oughta kill you for that. There’s no fucking test.))

  32. Let’s see… Hacking software? Not that useful to us, man, we’re wired into everything. Look, explain how you found us. Why you think this Erudito lady could be useful, and why we shouldn’t just lock her away.

    ((it’s cirquedualice, apparently))

    1. *Sighs*

      “Let me clear Kathryne’s case first.. She here, has a chance of making a difference, and I want her given a breath at a new life with Abstergo. And I said she has information for us when we were in the Office. So it could help.”

      *Shifts in his seat*

      “I just.. followed you.. into the tunnels. No thought about it. I just.. followed you two.”

      1. All we can do for this agent is put her in training, and check over her mind in the animus. It’s invasive, but our doctors are sworn to secrecy, and it’s one of the few ways to know the truth.

        You, however. Why were you at that facility? And why us? Why follow two people into a dark tunnel, unless you had some strange death wish. We may trust you in the end, but you will have to work for it.

        1. “Guess I have a Death Wish.”

          *Holds out his hand and his phone goes into his sleeve.*

          “Where do I start?”

          1. *Staring angrily the entire time at Kathryne*
            What the hell was that out there?! I talked to a guard as I was CHASING her, and he says she bust out of the med wing because she thought she was done. I seriously don’t trust you to be anywhere without supervision. In fact Pull another stunt like that and Dean is going to be the only reason I put up with you.

          2. ((No skype for me))

  33. ((one day, I really hope you remember that I’m on the /other side of the world to you/. Also *coughsneezesnuffle*))

    *Caitlin jumps down from the rafters, landing in front of the security guards and quickly flashing a pass and smile at them*

    Don’t worry boys, we’ll take it from here. This is a high clearance job, sorry.

    *motioning towards the group to follow, she walks towards a door in a secluded corner*

    Come with me, we’ll go in here and… Discuss this situation.

    1. *Helps up Kathryne, and follows Caitlin.*

      1. *she follows behind Dean, quietly*

        1. *she gestures everyone to enter the room, locking the door behind them. Taking a seat at the table she waits for the rest*

          Okay, time for you to talk and us to listen. What can you offer, why should we trust. Ye’ve got some mighty explaining to do.

          ((can I vote Skype? Coz I vote Skype. If anyone else is okay with that. That website kept crashing, sorry Dean but thank you.))

          1. ((What’s your skype?))

            Let me get my head straight… That was more than I expected..

          2. *Pulls the transparent phone from the pocket at his neck.*

            “I can offer you this.”

            *Puts his information in, password, and puts the piece of glass on the table.*

            “The Vigilante’s Hacking Software.”

            *Slides the phone to Caitlin.*

            “Take a look.”

  34. ((I made us a private chatroom, only us with the channel name can enter it.))

    1. [Abstergo, please do not remove this link, it’s for the Roleplay. Link to the Roleplay chat room: ]

      1. R4 and Otto told me to tell you to try and keep all conversations here because this is a public thing and guests ca feel encouraged to join and have more fun.

        Abstergo | Live Better

    2. Please note that this root comment alongside all its replies may be removed soon due to a third-party software connection.

  35. [Up in the rafters above the main atrium, Caitlin watches the exchange. Legs swinging she takes out her phone and sends off a few messages. The body of the agent on its bed is wheeled away beneath her, slowly being taken towards the morgue. She wonders whether the girl will stop the act and ‘miraculously’ come back to life.]

    ((I’d suggest a private FB group, but that would break the anonymity. Umm, is there any website where you can make private chat rooms? That’s mobile compatible? I ain’t too good at this…))

    1. *Walks in, sitting down at an Animus, admiring.*

      1. *Gets up, looking for Caitlin.*

        “Where did she go.. Oh, I’m stupid she’s at the bay still…”

        1. *while in the medical wing, she decides this is enough*

          I think.. I’ve been treated with fair enough medicine…

          *she speaks to the assistant*

          Sign me out of here so I can return to my friends… Now.

          *sits up and jerks the needles from her arm, getting up, limping towards then door*

          Thank you for your help.

          *a doctor stops me from going out the door*

          Doctor: “You’re not done here, Agent Chyl.”

          *I look to him thinking: “I’m fucked…”*

          Doctor: “I know who you are. You’ve been locked away like a Princess in a Tower in the EURODITO Offices.”

          *I takes route underneathe him, between him legs and slip out like a snake.*


          *she runs, fighting back the pain in her leg*

        2. ((Thought I’d spice things up.))

        3. ((By possibly getting captured and or killed? Do we or I have to save your ass?))

        4. ((That’s for Abstergo to decide, plus, if Kathryne’s killed, I’ll just start a new character. :P))

        5. ((You did just start that character, so I wouldn’t get comfortable with getting killed.))

        6. *I run past Caitlin, being chased by security*

          ((I’ll let her respond.))

          1. *Still talking to David, as he notices Kathryne sprint past*
            Goddammit Dean!! This is why I kill them! Get your girlfriend under control or I will for you!
            *Pulls out a low shock taser and runs after Kathryne*

          2. *Walks infront of Kathryne, unknowing she was running at him*

          3. *runs into Dean, knocking herself and him down*


            *she notices the security rushing up, and Sebastos*

            Dean! Help me out here!

          4. *Stands quickly, infront of Kathryne who’s still on the ground.*

            “Woah, Woah! What’s the problem here!? She was getting medical treatment, and you chase her out!?”

            *The guards are now standing 6 feet away*

            ((Sebastos? Do the honors of two parts?))

    2. R4 and Otto told me to tell you to try and keep all conversations here because this is a public thing and guests can feel encouraged to join and have more fun.

      Abstergo | Live Better

  36. *Turning around, he stops at the doorway.*
    What is it?
    *Walking casually over to Dean, he looks over his shoulder.*

    1. “The seal.. it’s.. Royalty. See the markings? That’s…”

      1. Very convenient.

        1. Wait!! Why is a princess/queen/related to royalty chick being an Erudito Hitman: Office edition?!

          1. “It could just be her heritage.. Too late to ask.. she’s gone.”

          2. Well played, Fate, well played.
            Well I need to go check up on Seph.

          3. He’s gone actually. Said something about a “Taya”.

  37. *Picks up Kathryne off the floor and places her gently in the seat.*
    I think you can do the seatbelt yourself.

    1. Thanks..

      *clips the seatbelt, looking to Caitlin, Then Sebastos, and finally Dean.*

      Thank you.. all of you.. I wanted to get out of there so many months ago.. They trapped me in.. They threatened to kill me if I tried to escape..

      1. “I expected that.. The way you openly joined us..”

        *Sits in the seat across from her, strapping in.*

        1. *looks to all three of them*

          I’m glad you guys came.. I was about to go crazy in there… I was going to kill myself another week..

          *looks at Sebastos*

          Have you have felt trapped..? Like.. so trapped that you’d just.. kill yourself to get out?

          1. No. Or if I have I don’t remember.
            Like I said, I don’t remember much.

          2. And I’m glad I don’t.

          3. I think we’re nearing somewhere…

          4. *The Helicopter touches down on the Helipad, as Sebastos hops off.*
            Dean the Medical wing is down on the third floor to the left.
            *Orders up a stretcher for Kathryne.*
            I need to go see Sephiras.
            I’ll be back sometime later.

          5. *Carries Kathryne to the stretcher, setting her down gently*

            “You’ll be fine, not a word of where your from, okay?”

          6. *pulls Dean down so she can whisper in his ear*

            If I get killed by these guys. Give this letter to my parents, the PO should know who they are when they get the letter.

            *hands Dean the letter*

          7. *Takes the letter, looking to the mark on it.*

            “Sebastos.. Before you go… I need you to.. see this.”

  38. Okay fine. Let’s go out the way we came. I know the way.
    *starts toward the staircase*
    But the files had better be right, because I’m losing faith that I can trust you every minute I have no evidence you aren’t crazy.
    ((Uh, sure. Did you have a page in mind?))

    1. *Sebastos gets a message* sorry for the radio silence just was doing some more research. almost ready to take the object to a safehouse. also there is a reason to trust dean. I have access to releasing his sister. if he is willing to work with us I might be able to bust her out.

    2. *Starts confessing*

      “Look, the longer I wait to tell you, the more hostile a target I am, so before you hear it from anyone else, I’ll tell you about me.”


      “I was born in Manchester, raised by a foster family because my parents were murdered by some.. psycho. I grew up strictly, for the Creed. My parents were Emily and Emilio Paige. two Assassin Mentors who were killed by Vidic’s hitman. Around 13 or 14 years old, when they were killed, my foster sister took me in. She cared for me, loved on me, and took care of me. So, she had some old, 100 year old, guy train me. That went on until’ I was 17…. Then it went downhill. I robbed people… Not just some random person on the streets, no no. I robbed Famities. Like.. Jim Berton.. Shaq.. The governor of California.. Rick Perry, some stupid Magistrate in Charleston.. Famous, Political figures. They ramaged on until’ last year. I built up so much money, then I spent it on Artifacts. Artifacts that I don’t even what are! About a month later, my friends start disappearing. After they used Abstergo products. I got furious, emotional, and raged. I found my Father’s robes, blade, and letters to symbolize him as an Assassin. 5 months later, I followed you into these tunnels. And 20 minutes later, I tell you this.”

      1. “Do you trust me anymore than you did a minute ago..?”

        1. No. But it is comforting in a way to know that you aren’t a psycho freak, (and mind you I will be checking the files to make sure this is correct) or some messed up Erudito agent.
          Trust has to be earned.
          Each one o us has earned the trust of one another on this team. Caitlin and Grey go way back, to training days,
          Otto and R4 have kept us sheltered and protected for the entirety of our existence as a group, Logan has not only saved our lives before, but has forsaken the creed to join us, Sephiras has converted from Erudito and warned us about an event that could very well have torn this team apart, and I have helped protect and serve our little group in a lot of ways. I even trust Erudito to mess stuff up every now and then! Why? Because he’s dependable to do it!
          You have crawled through a tunnel, admired women, and stitched up the enemy. I find no trustworthy acts in that list. Do you?
          Give reasons to, and we will trust you. Until then, the answer is and always will be, No.

          1. “I understand it, truly. I’ll help you Caitlin, to get her up in the helicopter.”

          2. *Stands by Caitlin as they fit Kathryne into the helicopter*
            So why do you want to help Kathryne so much? Just wondering, because I’ve done on-site interrogations and they’re just as helpful, if not quite as long as the regular variety. Also *hefts the unconscious man over his shoulder* we have this guy, who isn’t bleeding out as we speak.

          3. “If Caitlin was a Eurodito Agent, would you leave her to die?”

            *Climbs into the helicopter after Kathryne, holding out his hand for Sebastos*

          4. *Takes Dean’s hand and pulls himself up into the chopper.*
            Given that I had just met her, Yes. Yes I would.
            In fact I probably would have killed her earlier. No offense Caitlin.

          5. But not if I had known her previously or for an extended period of time, evidence as shown with Sephiras.

          6. “I wouldn’t.. I’d maybe give her a choice. Join or die. I gave Kathryne that choice. She chose to join. She has the same story with her friends..”

          7. *Pressures on Kathryne’s leg.*

            “How’s it feeling..?”

          8. *looks up to Sebastos*

            Sebastos… help him, it’s getting worse…

            *points to the sewn up gash, then takes her hand and brushes her blonde hair into her face, to keep from looking at it.*

          9. *Pulls what seems to be an epi-pen out of a small white bag, then grabs Kathryne’s arm and injects whatever was in it into her bloodstream.*
            There you go. That’ll take effect in about two minutes. Your leg will go numb, and the bleeding will cease, but the leg is still injured, so don’t try anything that might require it. It lasts about four hours.
            *Looks up at Dean*
            You’re welcome.

          10. *Looks to Sebastos*

            Thanks man..

          11. *sits up*

            Thank you Sebastos. And you too Dean For trying.

            *lifts the corner of her lip for a smile to both of them.*

            It’s already going numb.. The only thing I think of is that I’m allergic to bees… Like that matters… Sebastos, can you help me to the seat..? The floor of this copter is…. cold. I’d prefer a cold leather seat than cold steel..

  39. In all truth, you two are some if the most suspicious people we have met so far. Even [REDACTED] is less suspicious, and they just send us poetry. We need to know more before we can trust you, otherwise our best choice is to leave you here. This group is the best of the best, Templars and Assassins coming together to do amazing things. No preventable risks can be taken.

    *She gestures to Sebastos*

    He has a point, too. Creepy tunnel crawler who pervs and a random woman who seems to be a member of Erudito. You guys really aren’t in the best place to start demanding things.

    1. Case and point. Also Logan seems to have gone missing. Anyone else notice this?

    2. *Looks to Caitlin.*

      “If you don’t trust me, what do I have to do for you to link a trust? I really don’t serve any harm to you. Nor will I. No matter the situation, I will be loyal to you. The reason I have not killed Kathryne is because she pleaded mercy after I got advantage of her. True Eurodito Agents don’t do such things.”

      1. *Looks to Caitlin once more.*

        “Answer me this.. How in the fuck am I creepy?”

        1. True Erudito agents are crafty.

          1. That’s true. Also, do I really have to mention the whole tunnel thing again? What were you doing down there? Why are you in this building? Where were you trained, who do you follow, etcetera.

            *rubbing her forehead, the redhead sighs*

            We have no info on you, which for a known, trusted agent is great, but anyone else… Suspicion is a must.

            ((Sebastos, that lullaby is on my cupboard doors now. Though, I think we really need an out of character chat room or something. Make sure we can actually keep up to date with stuff.))

          2. *Trying to be a smartass*

            “You did offer me on this team. And I’m not leaving.”

            *Now onto Kathryne.*

            “Could you help me now!?”

          3. “I’ll tell you everything, if you could just.. Help me make sure she stays alive!”

          4. *Putting pressure on the gash, hoping to stop the blood.*

            “Don’t just stand there! She’ll die!”

      2. *aches in pain*

        Dean, please, put me down, I can’t stand anymore..

        *starts developing kniving pain in her leg causing her leg to pulse abruptly. blood drips from the cloth wrap as the pulsing gets more and more pressurized*

        1. “Are you alright..?”

          *Dean sets her down, quickly scrambling for her leg.*

          “Oh god.. Sebastos! Caitlin! I need your help, I’m being serious!”

    3. Bring both of them back so we can clear up their stories at HQ. We will offer her all the medical help he needs so don’t worry.

      Looking at the files we have about her and you, well, I’ll let you Caitlin and Sebastos see for yourself.

      Abstergo is not ruthless.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      1. “I didn’t know I had stories about myself. I’ve only ever gone some wrong when family or friends are in danger.”

      2. *The woman pauses, leaning her head to one side as though listening*

        Huh. Looks like you’re coming with us. There’s a helicopter on the roof. Got the med team already there.

        *leaning down, she quickly ties a bandage around the wound, keeping pressure on it. Standing up she grabs Kathryne, sweeping her into a bridal carry and beginning the walk to the roof, careful on the stairs.*

        C’mon. Follow. Don’t think about trying anything.

        1. “I wouldn’t try anything. I told you, I’m loyal to you…”

  40. {The level is dark and quite, a fairly open space filled with small, cramped cubicles. Caitlin jumped up, walking along the top of a row of tables down the middle, pushing aside stacks of paper with a sneakered foot. The fluorescent lights hummed and flickered as they turned on, and she sent a quite smile to R4. A locked office at the end caught her attention, and she jumped down, pulling a lock pick from a pocket in her vest. The door swung open under her attention and she walked in, heading to the desk. Files were quickly downloaded to a USB, and files grabbed and slipped under her vest for safekeeping. She heard a commotion down the stairs and headed down, jumping down steps and landings to see what was happening, blade out and wariness on her face.}

    Dean, when I say don’t be lethal I mean knock em out and tie em up, not stab them multiple times.

    *she kneels on the ground in front of the new person, checking over little details of their form.*

    Definitely a fake, this cloak isn’t very good quality, the blade is badly made, even the clothes under this cloak offer no protection. And with that low a pain tolerance, she must’ve just been an office worker here. Looks like they were mostly tracking people, I found a few files on the rest of the team. They were going to set up a trap, but failed. Most of their information was false, anyway. Looks like they were wanting to destroy their own information, probably thought we’d come for them.

    *she speaks as if the Erudito agent isn’t even there. Standing up she brushes dust off of her legs, stepping away and tapping her comm unit* Hey, Sebastos, I’ve finished my level, do you want some help?

    1. “Hey! Caitlin! This girlhere, she’s with me now. Like it or not, I’m not casting her off until’ she’s better!”

      *Holds onto Kathryne*

      1. *Emerging from a smoky office with an unconscious body over his shoulder, and two dead ones behind him he takes off his mask.*
        Yeah I got your info. Sorry about the non living ones but at least I got one. It’s a guy but he was out cold after I hit him in the head with a chair. Nah I’m good. Just the four weirdos as far as I’m concerned.
        So is this Kathryne under your protection Dean? Because while you may not be able to kill everything and anything on a moment’s notice, I can and will. In fact I think one of my fatalities was a woman.
        I’m coming down to the first floor.

        1. “She’s in my hands, okay? If any harm comes down to her, I’m leaving you guys. Forever.”

          1. If you haven’t forgotten, we found you creeping in a tunnel five minutes ago, and you came to us, searching questions from us, unless my memory betrays me. So I could seriously care less if a creepy dude I just met left.
            I won’t hurt the girl unless she does questionable things in questionable circumstances at questionable times.

          2. *Helps Kathryne up, leaning her on his shoulder.*

            “We ne- Oh, I forgot, there’s no ‘We’ between me and you. I’LL get her out of here. I just need coords to the Exit.”

          3. *she leans onto him, then looking to Sebastos, with an innocent look*

            I didn’t mean for this to happen. I was only doing my job. A job I ever regret getting into.

          4. *Flicks his head upward at Sebastos*


  41. {Turning off his comlink, Sebastos turns around and starts moving almost silently among the boxes and office cubicles, the windows around 100 meters in front of him casting everything in twilight. As he seemingly drifts down the aisles, he pulls out a Walther P22, and grips it in his left hand while using his right hidden blade in the other. Then he stops abruptly in an intersection between cubicles, and sees a movement behind the CEO’s office doors. Pulling back his hidden blade, he takes a small breathing apparatus from a bag attached to his belt underneath his robes. Taking a step toward the CEO Office, he stops, sends out a message to his team, and throws a gas grenade at the glass doors}
    ((Hey whatcha think of that? I call it a “Story Segment” which is well detailed, and is different as it lacks dialogue, and is set more to a novel kind of tone. I find it descriptive, and I like to write ’em. Why don’t you try one =D))

    1. *Forcefuly using Aiden’s software, he turns on Sebastos commlink.*

      “Hey did you hear any any of that?”

  42. Shouldn’t we get back to why we’re actually here? There have been bomb scares, false evacuations, that poisonous flammable gas in the tunnels. This place is being targeted, and we need to find out why.

    *she pulls her hood down, shoving hair out of her face. Twisting a wrist a thin, rapier like blade shoves out from under her sleeve, and shines in the light*

    I’m armed and ready. There are four of us, four levels. Logan, you take the first level, even if its just through tech. Dean, you take the second, I’ll take the third and Sebastos, you take the top level. We meet on the roof when done. Grab anything that looks important or useful, free any prisoners, the usual run through. Try to be non-lethal. Anyone got any complaints?

    *she nods to the group and walks off through the piles, making her way to the staircase.*

    1. Do not forget about us Caitlin, R4 will be covering you guys throughout the mission through the surrounding electronics and anything to do with security measures.

      I will ready your evacuation, safe-house and back up teams.

      We will be watching everything and recording it so you can have fun ‘reliving it’ later through our satellites. Let us see what ERUDITO is afraid of that it keeps attacking and covering this place up.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    2. *begins to ledge climb, going towards the second level staircase*

      “I’m on it!”

      *knocks through the door, quietly*

      1. *Skipping steps, he leaps up the staircase*
        So what kinda prisoners we looking at? If this is an Erudito outpost, their prisoners could be just a dangerous to us as to them.

        1. I figure we collect info, then figure out what to do if there are any prisoners. From the looks of the blueprints *she shakes her phone* it looks like there is a prison level. I say tackle that after we finish our respective levels.

          ((so I may have had messed up fever dreams last night and I hafta tell you guys. Logan posted that someone had made a wiki about us, that then linked to fan fiction and fanart, and we were all joking about it on here and just going on with out lives, but Ubisoft contacted us all and we met in the Montreal branch. The dream cut off just as one of you in a hoodie, jeans, tshirt and assassin necklace came over, dunno which one, and asked if I was me coz of the accent. So awesome and weird. There was this big meeting table with us all, but you were all fuzzy, and wearing hoods, and some bloke had a folder with everything we’d ever posted in it, going over all our old missions. II think they wanted to make a game of us.))

          1. *A loud bangs and a violent thud is heard from the second level, followed by a cry for mercy.*

          2. ((Awesome))
            *Whips head around, and makes for the stairs again, but as he turns, a hidden attacker grabs him by the shoulders* Gahg!
            *Pulling a dagger from his belt, he jerks his hand backwards, and rips it around, eviscerating his assailant, then throwing them off of his back, then activates his com link*
            Can someone get to Dean? There might be more of these bastards on this floor, and I can’t afford to go down two flights of stairs at the moment.

          3. *A body gets thrown up the stairs, it was in a While and Blue Assassin Robe.*

            “He’s a faker, you can tell it’s a “Connor” hoodie, merch by Ubisoft.”

            *The body had stab wounds all over, and around its wrist was a hidden blade, an E for Eurodito*

            “He wanted mercy, so I let him live.”

            *The body breathes.*

          4. He’d better have a good reason, because if he doesn’t, I’m killing on sight. Unless he’s under your protection now.
            *rotates shoulder, then winces in pain*
            Bastard wrenched my shoulder.

          5. “I’ll question him.”

          6. *panting, she holds tightly to where Dean had stabbed her on the leg.*

            Why don’t you off me and get it over with!? I’m in deep pain…. I can’t take much more of a beating…

          7. *Finishes talking to the Eurodito Agent*

            “It’s not a he… It’s a she, her name is Kathryne, she’s 21. She has information for us.”

          8. *now looking to Dean, questioned*

            Why did you spare me? Aren’t you against me? It doesn’t make sense. An Abstergo Agent merciful on an Eurodito Agent. It doesn’t fit! Why have you spared me!?

          9. *Kneels down to her, beginning to treat her wound*

            “I’m not an Abstergo Agent, I’m a 23 year old guy with maybe 13 years of training honed on by a dried up, 100 year old Mentor. I’m not on the woman-killer stage of Assassin. And even if I was, I wouldn’t kill a woman. It’s inhumane. Especially the kind of woman whom is beautiful. It’s the reason why I didn’t go insane in that dark, asylum level. Even though you attacked me, I wouldn’t’ve killed you, nor will I. Unless you give me more than diare reason.”

            *He says, serious tone.*

          10. *she became easy on him, but still frightful. Kathryne broke a faint blush.*

            I don’t know why you’d do that, but, I am thankful that you have.

            *She stutters, and begins to sweat as Dean fixes on her upperleg where he had stabbed her.*

            You know how to do this? Tend a wound, I mean.

          11. ((Nice job Alisa, you can’t change my name for shit.))

            “I served for a while in the Med Corp for the English army.”

            (Disregard that being my name in the comment before this))

          12. *bites her bottom lip and throws her head back as Dean pins a needle in the skins of her wounds and sews it up*

            *She holds in a violent scream, still looking at the ceiling, tears falling from her eyes*

          13. *Forcefuly using Aiden’s software, he turns on Sebastos commlink.*

            “Hey did you hear any any of that?”

        2. *Finishes talking to the Eurodito Agent*

          “It’s not a he… It’s a she, her name is Kathryne, she’s 21. She has information for us.”

        3. *Hates to hurt her, but knows it has to be done.*

          “Can you handle two more..? If not, I’ll stop.”

        4. *Looks at Dean with teary eyes, hesitantly nodding ‘Yes’*

      2. *Quickly he threads in four places, making two strings sewn in. He tightens it, closing the whole wound.*

        “There, and a kiss for good health.*

        *He kisses above the wound, 3 inches from her thigh.*

        “Stay off of it.. It might help.”

      3. *about to knee him in the stomach from the kiss, but restrains.*

        You really don’t want to do that again, or I’ll gut you up.

        thinks: The boy gives me.. goose bumps.. not sure if that’s good or bad… God I better not be the only fucking girl around.

  43. “About myself.. Eh…? My robe says it all… From birth, to the day I die. I was born into the Creed.”

    *He pulls his hood on, and a shadow covers his entire face, it now pitch black.*

    1. “The Latvian… I was speaking to my sister, she speaks in a different language because she knows Abstergo monitors her calls, no no, not Abstergo Entertainment. Abstergo Industries. She’s being kept in a holding cell, the same one Desmond Miles was held in. She has information beyond anyone could imagine. And Abstergo is honing her, then she’ll just be off’d after they’re done.”

      *Looks at Sebastos, accusingly.*

      1. Hey I don’t work for Abstergo. I freelance. So if my temporary employers have someone in a cell, I have nothing to do with it.
        Why is he in there anyway?

        1. Hey now, I didn’t say I trusted the cave creeping weirdo I just met. More like an uneasy alliance. *looks around cramped room* Hey Danny can you get us somewhere more roomy? Or better yet can you do it Dean?

          1. How about an empty warehouse in the middle of gods know where?
            *smirks casually*
            I can get you where ever you want, and I can guarantee there will be no bugs there

      2. So why did you go all ballistic if you can speak the language?

        1. “I thought you’d try to attack me if you heard us talking… And I told you why, they’re trying to find more shit to rule the world.”

          1. *Pulls up the camera feed and gives access to the camera on dean’s sisters cell to Dean’s phone. then through dean’s phone* If sebastos trusts you I trust you. I just gave you access to the security camera on your sister’s cell.

          2. Hey now, I didn’t say I trusted the cave creeping weirdo I just met. More like an uneasy alliance. *looks around cramped room* Hey Danny can you get us somewhere more roomy? Or better yet can you do it Dean?

  44. ((Ah, Good to be back))
    So Logan what’s up with the tech, and Dean why don’t you tell me about yourself?

    1. And why you went all latvian ballistic.

        another redacted

        1. 9’13-21311-131520851862131151819



          1. DO NOT UPSET ME

  45. ((I seriously need sleep, so gtg myself, it just hit quarter past four am here. I’ll be back in maybe 10 hours, or when eve I remember to reply. Have fun.))

    1. ((Get some sleep, I might not be here then, It’ll be 11:15))

      1. ((Nighty night,
        Good fight,
        Come back to our si-ite
        while outside,
        it might be white,
        down here,
        nothing’s bri-ight,
        Get some sleep,
        so you can creep,
        and then leap,
        on your enemi-es,
        Good-night Caitlin))

        1. ((K now I gtg so see you later Dean. Maybe 2-3 hours))

          1. Duces.

          2. (sorry for taking so long… But i graduated high school earlier this month/late last month and have been busy with college apps. also mine is red because red is my favorite color. :))

            *All of the comm devices owned by Caitlin and sebastos receive a message.* First sorry for sending this to both of you and through all of your devices but i didn’t want to take any chances on you not getting it. Research on the “Mysterious tech” is proceeding well…. especially since i do have passwords to all of the archives of every nation… just don’t ask how… second is I want to remind you I am not against the assassin’s just erudito… third… Just those two you guys are with while they are assassin’s are not worth blind trust. just… be careful.

          3. ((Could you NOT focking ruin it for me!? I just found out about this site, and I’m enjoying this, if you ruin it for me, I won’t focking forgive you.))

          4. (In the world of assassin’s creed can you trust anyone 100% of the time? And sorry. It was a bit of a joke.)

          5. ((And I’m being dead serious, Your character has no idea who I am, and has NO reason to.))

          6. (except he was a high ranking assassin who was trained by Edward miles.)

          7. ((I’m sorry too, I’m just heated because you did that, it was uncalled for.And so was my reaction.))

            *Reaches into his hood, pulling from it, his Transparent Glass phone. He Connects to ctOS, going through many inputs, finally finding Abstergo Employees, locations, and such.*

            “I’ll have to speak with these people to get information on my friends…”

          8. ((Guess what, Edwards Miles has no meaning to Dean.))

          9. (my bad… )

            *a new message appears* Sorry… mixed up files here. Maybe I should get organized…. but I haven’t met dean or daniel so ignore the third item on my list… To make up four my mistake I looked for a map of the sewers. any info that is on it will hopefully help you guys.

            *A download starts on the phones of all four and it is a map of the sewers*

            (I actually do have bad organizational habits so I hope this fixes it :))

          10. *Scrolls through the map, finding exit points, remembering them, knowing them.*

            “Who sent me.. this…”

          11. I must say, I’ve always liked William Blake. Not sure what my favourite is… Probably something from Songs of Experience…
            *glances around*
            But, of course, that means nothing to you people

          12. *Looks to Daniel, holding out his hand.*

            “Dean Yorkshire, but I can see you already knew that.”

          13. *Looks a Daniel*
            You’re right. It means nothing to me. So who are you?

  46. *Looks at Caitlin, then to his blade.*

    He whispers: “Edward…”

    *He says shaking it slowly, as if he was naming it.*

    1. What you think this is the first time i’ve temporarily broken a priceless and ancient artifact?

      ((really gtg tho so see ya))

      1. ((nvm i got a half hour))

        But really it’s like the seventh time, up to date, and three at least were assassin related.

    2. *Still looking at the open blade.*

      “Caitlin… do you by any chance have any information on Floor 2, Sample 17 Project in one of the Abstergo Entertainment Facilities?”

      *Solid Tone, looking for a straight answer.*

      1. That I have. Here *uploads files onto his bracer-screen*
        Can your hood-phone download this?

        1. I had a buddy who worked on it.

        2. *Reaches inside his hood, pulling the same transparent phone form earlier.*

          “Know what I can do….”

          *Puts in his information, then beeping through many applications, and software.*

          “It might ruin my place in this.. team, but I was friends with an infamous…. ‘Vigilante’ he gave me all his software before he quieted down.”

          *Connects to the ctOS Network.*

          “Send me the information.”

          1. Ooh, fancy fancy. *Sends data*
            So you knew Aiden Pearce?

          2. *Looks to Sebastos*

            “Roommate in College, and, I watched him decease Olivier Garneau, also Jim Berton.”

          3. “Thought I could throw it out there, just to say what happened to them.”

  47. So who is Daniel?


  48. *Standing up, she pulls a blade from her boot, swiftly moving and pinning Yorkshire to the ground, sat on his chest with the blade to his throught* Hey, Sebastos, would you check out what was on his wrist, and keep his hands restrained?

    *in a polite yet scathing voice* Answer the question. In English. Some of us only speak two languages. I already know what that code means. Air borne poison. Highly flammable. You really think that would take this place out? I dealt with it whilst down there. Don’t doubt my tech skills.

    ((ahh why are you admiring me wth. Yeah, we’re totally a team now. A really eclectic team. With bad jokes. I may not be back for a few hours, its like 4am here, I’m really sick and need sleep. Bloody arctic windstorms))

    1. On it. *binds hands with garrotte wire, then uses the knife to pin it to the ground*
      Um, a ring attached to a wire… nothing else much.

      1. ((on his defense, you are a lean, young, pretty girl. And he’s a creeper))

      2. ((It’s a modern day modification for the release system.))

    2. “Please.. it’s the only thing I have to remember my father..”

      *Dean tries to pull his sleeve up to reveal an old, 19th Century hidden blade.*

      ((Dun judge me.))

      1. *Glances at Caitlin, as if for permission to give him back the ring*

        1. *Notices it in his hand, then looking to his wrist.*

          *His expression turns from desperate to pissed.*

          “You broke.. it….”

          1. Ok, I’m pretty sure we’re all against Erudito here. Majority of that stuff was only developed by Abstergo Industries, but not used or just destroyed. However, plans were leaked and Erudito got them. I’m sorry for your losses but there’s nothing we can do. You could join our team, we take all kinds, and work towards stopping them doing it again, or you could leave and go freelance, but if you do that we’ll be watching you. Every step you take, every move you make, we’ll be watching you.

            *she takes the ring and wire from Sebastos, and begins fiddling with the old blade. A few twists and clicks sound out.*

            There. It’s fixed.

            ((I’m gonna be a prick and break yo hearts. Young, yes. Pretty,dunno. Tend to get ‘cute’ more often. But hahaha I’m chubby, I got some muscle but no way am I lean. Just got a hourglass shape that means my hoodie fits weird.))

          2. *Looks to the blade, gently taking it, sliding it on.*

            “I’m with you… and, Thank you, Caitlin.”

            *The blade slides in and out and Dean pulls in and retracts it in.*

            “Better than before….”

        2. So what was with the “Latvian Latvian Latvian- oh wait I can’t speak latvian” as soon as I replied?

          1. Oh shut up Dean. It’s a wire. Easily fixable.

          2. *Still paying attention to his wrist.*

            “Do you know.. what you’ve done…..!?”

          3. *Clenches his fist, and forcefuly breaks the wire that was binded around him.*

            *Yanks the rings from Sebastos, and places it around his ring, he pulls up his sleeve, revealing a Bracer with an Assassin Symbol on it. Engravings of assassin’s names were all over. The engravings of his friend’s names were on the left side.*

            “This, was the only tracing of the Assassin’s from 1029 to 1973. And you’ve prevented it from every opening again…”

          4. Yes. I am familiar with what I’ve done, as I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

          5. *punching Dean in the face, he flips him around and pulls his own hidden blade, the blade an inch from dean’s face*

          6. *Looks at Caitlin comment, then looks confused as he reads Sebastos comment, as Caitlin just fixed his blade.*

          7. ((Gtg guys brb in 2-3hours, continue without me))

  49. *A ringer of a phone goes off. Startled, Dean pulls a piece of glass, shaped as if a phone from his hood.*

    *He slides through his menu screen, taking up to 30 seconds to put through his password and information. Then answers the call.*

    Dean: “Y’ellow?”
    Other end: *Too muffled*
    Dean: “Jā, jā. Tas viss ir kārtībā.”
    Other end: *Muffled*
    Dean: “Viņas vārds? Kāpēc viņas vārds?”

    *Click. The other end disconnected, and Dean’s phone dimmed. He then put it back into his hood’s back pocket at the neck.*

    “That was… unexpected.”

    1. Jūs runājat latviski?
      Frants, KAS TU ESI?

      1. *Looks over to Sebastos, scolding him.*

        “Neviens no jūsu biznesu.”

        *Looks over to Caitlin, admiring her once again, then to Daniel.*

        “You are releaved, Mr. Hunter.”

    2. *Reads over the numbers in his mind.*

      “Doesn’t.. ring a bell….”

      *Trying to sound truthful, but it’s obviously fake.*

      1. Man ir labs prāts, lai izsauktu rezerves. Tad pasaki man tagad, kas tu esi un kāpēc mums būt vajadzēja šeit? Un es negribu jusu titulu!

        1. *Unsheathes small throwing knife, but keeps it in his hands*
          Answer me. Now.
          *His expression darkens as he says the words*

          1. Tas ir par mans bizness tagad.

          2. *Looks to the knife.*

            “How in the fock, can I answer you, if I don’t know the question!?”

        2. *Holds in an annoyed shout.*
          “Enough with the Latvian! I can barely understand you! Where’s the English button!?”

          *Clenches his fist. When he lets the fist go, a loose wire with a ring binded to the end falls from his finger.*

          1. *He tenses, and his grip on the knife tightens*
            Answer. The. Question.

          2. *Feels the intensity grow in Sebastos, still not knowing what of it he asks.*

            “Listen, I do NOT know what you asked. Repeat it.. in English.”

          3. Who the hell are you, and why are you here, creeping around an Erudito location, avoiding my questions and speaking in latvian?

          4. “Fine, you want my focking information!? You fiends and your sick, cruel ways! That’s why I’m here! You brainwashed my friends and used them as pawns for information! They drank that Herne+ shite, and they fell into Abstergo’s hands! Then Eurodito comes along and takes them into their information gathers! I’ve had enough of my friends lost already by the two!! I want answers! Now!”

            *Looks around the room at all of them, panting, huffing, worn.*

          5. *mutters* Odio túneles

          6. Caitlin can answer your questions.
            Not me.

          7. *Looks to Caitlin, now desperate for answers, he blurts everything he’s witnessed.*

            “Herne+, Heartus, Bodyband, and.. everything… It took away my friends.. I just want to know if they’re still alive, or even remember ME.”

            *Dean stands, now gloomed.*

  50. *She climbs up the wall, jumping backwards and hanging to the edge of the hole before pulling herself in.*

    Hey, Sebastos, someone’s watching us. They’ve come up on my scanner *she shakes a small touch screen device*.

    ((your face is half hidden in shadow coz of the hood, so its not like its that obvious. Totally sick of drawing red and black suits, though. Do you guys seriously not understand that there’s a large rainbow of colours? Gah.))

    1. *Totes not red and black, it’s Dark Blue with White accents.*

      “Hoy, name’s Dean. I followed along, wanted to settle in…..”

      1. *Smirks*

        “Minds if I came along?”

        1. *the boy weaves expertly through the piles of folders, computers, and unmarked boxes towards a central ring of computers*

        2. Hrmm, sure. Doubt you could do any damage with both Sebastos and I here.

          ((man, I don’t even have robes. I’m all casual and stuff. Just a leather vest.))

          1. *Looks towards Caitlin, admiring her, then to Sebastos.*

            You two partners I see… Spend lots of time together in these tunnels.

            *His hand twitches, his finger stroking something at his wrist.*

          2. *the boy glances back*
            Oh! Mr Yorkshire’s here sir!
            *the door opens and a man walks out wearing jeans and a plain black tshirt*
            So I see. That will be all Jared. Get back to your studies
            *the kid runs off*
            So, I assume you are here about Erudito? Or the bombs?

          3. Which Director Mr Yorkshire? and please keep your hands where I can see them. I’d hate for the security to get nervous

        3. Watched? And followed? How close are they? *looks up at Daniel Hunter* Coffee you say? This had better not be some sort of trap or something, because I have more firepower inside my jacket than on a weapons rack. *Glances at Caitlin* Should we go in?

          ((Hey I have a backstory to my colours, So stop being picky. If you don’t want to draw red on red with a hint of red, I wear a casual violet dress shirt, not tucked in, with a white tie, white dress shoes, and white dress pants. on the left breastside of the shirt is a stylized winged scarab in crimson.I also have an Abstergo pair of sunglasses and watch. That’s my casual look. Happy?))

          1. *Looks at the man, and stops stroking the object at his wrist.*

            “No, I’m here on contracts. I was sent by one of your Directors, seeming she wants someone releaved of their position.”

            *His hand clenches into a fist, then slowly he loosens up the grips and lets go.*

          2. ((hey, don’t worry, I do like all the robes and stuff, I just found it amusing how abundant the colour scheme was when I put us all on the one page. Sorry of I sounded rude, I mean no offense. It’s hard to convey what o really mean sometimes with words.))

            *she folds her arms across her chest and levels an annoyed look at Yorkshire* You’re creepy and I don’t trust you. *smirks*

            Yeah, let’s head in. Though have you got anything other than coffee? I can’t stand the stuff. *she walks off, shoulders back and authority radiating off her.*

            Also, don’t underestimate. I may have less weapons than Sebastos, but I’m very, very good with them. You won’t see it coming.

          3. Which Director Mr Yorkshire? and please keep your hands where I can see them. I’d hate for the security to get nervous

    2. *Runs up the wall, knocking the trapdoor open and landing inside.*

      “Hmm… nifty place here… lots of… Tech.”

      *Looks around, unimpressed.*

      1. Lots of time? It’s the first time i’ve been in these tunnels. Okay what’s going on? Who are you *points to Dean* And who are you? *points to Daniel*

        1. *Looks to Sebastos*

          “Oh, my apologies, I am Dean Yorkshire, Director of Operations, “Secrets Unveiled Organization Plant” “

          1. Ah. Well that somewhat clears it up. As for you *points to Daniel* I’m not going in anywhere until I know who you are and why you want me to crawl through the roof.

          2. ((It’s fine. As for the colour scheme, we are a team right?))

            My Bad Idea meter is going off the charts with this but okay. You’re the boss. *Follows Caitlin up the wall and into the room*

            Wow this place is cramped. So what are we going to do from this point? Battle plan? Or wh- wait a sec.
            *checks a small screen under his sleeve next to his bracer, then frowns*

            That Redacted guy sent me a menacing message. Here check it out:
            Creepy. Do those numbers mean anything to you guys? As I said I don’t remember much of the past year or so before the games, so if this is like a protocol number, I got nothing.

          3. What. Did. You. Say?
            *glares at Sebastos*
            WHO SENT YOU!

  51. Files say you’ve come to an end. There’s a mean to an end here, your little “Abstergo Entertainment” is just a pawn for research. I sat my arse in that Animus for months, ignorantly being a pawn for this organization. I broke from that “Facility” mid-way. Don’t fall for their tricks. I’m calling out to everyone that can hear me! I witnessed many.. many secrets, and I’m here to reveal them.

    Dean Yorkshire,

    Director of Operations^\|/_1.3286
    “Secrets Unveiled Organization Plant”


  52. Pheonix? Ugh, I remember that explosion. Annoying. What’re the Assassins up to this time? *Wanders along the underground tunnel, looking for the end.* oh, hey, there’s a trapdoor in the ceiling here. Up for some wall running, Sebastos?

    ((Thanks, Otto, R4, Jhonathan. Don’t worry, I’m on winter holidays at the moment. I was already behind with school, PTSD was acting up. Fine now, I’ve passed classes. Oh, Sebastos, I’m working on the picture right now. I just used Disney princesses as your face reference :D))

    1. *the trapdoor swings open and a young boy’s head pops down*
      Oh, are you the guys we called for?

      1. Oh so we help them now? Okay.
        Maybe…. Who are you??

        ((-_-…. You gotta be kidding me. Try more Fabio. Kidding. Not really pretty.))

        1. I don’t remember anything in Sydney. In fact I kinda don’t remember much past the Games.

          1. (( D: DX NOT THE PRINCESS))

        2. Oh I’m just the … doorman? The boss is up here. We’re like… all the anarchy groups rolled into one with weapons, caffeine and computers.
          *his head vanishes into the trapdoor*
          Come on up!

          1. *Quietly watches from a distance, breathing silently.*

    2. Sebastos = Disney princesses! Take a guess who won the-joke-of-the-office award! Just teasing Sebastos :)

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  53. I’m going down into the tunnels. Anyone want to join me? Caitlin, Grey? Or we could have you guys over with Blume Corp. The Coords are sent to your personal devices.
    Sebastos out-

    1. *a figure lands behind Sebastos and taps him on the shoulder in the dark tunnel*

      So, tunnels. This should be fun.

      ((I’m up to colouring the picture, it’s got like 12 layers so far. It’ll take me a while longer, I’m way behind with work for University at the moment. Looking pretty so far, however.))

      1. ((I like being pretty.))

        Yep. Shooting. Half blindness. This is going to be really fun.

        1. Oh! I have something that’ll help! *Pulls bag off back and pulls out two sets of goggles* Night vision and heat detection. Can also display comm. messages as text down the bottom. *Hands a pair to Sebastos*.

          ((pfft hehehe. you would like being pretty. gotta redraw some stuff, and figure out this gorram background))

      2. Caitlin, Otto and R4 told me to tell you that you have been creating amazing work so far but make sure that you put your own University and studies ahead of Abstergo, we can always wait but your future cannot.

        As for the underground mission, R4 told me to tell you guys that evac teams have been set up as well as 7 teams have been deployed to assist you when needed.

        Jhonathen Green

        Temporary Assisstant of R4
        Abstergo Customer Services Assisstant Officer

        1. Thank you for the goggles. It’s like splinter Cell but real.
          Also, Thanks for the cover Jhon. Can I call you Jhon?

          ((Just so beautiful! All the girls hate me for it!))

          1. I knew you would like it. We all call him Jhon for short here and he is fine with it no worries.

            Thank You,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    2. Sebastos, you may not know me but I was the ringleader of the Abstergo Sydney Underground bombing.
      If you could help out my small team of assassins and hackers, it would mean a lot.

      1. Or you could try and catch me :P


  54. Okay, so Seph is moved in, Caitlin and Grey are still at the facility (well Grey is at least) and we have a strange lack of things happening.
    Do we have any targets, or maybe some POE’s to find? Even Computer work! Anything please!
    All I’ve been doing is practicing my aim, techniques and tactics. *sigh* It’s too opportune a time to waste it. We have the upper hand for once and we aren’t doing anything about it. And until we do, I think I’ll dig through Abstergo files.

    1. Before you get all comfortable with that, we have a mission for all of you if your up for it. This one is a big one.

      12 of our teams have located trails that lead us to an underground operation ran by ERUDITO. We cannot really tell yet what they are planning and it seems that they are getting aid from another faction.

      On the other hand, we may starting sending more teams to BLUME’s ctOS Command Centers to act as emergency back-up if their security fails. You guys can sign up for the Sigma Team in case of grand attacks on BLUME’s facilities as well.

      If these two cases are not enough, we also need your aid down at the labs. We have found a piece of mysterious technology that you may really be interested in. It is like no other we have ever dealt with; it will surly given Abstergo an even upper hand in the market.

      Or you can ignore all of these assignments and sit behind a desk looking through what would seem more than a billion files worth of old Abstergo data.

      Your call,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. Yay Tech! I’m in. Now what do we have here?

      2. Otto, I love you.
        I’ll give you a pager to get me for the Sigma Team, and otherwise, I’ll be all stealthy like in the tunnels. That good Otto?
        Where do I go? And what do I expect? And what weapons should I bring?
        Know what? How about you just tell me.

        1. Wait Otto, are you like, Otto the Second or something?
          Because the Assassin and Tem-Abstergo (sorry) both state you as dead. So do the files of the uh… nevermind.
          ANYWAY why are you not dead?
          Otto Schmidt is by all records deceased.

          1. It’s a long and classified story I guess. I myself no longer remember it well. So I just say to myself, it’s an input mistake.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

        2. I knew you were gonna love it. We have already located 8 ERUDITO hideouts and are closing in fast. Other than that, there is an investigation report ordered by BLUME on a possible attack at a grand news corporation in Chicago; WKN TV or something like that.

          Concentrate on ERUDITO for now and expect many easy-to-neutralize enemies. Don’t worry about bringing any weapons, you can pass by our weapons locker room and borrow what you want. You know what, pass by down to Lab 2 – 4, we have a prototype weapon that needs testing out on the field. It uses pulse energy therefore it can kill or neutralize your opponents depending on the frequency released. You’d like that I presume.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. Otto, how did you know? I’ve always wanted a GIANT DEATH TAZER/LAZER!!!
            Time to go all James Bond-y. Prepare to get wrecked.

          2. You forgot that I’m working for the corporation that apparently knows everything about anything.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

      3. Argh the tech is so tempting but i really dont want to help the templars… aw [censored by me] it, count me on the tech team.

        1. Tech Buddies!

        2. Awesome you two. After some encounters that BLUME had, they recovered a series of code that was used to attack one of their old facilities. They have shared it with us for analysis but we discovered shocked us. We have classified it at the most classified level and restricted all access to it only by selected few. We currently have developed a way to counter all forms of that code and are currently developing patches to all of our systems and products to prevent any misuse that can be generated by that code.

          As Tech teams on this assignment, we need you to expand the broad and width of the code to use it to both our’s and BLUME’s advantage; our advantage more. It seems all that BLUME wants is a copy of the patch being developed and some security teams so it fits the bill nicely.

          Good luck,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. Gotcha. Off to the labs we go.
            To get.

  55. To whom it may concern Friday, May 23, 2014 — 8:55 PM


    1. I do not believe we are affiliated with [REMOVED BY ABSTERGO DUE TO THIRD PARTY REFRENCE] because [REMOVED BY ABSTERGO DUE TO THIRD PARTY REFRENCE] isn’t an interest of ours.

  56. So how was Blume Corp Otto? I hear that you went to a conference.
    Also what’s to stop a Canadian Dedsec from springing up if you put in a ctOS?
    And if they do, maybe we could use them?
    Ya know, be all “_/|” and they be all “Happy to see ya pal!” and we be all “We need your hackin’ skillz!” and they be all-

    1. Yeah we get it.

    2. Or we could just join up with Dedsec.
      Two hackers, two multimedia billionaire corporations, two double faced companies, two freedom fightery organizations.
      Just give it all thought.

      1. I don’t think so. Hey Otto what’s the read on our POE count? How many have we obtained, and how many left? Also where is the Private Jet?

        1. So far we have obtained around 80%. R4 sent our private jets to be upgraded.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. So no private jet? *sigh* Well i guess we’ll have to use the REGULAR first class airline jets. (hint hint, spoiled murderers)

          2. *Finally speaks* If we have no idea how many PoEs there are how do we have a percentage?

          3. I’m pretty sure it’s only fifty at a time, although some have been destroyed and new ones built or something like that, because the Shroud is labeled POE 66.

          4. Well the percentage is based on the amount of PoEs that we have confirmed their existence or at least suspect that they exist.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  57. *Two weeks later* You know, the fighting is fun and essential, but is there no other way for cleanup? I hate when they start to rot.
    *He steps gingerly over a cracked bodysuit.* So Seph, still good for my place? Oh and Otto I’ll be back with funding for building repair.

    1. Yeah I guess. I’ll hitch a ride to your place.

    2. Don’t worry about it, we send cleaning crews to make sure the bodies are properly treated, cleaned and then buried. We respect all humans regardless if they hate us or not.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. K thx Otto(from my phone)

  58. I am an avid fan of the entire AC lineage and love the game play of them all. It seems that the AC is getting closer and closer to our time and as interesting as it is with the Unity I would personally love for there to be a “prequel lineage” as well. I would love to be able to immerse myself into the world of the Vikings. Being Swedish I guess there’s a LOT of bias towards it but I think with the interest that has arisen with that topic with the History Channel show there might be a lot of interest in such game. My opinion of course. Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to the next installments.

    1. Your opinions mean a lot to us. We encourage you to share these opinions with the real super-stars behind these amazing creations, our friends at Ubisoft. We hope that you continue to enjoy the AC franchise and enjoy our may-to-happen association with BLUME Corporation in Watch_Dogs.

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  59. *Shoots at the one Sebastos asked him to and instead of bouncing of it shatters on contact the shards cut straight through the man’s head* Yeah its carbon kevlar. Good thing I have these special rounds.

    1. I have Grey. He is surprisingly light. How goes it up there? They’ve been putting up a pretty good defense down here but those guys have some serious firepower.

      1. Relatively okay. Logan keep firing. I’m gonna learn how to base jump.
        *Takes a step onto the edge of the roof, then turns his head slightly back at Logan*
        Don’t get killed while I’m gone okay?
        *Jumps off tip, arms spread wide, and as he leaves, Logan notices black knives appear at the end of his sleeves*

        1. *Takes a mental note of that* I won’t get killed. Good luck. *Shoots more*

      2. * a figure in grey jumps and lands next ti sephiras* whos that? *he is holding a pair of curved blades*

        1. Umm…. Not you then. *Checks to see who it is*
          Apparently a nurse. *puts her down in a safe spot*
          Wait why is a nurse using your sweater? And maybe for later.. *writes his phone-number on a little note and sticks it to her shoulder*
          Let’s go. Sebastos is with the ground forces and Logan is sniping. Carbon-Kevlar armor, big one has TWCB tech minigun. I’m going to call him the Juggernaut. We may be losing. Let’s go.

          1. *an arrow adheres itself to the back of the juggernaut, flashing a bright light before exploding, leaving a small mass of cracks in his armour. The comms crackle before a light laugh is heard*

            He. Boom. Headshot. I’ll keep you guys covered from up here, yell if you need more ground fighters.

            ((I’ve drawn a bunch of us already, Sephiras you look weirdly sauve as a grey lead sketch. R4, I’m sorry but you kinda look like The Penguin, I’m fixing that. Logan looks kinda happy, and I’m redrawing Grey and myself, as I figured out the background/setting for the picture. Also I went through and planned all your clothes and stuff then realised I hadn’t done myself. That wasn’t fun. We’ll be sitting in a warehouse, kinda like in AC2. Im going to do my best to make it look like a promotional poster for Assassins Creed: Contact. First game where you can choose who to play for.))

          2. Nice. *Cocks a pistol and takes cover by the main entrance*
            The Penguin… *snickers*

          3. Okay, we’re pushing them back, but these armoured guys keep coming. I think they have a mobile base or some thing. Can you find out Logan?

          4. R4 a penguin, he sure acts like one around the office (just kidding buddy). What about poor little me?

            Thank You,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  60. *A tall figure with a shock of white, bloodied hair zooms up to the abstergo building and then stops at around twenty feet* Hey guys! It’s me Sephiras! I umm… kinda got found out. So I need to bunk with one of you guys. Not at Abstergo though! No offence Otto, but I need to lay low and I think the suburbs or an apartment are better for me right now. Forewarning, I am going to need the troupe right about now because E wouldn’t exactly let me go. *He looks behind him* They won’t be long.

    1. *Appearing through the front doors, red cloak trailing in the wind, a man takes the bike and secures it next to the building* You can stay with me for a while. Private summer house in the Dominican. Lots of tech. I’ll pay for the flight. *Stops dead in his tracks* IN! IN THE BUILDING! NOW!

      1. *Gunshots ring through the air as armed and armoured men come bolting down the street, weapons levelled at the doors ahead of them. Barley scraping through the security doors before they close, Sebastos and Sephiras run past dozens of Abstergo guardsmen going in the opposite direction* Logan! Where are you?! Seph and I are going to the roof! Meet us there! *Soon the only sounds are the screams of men and the staccato of gunfire*

        1. What is going on

          1. (I would have Clay (16) behind me.)

            Nothing you need to worry about right now grey. *Grabs his sniper rifle and Uzis before going up to the roof*

          2. (I might would have Erudito in it but maybe not… If we can get his description it would be good.)

          3. Since Ubisoft did not share characteristics of ERUDITO, if used, they will be represented like Alan Rikkin would; a shadowy figure with the logo in the center.

            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          4. (Sorry about changing it for the THIRD time but I have finally come to a decision on it. William Miles would be behind my character since he seems to be the highest ranking assassin and my character still follows the Assassin’s ideals just not Erudito’s Methods.)

          5. ((Gotcha. Who would I go with?)) Logan they’ve got carbon-kevlar I think. Fire at the chest plate on one of the armoured ones. It should bounce off if my theory is correct. Seph what do you know about those weapons?

          6. The big guy *Points to a large man in armour and a swat helmet and a strange looking mini gun* Has a gun with Forerunner tech. I’ve seen it before. The rest are just various full autos. Shouldn’t be too hard to pick off from up here.

          7. I’m guessing we can’t kill ’em with kindness.

          8. Definitely not. Logan and you can take them down, and I will go for Grey. If they get to him then we’re screwed. Can we hold this place or do we have to flee? Otto? R4?

          9. Great job there guys, I’m glad the 30 teams we sent, choppers and 2 tanks helped you out. I know I didn’t inform you they were coming but thankfully I was able to send them to help you.

            Thank You,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  61. If you are interested, I could ask Haylin Porter if she is interested on sharing her character info. She is the amazing person creating some of the posts and updates that you are seeing :)

    If you would like to include Alan Rikkin you will have to show him as a shadow without revealing specific features due to Abstergo stuff and future releases.


    Help us. Help you. Help the World.

    1. They can be like our imerging shadows if you want. Or add more as a background for each character.


      R4 – Alan
      Otto – Haylin
      Grey – ?
      You – ?
      S – ?


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      1. Sorry please repeat?

        1. How does that work?

          1. This is what he is trying to say.

            If we are standing in a U-Shape; we each would have either someone controlling us standing behind us, our employer standing behind us or our partner/friend behind us.

            Since R4 is employed as one of the selected few to operate directly under Alan Rikkin, Alan Rikkin would be coming out of his show or just standing behind him.

            Since me and Haylin are partners on this website in terms of postings and technology she would be the one behind me.

            Then the floor is opened to the rest of you to select someone to be behind you. This way we can have more logos in and representations.

            Again it is a suggestion but seems pretty cool to me when he explained it.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          2. I like It. Who are you gong to be with Logan?

          3. Would we even put Erudito in it?

  62. Hey Logan I’m back. Grey! You really are alive! Nice job on the cover up guys.
    (( 6″ dark Brown hair, buzz cut, stubble on chin, Red long-sleeve cloak, mixed between Connor and Edward but Crimson with black detailing, black leather belt, black tee underneath, black jeans, black combat boots with crimson detailing, hidden blades with gold detailing, held on with leather straps(brown), Hazel eyes(hood has beak) Fingerless black leather gloves. 22 years of age(same as Sephiras) leather necklace(simple string) with a gold assassin insignia on it. Anything I miss?))

  63. I’m glad Grey is healing up good. The info you retrieved is perfect; we’ll have our intel teams debrief you when your better at what you found.

    ((R4 – a bit short but not too short, formal black shirt with a wine red silk vest above, light brown hair; straight; leaning to the right side of the head, formal dark black pants, formal black shoes, black tie hidden under the vest with a bit showing at the neck; Abstergo logo on the tie, wearing the Abstergo belt as well. No formal jacket. Brown eyes, white smile, holstered colt handgun in the vest, shock blade on the right hand; has the Abstetgo logo on it as well))

    ((Otto – average hight to tall, full formal black suit with black T-Shirt and black tie; Abstergo logo on the jacket next to the neck and upper chest area; Templar cross at the front chest jacket pocket, black formal shoes, Abstergo belt, holstered colt handgun (with Abstergo logo; gun black colored [R4 too]), watch on the right hand with the Abstergo logo inside the hands’ area, black hair, brown eyes, black glasses (reading not shades), teenager (18/19 years of age)).

    ((If you have any specific questions I’ll try to help, if anything else pops in mid I’ll try to share it with you)).

    ((When your done, Otto told me to tell you to tell us that you are done and he will contact you through his Abstergo e-mail to the one you provide in your comments; you can send a copy there and maybe even post it as a new post on our website :) )).

    ((Have a fun and safe trip)).


    Help us. Help you. Help the World.

    1. (If you send it to me I might, just might, be able to animate it!)

      Yeah that is grey. I was just making sure it wasn’t an imposter.

      1. (I have the Skills but not the program to animate it with… So if anyone knows a free animator that works like CS6 and tells me about it I will be able to animate it…)

        1. Not sure if it is free or not but there is Sony Vegas 11.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    2. Yeah what R4 said in regards to my character.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  64. *A figure leaps from the top of the Abstergo building, racing towards Grey and wrapping him in a hug*

    Oh gods Grey, you’re allright. *she pulls back before punching him in the nose* Don’t you dare not tell us what’s happening! You swore to stay around. You need to start remebering what went on at the academy. Before all this mayhem.

    ((hey, would it be weird to ask for descriptions of all of you so I can draw us? It’d take a bit, but I think it’d be cool to see what we all look like in character. So like, Grey, R4, Sephiras, Logan, Otto and I.))

    1. *recoils after being punched in the face, but than simply smiles* caitlin, im glad to see you too. i simply had to seem dead to get into both erudita and the asssassins primary stronghold and get soe information. and maybe upload a virus into the mainframe. and i guess i should probably try to remember the acadamy… i only hope i can.

      ((well, alright. grey is an averadge hight male, wearing either a grey hoodie or a black duster, with reddish_brown hair, green eyes, normally hidden under a pair of mirrored sunglases, also wearing jeans and military style boots. most of the time))

      1. I can barely believe it… And why did you upload a virus to the Assassins?

        (5’9 about 180 pounds with short red hair down to his neck. wears a black and red vest jacket, black pants with chain mail on the right side with black combat boots. All with a red Assassin robe on top.)

        1. they had too much informatin. and i felt like it alright?

    2. ((almforst fogot, his hair is unkept, almost shoulder length, and its thick eneough he realy needs a haircut. ;) ))

      1. Dan! Awesome to have you back! I’m gonna tell Sebastos.
        ((6″2′ Olive skin, White hair, similar to Jack Frost in ROTG(only similarity I could find) Black Suit jacket, Red tie and trims, Black jeans, Hazel Eyes. Sharp angular features. Relatively thin. Did you forget Sebastos?))

        1. I’ll help, anyway I can. I always said I would. Come inside, now. *She takes his arm and walks inside, heading straight towards the infirmary*

          ((thanks guys, im writing this all down in my sketchbook so i wont forget. Oops, totally did, sorry. But its 1am here and im still packing for a camling trip so. Excuses.))

          1. Hey! Its just a scratch! Im fine! (( have fun on your trip))

          2. Stay strong Grey. We’ll have you back on your feet in no time

          3. It’s never “just a a scratch” Grey. Let’s go.

          4. but its- *stumbles and blood is seen seeping into the back of his hoodie* oww… alright. maybe its more than a scratch.

      2. ((Almost forgot, He has black converse/loafer customs))

    3. Please see above for descriptions :)


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  65. *a fammiliar grey clad figure stumbles onto abstergo property, bleeding from several wounds. carrying only a worn sword*

    1. Dude, we went through all the trouble to fake your death not for you to blow your cover up like that. We’ll get you to our medics and debrief you later on.

      Glad you could make it back.

      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      1. Hope the mission went well.


        Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          1. you dont want to know how hard it was to get the information.

  66. But is it safe? Could E get in?

    1. Considering that the only other people who know about it took it to the grave, E is going to have a pretty hard time finding it. The only way is if I myself was Erudito.

      1. And what so assures you?

        1. Speak of the Devil. Bye bye E! *Closes off IP Adress to Username:”3RUD1TO”*
          Now that he’s gone,(momentarily at least) Yes I am sure that it is E-Proof

          1. So Logan, anything else before I take off?

          2. So Logan, anything else before I take off?
            Anything at all?

          3. I am already holding the knife out to you.

          4. Then I’ll be back soon. *He takes the knife and twirls on his heel, walking out of the room, but stops, turns and-* Check out the new girl for me!

  67. *At the top of the Eureka Skydeck, a figure stares across the city, lights flickering across the river. She sighs as she looks at a phones screen, typing before zipping it into a pocket on a bowcase. Flipping the bag up onto her back, she walks to the edge, staring at the sky before letting herself fall, a small group of sparrows flitting around before resettling. A message appears on everyone’s devices.*

    =I have my reasons for staying. I’ll be testing this eden-bows powers at the old safe house. After Grey, I need to think. And work. Erudito needs to go down.=

    ((sorry guys I’ve been really busy with university and Easter stuff in the country. Look up eureka tower, its cool. Specially the sky box))

    1. We are here to help you with ERUDITO. We will have your back the entire way.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      ((It’s cool, same with me with Uni and Easter :) Happy Easter btw))

      1. Yeah we gotcha. Grey needs to be avenged.
        (Good luck with University C. Happy Easter! Mmm chocolate :))

        1. Otto. I don’t want this to be researched. Is there any way that his dagger can go straight into the vault. Anyways who would have put peaceful abilities in a dagger? Actually Sebastos you have been talking about safehouses for our little squad. Are they safe enough that Tmplars, Abtergo, or Assassin’s can’t get in?

          Ps. Otto, I only seperated them so that you wouldn’t say to me, for the millionth time, that abstergo isn’t templars. They are. If you don’t know that check the high security files. If you do stop lying.

        2. (Also, Hoppy late Easter everyone! :D )

          1. Depends on which Safehouses you’re talking about. Some are T-Controlled and some are A-controlled. I have a personal one from back in the Bounty hunting days, but I can’t bring you along unless It is under the most dire circumstances. So I can take it now or you can think about it while I check with the NG. Otto which room is she in? I kinda got lost in the hospital wing.

          2. ((Horrible pun, but nice try))

          3. Alright I will trust you with it Sebastos. *Holds it out to you blade pointed towards me*

            (Actually my family uses that one all the time)

          4. If you want, I can get it a straight passage to one of our inner vaults; virtually impossible to locate or enter.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  68. Caitlin. Now that the Grey Assassin is gone, what keeps you here with the troop? There are technically Five of us,(six with you) but you have only ever stayed because of Dan’s involvement, unless I am wrong. Why do you continue to help us?

    1. Caitlin, you will always have a place with us at Abstergo. We will do our best to help you in any way possible. It is what Grey would have wanted. Do not misunderstand that statement; you always had a place among us Caitlin, you are always welcomed within our walls and us.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. I have the knife. I do have one question though; The PoE will stay out of both Assassin and Templar hands correct?

        1. It will be in our hands for research at first and the betterment of the world then; if needed to be. If not needed, it shall be stored away where no person nor animal nor creature would ever be able to reach.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  69. Otto? Are you here?

    1. Otto is in the containment bunker. He got called down there because our “guest” is showing abnormal biometric signs. He even thinks that she might not be human. He’ll be back up in a few hours after our engineers and scientists find out what is wrong with her and ‘turn it off’.

      Help us. Help you. Help the World.

      1. Okay I’m on my way. So what’s up with this girl anyway? One of TWCB? Or just a little electrotherapy-d out?

        1. ERUDITO love to make sure no one betrays them, even if it meant torturing and killing them. She must have been in tremendous pain when they installed this into her. We managed to remove it without hurting her much due to large levels of anesthetic.

          Thankfully she seems better now, hopefully she will cooperate with us. Both ways we’ll send her to a safe location in the end since ERUDITO may want her dead now. I can not believe how people chose to aid and join them.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. Can you give me the coordinates? I would still like to ask some questions,(unless answers were already provided) if you don’t mind.

          2. I already sent a team to take you to her. They should be here any minuet now.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  70. So are you coming Caitlin? I’m leaving today with or without you.

    1. Okay then. Let’s get to that facility.

      1. Hey Otto I’m here. Where’s the room she’s in?

        1. Sorry about that. Just finished looking through the information on the girl. It seems that ERUDITO now torture their agents with some sort of electromagnetic devices that are created to cause brain damage to their agents remotely. This is such a horrible way to deal with humans. Fortunately, we managed to decode the signals and have upgraded our technologies to create interference when near their agents; we even have the ability to control the signal and track it back to its output location.

          I’ll send some scientists to meet you and take you to her.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  71. Okay then. *He turns to face the panoramic view, opens a segment, then turns back to Logan and says “See you on the ground floor!” before performing a reverse leap-of-faith*

    1. Hey I found garden down here. It’s nice and secluded. This is now Grey’s memorial. *he takes out a battered gun, and places it on some stones he has arranged by a small tree.*

      1. I’m going to tell you guys about the POE that I was talking with Grey about. It lies in the hands of a wealthy spanish man named Arturo Santiere. He lives in Barcelona. I’ll find the NG and you go after the POE. It also might be a dagger, but you’ll know it when you see it.

        1. Ok. I am on it. *does a normal leap of faith to the ground floor*

          1. It’s different without Grey isn’t it? There’s something missing. *Walks to the City Centre as Logan flies to Barcelona*
            I hope all this is worth it.

          2. Oh sorry Otto I didn’t see the update. I’ll be on my way. Caitlin would you care to join me? *Taps into earpiece and sends orders for flight schedule*

  72. He doesn’t have any relatives, not that we know of. He basically deleted his history from before I met him at the academy. There’s no trace, it’s buried too deep for even me to find.

    *she taps her fingers on the table*

    I don’t think that the NG is coming.

    1. Then I’ll come to the NG. *walks over to the display case, taking out and putting on the crimson cloak* She has information that could be crucial about Erudito, *Straps a black leather belt filled to the brim with darkened steel throwing knives* as well as knowing a lot about Grey. *Fits two blood red gauntlets onto his forearms, revealing the black blades with gold trim below* She might also be the only one willing to tell us about Grey’s death. *unclips two golden buttons at the back, letting fabric fall and revealing a sash-like cloth hanging down behind him, similar to traditional assassin robes.* Good to be back in the old suit. So are you coming? *spins on his heel and walks out the door, motioning for them to come*

      1. Guys the helicopter is on the way here! she should be outside that window *Points to the window* in about five minutes!

        1. I got all dressed up for nothing! At least I have intimidation purposes. So did Grey like a certain location? Like maybe a tropical setting etc…

          1. At the very least lets avoid sky diving out of old, collapsing, and exploding skyscrapers. My stomach still hasn’t caught up with me.

          2. Okay then. *He turns to face the panoramic view, opens a segment, then turns back to Logan and says “See you on the ground floor!” before performing a reverse leap-of-faith*

        2. Okay I’m leaving for that Girl. If anyone is coming they’ll do it now. Caitlin?

      2. Ah memories. I don’t think that will be in the memorial category.

        1. It’s been some time now. She comes soon or I find her and bring her back.

          1. Okay I’m leaving for that Girl. If anyone is coming they’ll do it now. Caitlin?

          2. I’m coming with you. The helicopter has just disappeared from both Assassin and temp… Sorry Abstergo radars.

      3. She is already in our Delta Facility, would you care for transportation to that facility?

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  73. *A ceiling grate drops, and a form drops down just outside the doors to the conference room. Caitlin walks in, dumping a worn compound bow onto the table and sitting down with a huff. Her jeans are ripped and stained, blood still lightly seeping from a shoddily wrapped wound on her arm. Miraculously, her hooded jumper seems to be intact, if dusty.*

    So. New girl. Think she’ll stay around long? Also please clean your vents, they’re really dusty. It’s not very pleasant.

    1. Couldn’t say, but at least she can see our skill set. “Please don’t kill me!” gives reassurance about what she will do, if at least not attacking us. And sorry about the vents, but people usually don’t crawl through them. Nice entrance though. Is that her tag now? “New Girl”. I like it. It gives a greenhorn touch to her persona.

      1. So she is late then. Logan, can you ask when the Helicopter is coming around?

        1. *Contacts the pilot* What is you ETA?… Alright i’ll tell them. *Ends communication* He has her but there is a storm between the building and the helicopter and he doesn’t feel it is safe to try to fly through.

          1. Damn. Well when is the storm supposed to clear up?

          2. Is there any way we could contact them? And in the meantime is there anything that Grey would want? A special location or anything?

          3. They aren’t in the storm it is in between us and them. The pilot’s cell phone works fine. And as for Grey’s funeral does he have any living relatives?

          4. I mean to physically contact them, and Caitlin? Does he? This storm could be a while.

          5. Give me a second, *Pulls out laptop and looks up the storms are and predicted path* We could get them here if they try to go around the storm and land for refueling twice along the way. Do you want me to send him the information about that or just wait an hour for the storm to pass and them to get here?

          6. Whichever is faster.

          7. *Sends the flight plan to the pilot and he sends the signal that he has lifted off* They will be here in about 30 minutes

      2. Good. And thank you Logan.

    2. Dirty vents? Definitely not at my facility then. We extracted a ton of information and she seems to be willing enough to share it. We will check the validity of the info and conclude upon her will to help Abstergo.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  74. I’ll take that into account Logan. Thanks. In fact instruct her to meet me in the COO office. I have a couple questions. You and Caitlin are free to join in if you wish.

    1. *Tells the pilot of the helicopter to pass on the instruction then gets up and walks towards the office*

      1. *Automated voice rings through speakers “Welcome to Abstergo Entertainment’s new facility. We hope that you have a nice stay.” Then a secretary admits Logan to the COO office, where he is greeted to a panoramic view of the sprawling city below, and a long conference table with furnished swivel chairs ringing the outside. By the side is a man in his mid twenties, with short brown hair, cut close to the skull, with a small goatee, similar to the result of not shaving for a while. next to him in a display case is a deep crimson robe that stretches to the ground just brushing the floor.*
        Nice place huh? I got it from a friend. This is where I work most of the time, down in Santo Domingo. It’s where I’m from actually, the Dominican, but only paternally.
        Do you have Williams?

        1. She is on her way. The helicopter pilot has been informed to bring her right outside that window. *Points to the window with the panoramic view of the city*

          1. Good. Let’s get on with this. I assume Caitlin, that you are here somewhere?

    2. I set up an external auxiliary team to deal with the remain of this situation, you are welcome to join. We have already extracted quite a bit of information from her; seems she could be on our side after all. Not taking any risks yet but her mentality checks out.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  75. To all those who hear this, This is former corprol holly williams. Was erudito. This grey assassin guy, he had intel on everyone. I am going to the nearest abstergo. Please dont kill me! I-i have to go! *the camera cuts out as the blond haphazardly shuts off the camera*

    1. I’m watching the cams for said girl. You’re good to come in.

      1. Give me your location. I can order a helicopter to come and get you.

        1. I’ve got her location via her message and I am ready to send in a helicopter to pick her up. Sorry for not responding for a while, I have just been thinking.

          1. Okay I’m giving clearance for flight. Ready when you are. Bring her back safe; I have some questions.

          2. Holly Williams… hmm.

          3. The chopper is on the way.

        2. Anything new?… and I plan to have Grey’s Memorial thing set for a April 3rd.

          1. Unless there are any objections.

          2. That sounds good, I’ll make sure to be there. Grey should be remembered always.

      2. Logan, you got anything for this Holly Williams? Info or otherwise? And tell me when you land.

        1. I haven’t heard of her before. *Blocks all but Caitlin and Sebastos from being able to hear* The only thing I have on her is that I noticed her last name is the first name of the still living Miles. *Removes block* I will also be at the memorial even if I didn’t know grey that well.

  76. Are u there Grey? This is from my phone. Found something u might want to see. Sending coords

    1. Ack… Sorry ive been gone…. Ran into some… Complications…. Im not going… To make it this time…. Sorry… And to those ive fought beside, its been a pleasure serving with you… *the video feed shows a man in a grey hoodie, orrather, what was a hoodie,bleeding from more bullet holes than should be able to be withstood, the video cuts out with the sound ofa door opening and the rapid approach of footsteps*

      1. Where are you?! I need to find you before there isn’t anyone to find.

        1. Sir! We found some thing! Looks like he was communicating with someone. Before they finished him! *the camera shows a mousy blonde girl in an erudito cloak*

      2. He’s gone. Just, gone. The Grey Assassin is dead.
        … Otto, can you put together a memorial service or something? Anything really.

        1. And try and get any info about the girl on-cam. I need to buy something from an old friend. Be back soon.

        2. The Grey Assassin will never die because we have preserved his legacy for generations to come. He will live on forever.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  77. Hi, Joshua here,

    Just have a few questions.
    How are you able to represent the genetic memories of people in such detail. do you use other sources as well to make it more realistic?
    Do you have my animus records on file?


    1. If we all die by the night, then can we still try to survive? If they bring him to Camazotz then he will be saved, while others fall. The dogs will whine, the wolves will call, but then the bats worst of all, while bite and tear, at omnes brawl.

      1. Guess what? I’m back! So I already have something, and that’s that “Camazotz” is the ancient Mayan god of death, underworld, and vampires. Hence the bat comment. Also, “omnes” is Latin for “all”, so it translates to “All brawl” . Good luck figuring the rest out. :)

        1. BTW Sephiras is much better at ominous rhyming. Take some pointers poet dude. ;}

    2. Hello Joshua,

      The way we make the genetic memories of people in such details is a trade secret, can not really tell you about it, sorry.

      We keep your sessions on record in our archives in order to monitor your activity and reward you through your process of synergy in the many aspects that you will find. These records are also used for medical purposes in order to know how long your sessions are and whether or not you may be experiencing any side-effect due to long exposure.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt

  78. The Prophecies I spoke of were in the ruins of The Observatory. They spoke of the First Civ return at the hands of the Sages, and the sage accomplices, who are kind of like a three man cult. They then speak of slavery for deception and defiance and an era of peace through human oppression and First Civ pleasure. Then they speak of a cleansing day, when the First Civs will burn in a solar apocalypse while their slaves will survive. There is also the act of activating the prophecy by means of the blood from the hand of the greatest warrior. He must be of either assassin or Templar faiths, and somehow imbued with a First Civ device. That is all I can give you right now.

    1. That’s funny Logan, because I used a tampered version of Google translate. It took a couple hours to work out the kinks but all in all pretty simple. What are you off to doing right now anyway? Dan is going to the safe houses, Caitlin is resting up, and Sebastos is currently occupied. Just to stay here?

  79. I request an audience with Mr. Drummond.

    1. Alright. Whats this about?

      1. Has it occurred to you that Erud1to might have other games in progress? Or that this is just one of many? I cannot do much from my position other than update you on goings on around here but you will need to find if these things are true. I would also act immdiately and not worry about Sebastos, for I know what he is doing and that will take some time. If you have any questions voice them now.

        1. I have no questions… However, i know of an erudito outpost in the neiborhood. I will ‘investigate’. I will contact when i learn something.

          1. Be sure to let us know if you need some tech and back-up.

            Our extraction teams managed to salvaged some of your equipment from the ERUDITO building that was destroyed. They have been safely transported to our facility and are being repaired; the bow seems to be fine as far as we can tell.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt

          2. As I have said to everyone else, I may have gone overboard with the explosives. I also would like to ask forgiveness for trying to turn. I overestimated Erudito’s abilities. I am not against you or the assassin’s now but I am still going to follow the creed. I will be working alongside Grey, Sebastos, and Caitlin from now on.


          3. Thank you for your cooperation. I assure you that you can trust me. I do have a question though. How did you decipher the Latin messages?

          4. I am a programmer. I made a program to translate it. (In real life I just used Google Translate)


          5. I am glad that everything is fine and that you guys are safe. We know your were not thinking clearly because of ERUDITO therefore we understood your situation and did not use it against you. As long as we all have our friendship, we will always remain a one strong force.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt

          6. Thank you for understanding. And Sephiras. I do have a question for you. Were you predicting the return of the first civilization. or something worse?

  80. Aww, snap, I really liked that bow. I think I have another at the safe house, though.

    *sigh* thank you, Grey, I owe you one. Or a lot, I’ve lost count of all the times we’ve saved each other.

    Sebastos, I’m from Australia. Our pronunciation of words is very different, and we tend to drop letters a lot.

    1. Eh. I have no clue on how many times. Il be baxk with that other bow if youd like. Anyway, im off the safe house.

      1. So what now? Find E?

      2. Well tell me when something happens because I am going to go deal with some stuff. See you soon. Hopefully.

  81. *mumbles incoherently whilst rubbing her eyes* ahm naht yers grey, ahm nobodehs. Wha happened out thar?

    *sitting up stiffly she holds an arm across her chest* ughhh e’rethin hurtsss. Where’re we an where’s me bow. Are there ‘ssassins round ere? Needa report or summin I dun remember.

    1. First of all, try and get to the stage where you don’t slur like you’re drunk, and we’ll tell you everything.

      1. *she takes a drink from a glass next to the bed* Aah. Water.

        I take offense to that, Sebastos. My accent is just stronger when I’m exhausted. So, what happened? Wasn’t Grey around?

        1. Yeah. I used a talisman to keep you from bleeding out, now, i need to get to the old safehouse and get some of my gear. As for where your bow is, i have no clue where it is. If you need me to grab you anything i can get them here.

          1. I think your bow may still be in the rubble. i doubt it is still intact if it is. I went a little overboard on the dynamite.

          2. I am sorry for any offense, because I can slur when I am as awake as you were.
            Then again i don’t really have an accent (I am western Canadian, so I sound pretty North American) so I can’t sympathize. I did see your bow though. It was under a car by the broken hospital. Looked like a Civic. Blue I think.

          3. Where are you from? That accent is unfamiliar to me.

  82. So they’ve been here for a day and no movement from Grey? At least Caitlin is semiconscious but he has no movement. He could be in a coma.

    1. Ugh…. Wh… Who shot me? And where are my blades?!?

      1. *Points to the wall* They are right there. I’m glad your awake grey.

      2. What was that magicky voo-doo necklace trick?

        1. Not voodoo. Pheonix talisman… And now i really need to make more. I used my last one to make sure my caitlin lived. Speaking of which, how did i survive?

          1. Thanks… Why am i restrained?

          2. Wait…. Were in rome arent we?

          3. According to the atlas

          4. Since the games were in Rome that just so happens to be where we are

          5. The building blew up well though. *Grins maniacally*

          6. Did any of the hoods survive? I seem to have angered them. *the cuffs at his wrists snap open, as do the ones at his ankles* and could you please pass me my blades?

          7. *Grabs the blades of the wall and hand them to grey*

          8. Not that it seems. I’ll check with Sephiras

          9. I will be going into hiding… And i need to replace my gear…. You know where to call me. And c knows the old safehouses better than anyone.

      3. in your back :-)

  83. So how long until we get to a hospital that is still standing?

    1. I don’t know. It depends. How long they are going to hold out, and how much you want to break airspeed limits

      1. How much heat would we get if we break airspeed limits?

      2. The closest is really near but Rome’s abstergo facility is only a little bit farther and has much better facilities and won’t question why we have bullet wounds

        1. We would probably get away from it but we could get seriously charged and questioned which could involve them wondering why we have bullet wounded passengers

          1. So no speeding. alright lets get there as fast as we legally can.

          2. 20 minutes. Can they make it?

          3. Suspense kills man. 17 minutes

          4. *Sits down* So do you know grey’s story?

          5. I have heard a lot of this Tenzin. I think he is part of the collective may have even been the one who arranged this tournament. Or maybe he is Sephiras. All i do know about him is Erudito is trying to keep people from learning about him and that his last name is Grey. Guess that is why he *Points to Grey Assassin* calls himself the Grey Assassin he must be hunting Tenzin. *Picks up Grey* alright.

        2. His name is Dan Drummond, Caitlin is his pupil, and he was involved with someone named Tenzin. Also he is extremely resilient to harm

          1. That’s it. I know nothing else

          1. We’re here.

          2. I think Sephiras is newer than Tenzin Grey

          3. *Carrying Grey* Which side are you guys with more? I know you are a third group but you seem accepted by both sides.

          4. What do you mean? Accepted by both?

          5. I mean that you guys can walk through either sides base without needing to sneak around.

          6. Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems, because you could just as easily be betrayed by either side (otto as an exception) if they wanted, but yes it is a perk.

          7. Most of the time backstabbing doesn’t happen though

        3. You think Otto is here? We totally have to apologize for the last fiasco

          1. *Comm* R4 are you picking this up?

          2. Medical bay on your next left

          3. I am here no worries. I may not have had comms on but I would never let you guys go out there unprepared. I had teams with you the entire time to make sure you were not followed nor ambushed from behind. Although the dynamites seemed to be enough, there where two gunships flying in to escort you out of the ERUDITO facility and completely tear it down to pieces to get your out if you were trapped. But as I thought, you guys always produce the best quality of work. Abstergo never lets its friends go by themselves, we all take care of each other; never forget that.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt

  84. We should probably get these two some medical attention.

    1. Well that was what the helicopter was for

    2. Where’s the nearest hospital?

      1. *looks at the rubble and sees a green plus on the building that was next to it* there…

        1. That’s convenient

          1. Uh… Just ran into a problem. How do we explain this?

          2. Look at the building. it was crushed by the collapse of the other one.

          3. Where is that helicopter you called for?

          4. Hovering at 3000 feet

          5. Any way for it to land down here?

          6. Too unstable, maybe…. 500 yards that way.*points to a square over east*

        2. Then let’s get moving. *Start walking in that direction*

          1. Did grey pass out?

          2. No but he is too injured to walk on his own

          3. Caitlin is still out cold

          4. Okay captain we’re in. Let’s take off!

          5. After this i don’t think they are going to accept me back so you guys are stuck with me by the way

          6. Yeah well, we will welcome you with open arms.

          7. I will at least.

  85. I am above the building falling slower than it. I think Grey and I will be fine. You have abandoned Caitlin by taking the last chute alone.

    1. (He took c with him)

    2. *Looks over at Sebastos and sees Caitlin with him* Nevermind.

      1. Apparently(according to Sephiras) there are Assassin clad bodies inside and around the building(via camfeed) You get back up buddies from the brotherhood Logan?

        1. Those… Theyre the ones… Who Shot… Me…

          1. The assassin-clad?

          2. I told the assassin’s not to follow.

          3. Elaborate. Why do the assassins want to hit the games?

          4. Do you really think it is a coincidence that I joined you the day before the games were announced? We have been watching you and Grey. We want you guys back.


          5. I have to think… I need to deal with Erudito first.
            But before any of that, Logan, you want to know why it did what I did right?
            Why I went all rouge-y last second?

          6. Sure we have probably about thirty minutes before we land back in the building.


          7. I was once an assassin but my training was cut short by the cross incident, so four friends and I left to finish our training without the craziness of the order and the cross incident. Seven years later, E took out three of our five, for reasons I still don’t know. We were caught unawares and thought that e was trustworthy. Then in 2013 they killed the last of our little band, Deklin, while we were in Antarctica for abstergo’s research. So when I was offered the opportunity to strike back, I took it. It was rash and reckless but I wasn’t thinking at full capacity then. I did get branded with the insignia though. It’s on my left ring finger. So a lot of people didnt consider me or themselves a full assassin but all those who didn’t are dead now. Any questions?

          8. So you’re a Templar?


          9. I was branded with the ASSASSIN insignia. When our band “finished” training.
            I was not part of the cross incident, but it still affected me.

          10. One of my friends was actually MY mentor, and he was in the immediate vicinity when the mentor died, so they tried to kill him when he ran to get help. He might have been a Templar, but he’s been dead a long time now.

          11. Good. I had some static on my end for a second sorry. (Missed the word left and the word finger)

          12. Yeah so technically I never was an assassin, just a master or a veteran, depending on your view.

          13. Ggh! Okay I’m on the ground’

          14. Me to. *Looks at the rubble behind us* I may have gone a bit over board with the dynamite…

          15. Nah… Well maybe just a little.

          16. Wait, I counted twenty pieces of dynamite but there were only 19 explosions. One must have been a dud.

          17. Or a cut fuse

          18. Either way it doesn’t matter

          19. No it doesn’t. it may bee that that one piece not going off was what helped caitlin survive.

          20. So we’re doing what exactly?

  86. Okay Logan I can explain now. Whenever you’re ready.

  87. *A rumbling noise starts and the earth seems to move from beneath our feet* And this was what i was worried about. *The building start to fall*


    1. Oh yay! More destruction. At least we’re off the ground.

      1. *Speaks into comm*
        Any civilians down there? Yeah, Mmhmm, no, no that isn’t right. Okay I’ll be back ASAP.

      2. Yeah I may have placed the dynamite a bit too well. *Looks out an opening that was mad by one of the explosions* And this is a long way down. Did anyone bring a parachute?


        1. I got one… Wait a sec. Here ya go.
          *hands the parachute to Logan*
          Shouldn’t we stay with G and C?

          1. It is unstable as is.

        2. *hand logan a parachute* make sure you get the other two… I wont make it. Just….make it. *he grimances slightly, blood is on the strap of the bag*

          1. Shut up Grey. The more you talk the more you strain the more likely you are to die, and no one wants that. Not now.

          2. Im not leaving any of you we are going to do a buddy jump. *Puts on one of the two parachutes and hand the other to sebastos* take this and get Caitlin, jump out of the top so that the building can’t catch you on the way down.
            *Grabs grey, runs to the top, jumps, pulls the string and the parachute activates*

          3. Good luck Logan! I’m going to stay with the- ah what the hell! I’m coming!
            *turns around and addresses Grey*
            Don’t die on me! I’ll be back.

          4. No.. You guys have two chutes between you. Make sure one of you gets her to safety. I will do waht i can, but jumping is for sure a death wish in my current condition. All that can be done is you guys jump. Il try and make it out before the buildings gone…

          5. Tell Otto we are a little set back captain!
            *jumps off*

          6. (What exactly is going on we have two different sets of us i think)

          7. *Comm starts up*
            I have Caitlin!
            Logan are you coming?
            Deploying chute! Don’t slip now.
            Gotcha! Okay we are on the ground but Caitlin’s still unconcious!
            *comm stops*

          8. (No clue. But you should jump. Leave me.)

          9. I think Grey is having delusions

          10. *Through com* Why in the world did you leave Caitlin?! Now she is in a collapsing building with no chute!

          11. (Either way grey is being sacrificial)

          12. Who lands in a collapsing building?! We’re on the outside waiting for you! I’m not going in there alone! (Even with an unconscious person)

          13. Speaking of where is this building? It’s nowhere I’ve ever been.

          14. *eyes roll back, blood soaking chest of the ruined hoodie he has on*


          16. How in hell did I miss that?

          17. Not…. Important… *he shivers* just…. Few…. Bullets….

          18. Yeah…. That might be a bit of a problem. *checks comm*
            Mmhmm yeah that’s what I thought. Okay
            Apparently there are assassin bodies inside the building and throughout the games.
            Complete in uniform and everything.
            Your buddies Logan?

  88. *the building explodes into flames and debris, glass shattering and bodies going flying. The sudden silence is unsettling, all around is just the sound of crackling flames and building.*

    guys…help….there was shrapnel…cant…. *the coms go silent, apart from labored breathing*

    1. C! No! *begins running towards his allies last known location*

      1. *just stares in grim silence as Grey runs to the debris*
        He did say one wouldn’t make it out.
        Get EVAC and Med teams here stat!

        1. *grey makes it to the unconcius form, pulls a familiar looking talisman from his jacket and presses it to her chest* I WILL NOT LOSE ANOTHER ONE! NOT NOW, NOT EVER! *the weary soldier simply smiles as his comrades wounds close, the shrapnel falling out, her heart rate stabilizes and she is simply unconcius* heh… They said one would die… Not two…

          1. *Med teams come over to check Logan and Sebastos but they brush them off to go see grey*
            We’re coming buddy. Hold on.
            *The teams swarm around Grey and Caitlin, taking Caitlin on a stretcher and Grey hobbling into a Medical-helicopter that landed just outside the blast-zone*

          2. C’mon Grey, you’re making it too. Let’s go.*Steps into the Medcopter, straps in next to Logan, and when the patients are secure, orders liftoff*
            There are things I love about the field, such the adrenaline rush, or the sense of duty, but I hate the parts that cause you more grief than anything else. I can’t lose someone else to Erud1to. Not again. Not like this.

          3. good reactions grey
            stay sharp friend
            watch the shadows
            those who follow among shall not see these fools within

  89. You guys get clear, I can make the shot. Just run for it, Kay?

    *she climbs higher in the building, taking out a few explosive arrows and activating them*

    Run and I’ll shoot when you’re all clear! Just say when!

    1. Good luck. Hopefully il see you on the other side. *exits quickly*

      1. Grey… Check! Logan… Check! Me… Check!

        1. *bolts for the exit, Grey ahead and Logan beside as they run in near unison, shooting and stabbing as they go. 3 meters to exit… 2 meters… 1 meter! Grey jumps through, as Sebastos throws Logan through first then jumps and rolls after him*
          *all else said is lost in the staccato of gunfire and the screams of dying men*

          1. Guards ahead? Il distract them! You guys get out of the blast zone!


    Ah it seems we have some new contestants. Do you like kitty cats? Because we have some big, Roman kitty cats.

    1. *sees a gate open and the combatants come out*
      Okay, I’ll take Simba, Grey takes Mufasa, and Logan will take Scar.
      Any objections?

      1. *A roar sounds from behind the group, turning they see a Lion drop, arrows again piercing its body.*

        Guys, run! There’s a clear path straight out of here! You may have to jump over a Lion, though.

        *Caitlin jumps down to ground level, standing behind the Lions, bow in hand as she nocks a new arrow*

        ((Did you guys realise we’ve been doing this for like more than two years now? Also /you are most active at 3am here/. I’m typing this in my Uni class.))

        1. *tackles another lion, shoving his hiddenblade in his throat*
          Lets move!

          ((Two years? Well… Damn and its around noon here))

          1. What happened to not caring if you live grey? *Pulls out his uzis andshoots one of the lions emptying the clip then drops the uzis and pulls out two more these are red in color*

          2. Logan do you still have the dynamite on the weak spots? And if so Caitlin, can you make the shot and get out in time?

          3. Never moved them once i placed them.


  91. What is a bigger priority to you, Abstergo? You’re entertainment or you’re pharmaceutical work?


  92. *surrounded, smiling, the group around him falls* ahh… The old razor string…. Never gets old…

    1. How many left?
      *as he looks around, a man who he thought was dead makes a final attempt, and stabs him in the foot*
      *turns on the man and shoots through his forehead, point-blank*
      I can’t walk with this in my foot! cover me!!

      1. Okay I’m good! Thank the lord for first aid. I still need cover though, seeing as I just got stabbed in the foot and I might have to limp.

        1. *everyone in the room is flattend by an explosion*

        2. *Gets up* What was that? *Picks up his Uzis*

          1. I don’t know but it sounds really loud. Was that you Grey?

          2. Owwww…. That wast the dynamite… I told them to hold their fire! *gets up, cloak is half burnt off*

          3. So they shot your dynamite. that is bad luck. *Shoots the man who shot grey’s dynamite*

          4. Not my dynamite. *kicks a wheel* it was a cart full of dynamite. *calmly snaps the neck of another of the survivors*

          5. Wait. Wait wait wait.
            Is there more of this barreled dynamite? Or do we have to use our

          6. I think its scattered around the room.

          7. *Smirks* I have an idea. It will probably get us all killed and bring the building with us.

          8. *sinister smile*
            Heh heh heh. I love fireworks don’t you?

          9. *Puts the Uzis in their holsters* Keep me covered while I move them so that they will do the most damage. *Starts moving the dynamite to the buildings weak points*

  93. Where are we?! I remember destroying a parking lot, (sorry Otto) and blacking out, then everything is fuzzy, until we’re running down the hallway killing everything!

    1. i saved you from insanity and now were running down a hallway killing every thing! duck!

      1. Good enough for me!! *rattle of a machine gun* Lets go!

        1. *A man nearly completely covered in Kevlar appears in front of you then you hear a small click and he collapses*

          1. Logan? Is everybody here except Caitlin?

          2. Don’t think that this means I am okay with your betrayal but this tournament is something that should be avoided. even if you enter together only one of you can come out alive.

          3. So? Il die. Big whoop. i shluld have died a long tima ago. *throws down all weopons exept for his black hidden blades, his sword, and his m1911s* LETS START THE PARTY!

          4. I’ll explain later Logan. We have some business to take care of.

          5. Alright well I have got you covered. *You hear another click and another falls*


          6. Logan “Tristar”? whats up bro? *stabs three guys one after the other*
            I thought you were Logan-Fireofall. *Throws flash bang, then run into the confusion, and comes back out after five shots, reloading his Glock18*
            It’s like your trig to hide your name from people, then switching to different cover name.

          7. Decided to change it is all. Still a cover and still Logan. *You hear another click and two men fall* thank goodness for piercing bullets.

          8. *in a small swish of blood five men fall* look! More doors! *grinning like a maniac, the grey clad figure continues to hack and slash, literally*

    2. *You hear whoosh from behind you and a man clad in a red assassin robe with a silence sniper rifle on his back and two mini Uzis in his hand appears* let’s do this. and i am really going to need that explanation when we are done sebastos.

      1. *a flash of blue in the rafters distracts for barely a moment, five Kevlar clad men falling, arrows sticking out if them. Looking up shows a smirking grin, ribbon swishing as she jumps and climbs downwards, never straying below head height*

        How’s it going down here? I can keep cover from above. Got a few explosive ones in my quiver if needed.

        *she taps her earpiece, listening and frowning*

        A group of ten is stationed at each and every door, I’ll go up and out and start clearing a path. Eruditos cameras have been blocked, I’ve gotta be a shadow for this one. I’ll meet you outside.

        1. Lets bust ’em up. WOO HOO!!!!
          *jumps into a group of seven, dodging and stabbing before they can attack*
          These guys really need to improve their fighting!
          *Jumps back out, spins around, and squeezes on the trigger of his pistol, letting loose a rain of bullets, then puts it down and all the men are still standing*
          Look down.
          *each one has flowering stains of blood all over their bodies*

  94. If everyone knew where the games would lie,
    Would you still try to make me die?
    E wont let me freely speak,
    But spare me and I’ll give you a sneak peek,
    To the games and their place,
    To save your friend.
    You must make sure that in the end,
    Your blades stay from the edge of my neck.

    1. Sephiras. Or should i say, erud1to. I will not fail my freinds. No matter how much it hurts. Im the hardest to kill [WORD REMOVED BY ABSTERGO] youl ever find. Ever.

      Si vis pacem, parabellum

      1. We are a collective you know. But don’t try to intimidate Erudito. To him you are nothing more than a whelp with firepower.
        I can give coordinates to the games without the puzzle.
        Take it or leave it.

        1. A whelp huh? Well, this whelp is going to show you what it means to insult one of us who follow the orriginal order. Before the assassins there was the grey. All i can say is good luck. Oh and when this is over, i may be dead and gone, but my legacy will live on.

          Si vis pacem, parabellum

          1. This is a warning. The games drive men insane. The last one they tried to rescue killed the rescuers for fear of trickery. Get to him quick or not at all. The games start soon.

          2. tell them to expect me withepin the night. and remember. i am grey. not black or white. i will be there in twenty four hours.

          3. You’ll find them in the pantheon. Literally. They’re underground.
            But huge. You can’t miss it.

          4. * with a flash the lights go out, when they turn back on sebastos is gone, replaced by grey. sitting, twirling his knife* lets play your games.

          5. Good luck. *flips a switch* I need to be a convincing mole.
            *alarm goes off*

          6. bring it!

  95. Hey! Hey! Guess what happened today!
    Everything’s in my life, going down the drain!
    Hey! Hey! Guess what happened today!
    You’re not going to believe a word I say!
    There was a man, all, clad in Grey!
    In the middle of the pavement on his face!
    Dropped from the sky!
    Full intentions to, Die.i.i!
    Now you know price, oh oh oh…
    Now know what you face. None come
    Out alive. Not today. Ever so slowly.
    Non Hodie.

    1. Play your games. We will survive. I will not let my freinds fall.mif its one thing ive learned, its better to get the others out than to get out alone.

  96. I believe that Erud1to was referring to a grave site on farmland outside of Edmonton.
    It is big and was for a dog, named Zeus. The owners didn’t spell the name right. Please take this advice.

    1. How do we know that youre no erud1to!
      Si vis pacem parabellum

  97. So Grey, do you always tell new recruits that you are Grey? Or do you still go by Dan Drummond anymore? By the way, we have stationed our strike team inside your building and they have been in camouflage for about a day. Prepare to go to the games. *gives attack order*
    Have fun.

    1. Well, i guess its time to party. *draws a smg*’and fyi, i am dan drummond, i am the grey assassin. I have always been.

      And p.s. I will see you sooner than you think.

      Si vis pacem, parabellum

      1. No need to fuss R4, I am not actually GOING with Erud1to. Just resuming an old title. *loads sig sauer, then straps on hidden blade* Lets dance E.
        Si vis pacem para bellum.

        1. Joining? Who said anything about joining? I simply wosh to put an end to this madness. *with a flash of black steel hidden blades spring forth, ast hey are supposed to, a familiar eagle hilted sword rests on his hip* now, your “assassins” are… Lets just say sleeping. *comms flash, showing a small army of bodies, than back, where there is now no one*

          1. Are Erudito, Caitlin, and me the only ones loyal to the assassins?!


          2. *behind logan* you dont try and kill your own kind. They attacked first. And on several other occasions. So dont talk to me about loyalty. They left me for dead before abstergo helped me. *suddenly gone*

          3. *Turns around* That was actually directed at Sebastos. I knew from the beginning that you were a lone wolf.

          4. R4 is messed up about Logan’s attempts to stop Erud1to. I am taking up an old title nothing more. *Comm picks up gunfire*
            Si vis pacem para bellum

          5. By the way, you know next to nothing about my past so you can’t judge me.*cleans blood off of hidden blade* And because of my past is exactly why I will not be joining you. Not Immediately.
            Si vis pacem para bellum

    2. I fight for whoever I’m loyal to. I’m more of an… Off shooting branch of the Assassins. All by my lonesome, watching. Waiting. Fighting. Making sure messes are cleaned up and out operatives stay alive. This group, though, I feel I’ve become close to. I like them. I don’t like it when people hurt my friends.

      *Eruditos screens black out, coming onscreen after a few seconds, glowing deep red, flickering. It cuts to a live feed of Caitlin sitting in the head office, flicking through papers, occasionally poking a tablet. She speaks to the camera*

      Bribery doesn’t work on me. You really think I don’t have that information already? Have fun finding all my traps. Your innocents will be left, of course, but the heads of this operation will be taken, killed or watched. You’ll never be left alone. Try doing this again, we won’t be so kind.

      *The screen flickers, Caitlin disappearing as armed soldiers run into the room she was just in.*

        *switches on to a man in a black, featureless mask*
        It’s fine then. It was simply an offer, and one you denied. But oh! Where oh where is Sebastos? We needed a warrior, and we WANTED Grey. He took out what we had so we sent in more. Don’t be surprised or disappointed that it was Sebastos who was taken. *Cam switches to a view of the underground parking lot, which is completely destroyed, bodies littering the ground, and trucks, three tanks and a turret station all on a flickering fire.*
        That one is feisty I can tell you that. Follow the coordinates found under The Partheon, and you will find the games.
        We take what we want, when we want.
        Hic est bellum.

        1. First, you wont get me. Second. You want war? This will be war. *the sound of a shotgun being loaded takes the recording and ends it*

          1. Wow… This is getting a little out of hand guys! I am sure you guys can just talk!


          2. Logan, Logan, Logan. It was either going to be easy or it was going to be hard, and it turned out to hard. Choose who you back, or stay out of the way.

    3. Oh who am i kidding i want a piece of the action too! *Gets on a jet to rome and then heads to the pantheon*

  98. I am simply not fightning. I need to see the other side of the argument.

    1. R4, How do you explain the events I have told? How do you explain all of that? You can’t give back the lives you have taken, the sanity of those you experimented on, the trust you have abused, and the time you have stolen. I admit, the assassin’s have made mistakes, but you have committed worse crimes. I do not have any knowledge about this alleged child killing and I do not believe it. Give me some evidence I am wrong. Can you?


      1. We did not take any lives. All test participants knew why they were getting into, over 90 years ago.

        Only 2 lost a bit of their sanity (not completely) out of 3,000,000 people because they were not following our instructions; 83 years ago.

        We haven abuse anyone’s trust, here is your proof on that claim?

        We never wasted time, we found ways to make time more effective and efficient for science and the betterment of the world.

        We did not have any crimes. It’s reasons such as these that truly make me sad that you would get easily brain washed by them.

        I shall no longer argue with this as I see it will be pointless. You have your own path to follow. You want to come back, you are more than welcome. You want to go with them, we wish you the best of luck. You want to accuse us of random actions, then go ahead. It was a pleasure knowing you while it lasted and hope it will continue but that outcome is in your hands.

        I am being called into work now therefore I may not be able to reply for a while. Once again, I wish you and all the others the best if that is the path you guys truly wish to take.


        Help us. Help you. Help the World.

        1. -. — – / . …- . .-. -.– – …. .. -. –.id est, ut videtur when enemies persuade.
          Si vis pacem para bellum.

    2. ((sorry, am at a housewarming, was helping out a friend who had a bit too much vodka))

      *sighs, and walks over to Logan* Here, stick your leg out, I’ll fix up the bandaging and put some numbing antiseptic across the wounds.

      *she finishes Logans leg, stands and turns, a bemused expression on her face*

      Why are you assuming I ever lost loyalty to the Assassins? You must be new around here. I never joined the Templars. I’m only here to check on my friends. Everything I do is of my own volition. I just want to help however I can, and find the people who did that to me. Make sure they experiment on nobody else.

      And really? A strike team? Have fun finding us.

      *The lights and cameras cut out, flickering to life after a few moments, showing an empty room*

      1. Caitlin, is it us or Logan you are judging? Because if you truly did read these last threads, then you would know that I have never specified YOU as anything. We have never said that your allegiance belongs with one or another. Despite Logan’s efforts, you might not help us. Before you do choose your “side” in this, let me make an offer you can’t refuse.
        The past threads by our friend Sephiras have clued you in to a set of “games” or trials. These will lead you to the people who put you in your little animus comatose.
        Think about it.

        1. I am sorry. I assumed that you three, Grey, Sebastos, and you, Caitlin, were all working together. I am still a little new at this.


          PS: We all know Sephiras is you Erudito thanks to the glitch

        2. PSS: And thanks for fixing my leg.

          1. Logan, Erud1to IS a collective, no?
            And as for a glitch, thank you it was my own special engineering.

          2. Just an fyi for everyone,i work alone. Occasionaly i work with others, but no organization shall keep me. Why? The peices of eden.
            They are merly peices of the puzzle.
            Si vis pacem, parabellum.

          3. Hey Grey, speaking of POE I found one’s energy signature in Cape Breton, Canada. Inside a Poplar off of the the East side by the Wind Turbines of Laffins Cove. It might be apple #5, because it has the same energy signature as the other apples on record.
            Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  99. The test shall begin,
    Will you choose to win?
    All shall be chosen
    You are not alone
    If you win you will go home
    But my arena, It dwarfs all of Rome,
    So finding your way out, isn’t the throw of a stone.
    You will Race, Fight, and Think to Survive,
    You’ll attack Kade, Iris, Len, Lou, Eric, and finally Rue, Finish with Stefan
    You don’t get to choose
    You’ll kill KILLERS no matter what you choose.
    47 go in.
    9 beat their way out.
    3 will win.
    1 will leave.
    None will live if you try to help.

    No Latinae hoc quo.
    Nos voluntas accipe vos.

    1. Erudito! Why are you doing this to both sides? I thought you were the Assassins’ ally? *Looks down at leg then at Sebasstos and grey* I cannot forgive this Erudito.


      1. All i can say is that if this is some kind of game *gets up put of bed, and begins walking towards door* you and your petty organization wont win. Now if youl excuse me, im going to go build me a new cannon.

        1. Alright. I am sure you will….. *collapses*

          The “painkillers” that the body creates just wore off.

          1. Ah, Logan old friend it had seemed time for me to reveal myself.
            Unfortunately you were caught in the crossfire of my little “entrance”.
            Know this Logan, The Grey Assassin is considered to be affiliated with our common enemy of Abstergo. As for “Sebastos”, he was once one of us but has since changed allegiance. My affair with Abstergo does not concern you, or the brotherhood as a whole. If you can reform our fallen, and/or assimilate the others, we will stop. Just know that if you continue to help these Templars, we will not spare you.

            Sacrificium, de unum
            Is not of consequence to many.


          2. *Carefully gets back up* It is your fault I am working with them Erudito. I feel that stopping any chance of the first civilization coming back takes priority over stopping the Templars. I am still loyal. I am leaving now. You still owe an explanation for faking a first civ return. *gets up then collapses* Crap… I think I might be stuck here. *Crawls towards the exit*

          3. Who said I was “faking” Logan? We do not joke about things as serious as this.
            This is your last chance. We are sending in a search and capture team as we speak.
            I will not allow a hypocritical fool bent on his own deranged beliefs to stop us. If there are casualties to this man’s stupid plan, then so be it. If you are still willing, take as many as you can, and reform them to the RIGHT side of this conflict.
            You have two hours before our forces converge.


          4. Sorry for the assumption. I will get to work right away. *Crawls back to the chair* Grey is obviously not going to return to our side. Sebastos are you willing to see reason? I don’t think you want these idiotic Templars to win. You know they are not truly going to help us. Haven’t you seen the chaos they have caused throughout history? And what about you Caitlin? I know you have seen the history and that you were stuck in the animus so long you forgot about the world around you. You don’t want the to happen to anyone else right?


          5. Come erud1to. You wont take me or my alies alive. *loads an anti tank round into his anti tank rifle*

          6. Talk reason and i will listen. I am not beyond reason, simply, i trust these guys. Id be dead otherwise.

          7. Grey, have you seen what the Templars have done? There is the torture of Clay Kaczmarek, the hunting down of Desmond, and Do I even need to mention the craziness with the sample 17 project? And all of that is now, think about in the past, the Borgia conspiracy, the “prophet” and that skull, and then Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee. You know what I am talking about. They tried to control everyone.

          8. Maybe i will sit this one out. Hmm… I have some thinking to do.

            Si vis pacem parabellum

          9. I can see reason. *opens closet and sees white hood at the back*
            Let’s do it.

          10. Caitlin?
            Erudito, I have almost got everyone back.

          11. Yeah… Done thinking. *runs off mementarily, reapers garbed in a worn grey assassin cloak* gotta get back to my roots dont i?

            Si vis pacem, parabellum

          12. It pains me an Otto to see you treating the people that rescued you, healed you, taken care of you and most importantly respected you for yourself and individuality like this for this person that is speaking dirt with you. You quickly judged our past and forgot theirs? We tried what seemed a better plan for humans; they ran in killing everyone, even children because some smart analyst said that they were Abstergo trained. They slaughtered 5, 6 and 7 year old children, burned down bunkers where they though we had agents but they were filled with refugees from the assassins inaccurate attack that happened before.

            We do not blame you on your actions not do we hold it against you. We only wished that you would stand for your self and not be treated like dirt by them. I mean look at all the accomplishments you have while with us. Do you know how many people you helped and saved with us? A hundred times the fold then what seems with them.

            I’ll try my best not to let Otto see this because I know it will break his heart. He saw you as brothers and sisters and cared about you.

            I hope we get a chance to meet again soon and you are back out of their control and not standing there with the mission of killing the only people that only wanted a better future for you.

            Take care,


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  100. *walking into a med bay where everyone has now gathered. A bow is in one hand, quiver slung across a shoulder. She looks tired and dirty, hair shoved back from face in a ponytail. Glaring a little, the room is surveyed.*

    Why is it that everytime I leave, you all end up in danger or injured? Is there no self preservation instinct in any of you? Some of you may not be able to die, but it causes a lot more damage when you can’t get out quietly. Everyone seems to be hunting us nowadays, we have to try and stick together. Nobody can be compromised.

    *she pauses, and stares at Sebastos and loganfireofall*

    And who the hell are you two?

    ((out of character: I leave you alone for five minutes guys, wow. I’m actually kinda impressed.))

    1. Hey caitlin. That guy*points to sebastos* is sbeastos. And the other guy is logan. And you know me! Almost everyone wants me dead.

      1. I feel insulted! I have been shot at, at least, what is it now? Three times while you were at close proximity! And I was rescued, helped hack, solved riddles, and other stuff. Mostly the other stuff but still!

        1. I dont mean to be insulting and i doubt caitlin does either. I appologize.

          1. It’s fine but she still knows me. It’s weird that she doesn’t remember.

          2. Hey has anyone heard from the Erudito guy who acts up every now and then?

          3. Not really, hope all is well with him/her/them.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  101. *incoming mobile message*
    He…am in t……arki…ot. my……….out………go…hot.
    Lik…..Grey doe….al..ime.
    *message end*

      ReasonOfCall:Username”Sebastos” was shot 3 time(s) in the abdomen. All vital organs were missed. The shots occurred at 2:37 January 24, 2014. Subject has been slightly bandaged but requires immediate medical attention. An amount approxi//::GLITCH:^*\\lf litres of blood has been lost.

      1. Sorry R4 i just assumed that since sabastos is st… *Notices the distress signal* Get him out of there now!

        1. *unconscious moaning*

          1. *Snaps awake*
            WHAT!? Wha-? What happened?

          2. It is alright, you are in our medical bay, again. Just rest up a bit and then join us at the debriefing.

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    2. *slowly gaining conciusness* ugh…. Where am i?

      1. Where I am, which is the medical bay. Again.

        1. Oh great… Shrapnel from the helicopter… And… *looking over medical diagnostics form* 3 bullets…. Hmmm… Not a new record though.

        2. What happened to you S?

          1. Three bullets, Glock (18 I think), lower abdomen.
            Yep, just like the old days, when I would get shot nearly as often as you do now.

          2. So how long does it take YOU to heal Grey?
            Average bullet wound I mean.

          3. Not long usualy. But notmally im not being questioned by russians and blown up in a gunfight.
            So… Give me a few days till i can walk.

          4. Hey guys. I hope you are… *Starts walking towards Sebastos and grey and cringes* Dang it Adrenaline must be wearing off. *Looks down and sees leg is completely ripped up by bullets* Holy crap!

            (In case you did not know your body can cut off feelings of pain while you are in a dangerous situation)

  102. Quis necat ipsos parricidis?
    Illi nos minimis expectet.
    Et hoc mihi responde,
    Quis custodes ipsos custodes?

    1t w0nt bE th@t e@$y…

    1. It is:
      Who kills the killers?
      Those we least expect.
      Then answer me this:
      Who guards the guardians?

      1. I might not be getting up anytime soon but I can still help with this.
        I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but we were under attack by civilians,
        with bullet proof vests, and simple guns(exceptions being the spec-ops in
        the heli) so maybe the “Those we least expect” is referring to the Civs.
        If I am correct, then we shouldn’t be so careless outside the facilities. Even
        in transport, we might not be safe. The line “Who guards the guardians?”
        enforces my theory.

  103. Hodie vivo,
    Hodie ergo moriemur,
    Hodie capimus
    Hodie nos surgent
    Cras nos requiem
    Et cras nos custodi
    Omnes quod bonum est,
    Super tabulatam by nostri pedes ,
    Illi qui ruled
    Voluntas sit Regnavit
    Ut mancipia illi vivunt
    Ut mancipia illi morietur
    Ut mancipia illi accipe
    Quasi men Illi surgent
    Ut in rotam vicissim
    Et vivi, adolebit
    In mortuus heal,
    Ita vicissim in rotam
    Accipe observa O viventum ones
    Mortui reditum
    From dust nos voluntas surgent
    And hominis nos spernere
    Sed vos shall sit sanavit
    Dum nos adolebit


    Do not let them get to H44E I27E M44W I27W before you.

    1. There’s an new one. Logan can translate it and I will try and find out what H44E I27E M44W I27E means.

      1. Already got it:

        Today we live
        Today we die
        Today we take
        Today we rise
        Tomorrow we rest
        And tomorrow, we keep
        All that is good
        On the floor by our feet,
        Those who ruled
        Will be ruled
        As slaves, they live
        As slaves, they die
        As slaves, they take
        As men they arise
        As the wheel turns
        And the living, burn
        The dead heals,
        So turn the wheel
        Take heed, O living ones
        The dead return
        From dust we will rise
        And the man we spurn
        But you shall be healed
        While we burn

        I think that whatever is at H44E I27E M44W I27W is like the artifact that killed desmond. Whatever you do do not touch it sebastos. I also think that those are coordinates. Looking up latin coordinate systems now

        1. Apparently I know nothing about the history of math. We still use the same coordinates today.


          1. It isn’t Hexadecimal because that just translates to Dâ~D’

          2. Could it be a hint of coords? Like a mystery map? What does HIMI come up with?

          3. Okay we have Himi, Toyama, Japan
            and the Heard Islands and Mcdonald Islands, Antarctica (linked)
            I have personally been to the second one. It was weird, with strange animal behavior and weather patterns but only in the last year.


          4. So we have two choices, A city in japan or an island with fast food and crazy animals. All jokes aside I think that the islands might be it because what you are describing sounds like a reaction to a POE’s activation

          5. It IS the Heard & McDonald Islands! You see, the Heard Islands are “44” km EAST or “27” miles EAST of the McDonald, who are “44” km WEST or “27” miles WEST. So the clue is Heard44East, Island27East, McDonald44West, Islands27West!


          6. Got it. I will meet you there.


          7. By the way, what is POE? I was away for a bit.

          8. A Piece Of Eden. That was from the games themselves.

          9. I am familiar with the term, I was implying to WHICH Piece of Eden. Sorry about the confusion. Where is Grey? I could go and find it myself, since I know the location, but it is highly improbable that we are the only ones who have received this message.

          10. As i said before i think it might be the same kind as the one that had Juno imprisoned and killed Desmond

          11. Amazing job guys, although this seems to be a bit too easy. I’ve sent back-up and evacuation teams to back you out. I’ll make sure to give you a recommendation to some of my big friends. Keep you your great job, and you shall be rewarded soon. We are even more impressed with your love with Abstergo that you are doing these extra research and missions on your own time and out of your working contracts; really amazing job. Keep it up.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          12. By the way, make sure to meet with Development Team 5, it seems that they are interested with some very specific countries for our upcoming project and Japan is one of them. They want to debrief you on your intel on Japan and the recent POEs we discovered.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          13. So you are accepting out offer Otto? If so I am very happy that we can put our groups past differences aside. About to pull a LALO jump now in case the others looking have radar’s. Comm may be disrupted.


          14. I appologize for the lack of communication… I had an… Err….. Situation…. Long story short, i need to be a lot more careful from now on. Whats the sitch?

        2. New latin phrase and Otto has offered us help.


          1. Alright. Well… I will be arriving shorty. Dont shoot the next helicopter inbound. It will be an older war bird. A very beat up one at…. Or not. Well… Either way, i will be yheire soon. *beeping fills audio message, with a crackle, and the chatter of automatic weopons fire*

          2. I…….elp…….fire……..ckup.


          3. I’m on it! *grabs M14A and hops in buggy*

          4. Are those? Civs?!

          5. *Explosives and gunfire are heard over the radio*
            Sorry about that. I was saying i am under fire and need backup. I am glad you successfully deciphered it sebastos. I am using a neutralizer against their jammer.
            *Another voice*
            I think he is hiding in the ditch
            *My voice*
            That’s my cue to move!
            *Gunfire is heard*

    2. Someone shot me down… Someone realy wants me dead.. Guys im sorry for any injuries you took in that fiasco. I am within 3 miles of the crash. Cant go any further. Once again i appologize. Look for the markings…. Look for the sword… I bid my final adeou.

      1. I am not letting you leave us now grey. I will find you and help you. *Gunfire* That’s the last of them that were after me. I am on my way to the crash site now.

        1. Otto we may need an extraction soon. I think i see him. I definitely see his chopper.

          1. Logan… Save yourself… Leave me…. *a wound is visible, a hole in his abdomen*

          2. Otto! I need that extraction now! Gray is injured badly!

          3. Glad we could reach you guys on time. L you will be taken to S for debriefing and G your chopper will be taking you to one of our medical facilities. Doctors and everything are ready. Otto also have me some equipment and tools to give you, really sweet upgrades. I’ll catch you all soon at the mission debrief.


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          4. Alright. It seems sebastos is on his own from this point forward. Sorry about that sebastos.

          5. Thanks… Guys…… Sorry…. For…. *passes out*

          6. *sighs* So who is this “S” person?

          7. S was for Sebastos. He was with you guys after all.


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

  104. Why would you guys just talk in private wouldnt be better.

    1. We do. Just not all the time. Plus the feed allows all of us to communicate while at long distance.
      Nos Omnes Sunt Fratres In In Creed

    2. We also like to open up to the community and allow commenters a chance to come in and join our conversations at times.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  105. I would like to
    work with you guys.

    1. We are glad that you wish to work for Abstergo; we currently are going over many applications therefore you may not have a chance to officially apply yet. However, please feel free to pass to your closest Abstergo office or facility to apply by hand. Please read our FAQs page first before your visit.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  106. Ugh new people to background check, so annoying.

    I’m stuck in Australia, it’s so very hot at the moment, makes it quite hard to work. Hopefully you will all get more done.

    …though what’s with the Latin person? That’s a dead language, did one of the Ones Who Came Before get into the servers again?

    -Head Researcher, Caitlin.

    1. Who knows? Logan proposes that the Assassins and the Templars work together to figure out and “survive” the impending doom that the riddle says is going to happen. What I’m going nuts doing right now is trying to find out who Sephiras is and wondering why they haven’t posted another riddle. Need help with the background check? Send it through the server if you have time.
      Nos Omnes Sunt Fratres In In Creed

  107. Vos solved the prim, coeli et laudes
    Praeparari illic’ secundus
    Iam venit hora, ut elige
    Facite vos sicut haec aenigmata
    Propter quod ego faciam.

    Hominis voluntas ceciderit,
    Eam aequatae voluntatis,
    Qui de Eden,
    Voluntas tollite eorum imple,
    Et prophetabunt voluntas surgere,
    In a novi aetas,
    Of ex ebore et auro,
    Et in gaurdian et sage,
    Non erit autem eis terra,
    Rursus illi rule quod omnes,
    Illi voluntas regnabunt
    Nam dynasties
    Sed hominis voluntas,
    est sit attrita fronte voluntas
    Et vi eos caderet,
    Accipite, hoc script
    Ita quod vos ut superesse
    In ardentem noctis
    To surget contra
    In ones de Eden
    In die de emundet


    1. I think i missed something…. Anyome care to fill me in? Was out of comm range…. And did i mention tanks are fun?

      1. Yeah there’s this “Sephiras” who keeps sending us foreboding messages in Latin so I am translating this all. Check the previous feed.

        1. Here is everything so far:


          If he falls
          And he has conquered death
          All live,
          But if death take him,
          All shall be consumed by the flames of hell
          And those who came before
          Will rise from the ashes
          of Man

          You solved the first, and thank heaven
          Be prepared, there’s a second
          Now the time has come to choose
          Do you like these riddles
          Because I do.

          Man will fall,
          It steadily will
          Those of Eden
          Will take their fill,
          And they will rise
          In a new age
          Of ivory and gold
          And the guardian and Sage,
          They shall have the earth
          Once they rule that,
          They will reign
          For dynasties
          But man’s will,
          it will be defiant
          And force them to fall,
          Take this script
          So that you may survive
          The burning of the night
          To rise against
          The ones of Eden
          On the day of the cleanse


          He is speaking of the return of the precursor race. much of it matches the book of revelations in the bible. I feel that this may be something Assassins and Templars should work together on.


          1. I am willing, but honestly how are we to convince any Templars to join this cause.
            Otto might, but even then, that is still a might. Also I have taken a liking to encoding in Latin, so I am going to sign out with my name and something in Latin from now on.

            Nos Omnes Sunt Fratres In In Creed

    2. I think the ‘he’ could be Desmond Miles or another Animus. I still don’t get the part on the new age being of ‘ivory and gold’ – maybe a reference to the golden age of the Roman deities (aka the First Civilization)? After all, it’s written in Latin. And as to the ‘day of the cleanse’… maybe another solar flare catastrophe, sort of like the first one? Also, I think that the ‘second’ refers to Desmond’s replacement. Have Otto take a look at this – we may need to have another Desmond Miles very, VERY soon.

      1. We still have his bloodline with us… until the templars agrree to work with us they won’t have his or our help.


        1. The second could also just be referring to the riddles. As for Ivory and gold, we all know that gold is precious. Ivory is considered pure and in some cases “holy stone”. This also suggests that it will be Roman deities (aka the First Civilization).
          Let’s get Otto on this ASAP.

          Nos Omnes Sunt Fratres In In Creed

          1. Assassins and trmplars do work together…. Just not eneogh of us…. Hell…. I almost killed tenzin when he turned…. But i learned……
            Even if i dont completley trust otto yet.

          2. I don’t trust any of them, but i do understand that we need to work together. Also what were you in a tank for grey?

          3. I wasnt in the tank. I had to kill a tank. With a blade…. I realy need to make mire bullets….

          4. Like i said. Tanks are fun. And i found that under the tank there is a hatch…. I snuck in and was all ninja and cut the ankles of the driver. He screamed and sped up into a brick wall…. It was realy fun.

          5. Nicely done. I envy you. I am stuck on recon while you destroy tanks. Abstergo isn’t doing anything here in the southern US right now. I am starting to think someone has taken them out down here and no one notified me.


          6. Welll….. Thats because they arent htere…. Nothing there for them anymore. And i didnt destroy a tank, i cut an ankle and the driver destroyed the tank. Heh… Im still good at getting shot…. Will be leaving germany soon. Oh, and i recomend checking hawai.

          7. Thanks for the tip. They all decided to take a trip there for the new years. that explains why I haven’t noticed them. I think they are near a POE. I am unsure but they definitely think so.

          8. If there is one it is in one of the volcanoes because i am not finding any first civ temples

          9. Check under water…. And dont mention it…. I will help a fellow out when they need it.

          10. I think i have found it. I am going in.


          11. Thanks for the appreciation of the situation. I am still looking for an Abstergo position, so please notify Otto that I have emailed ‘’ and not received a reply in the last 24 hours.

          12. By the way, I am a self-taught cryptographer, computer programmer, and engineer. I am looking for a job at Abstergo and if you are in need of this get Otto to email [REMOVED BY ABSTERGO FOR SECURITY AND PRIVACY REASONS]. It’s not my real email, by the way, although I do check it regularly.

          13. I am back. As it would happen the POE was a fake. I got those burns for nothing. I also almost was noticed thank to a surfing contest that was happening nearby.

            Also Sergiusz… We are assassins that you are talking to. Please try on another page, although i think they are still full on submissions.


          14. We apologize for application delays, we are getting more and more each day from other divisions worldwide and we are in the process of creating another division in our Human Resources Department just for electronic applications. We thank your enthusiasm and want to work for Abstergo, we all hope to see you all within the Abstergo family.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          15. I am sad to hear that you do not trust me yet I am happy that you gave the option of trusting me in the future. On my side, I do trust you gray, you showed that you are brave and loyal; you are not a person that will back-stab the people who took you in and aided you, you have honor and principals. I hope the day that you trust me comes sooner rather than later.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  108. Si ipse falls
    Et Et vicit mortem
    Omne vivat,
    Sed si mors accipe eo,
    Omne numquid gehennae flamma devorabitur omnes
    Et iis, qui ante
    Voluntas surgere de cinis
    De Hominis


    1. I was scanning the thread and I found this weird post. It has a hidden message, that’s for sure but I can’ figure out if it is code or a language. Try and find out what it is if you have spare time.

      P.S. It isn’t italian I checked

      1. I found it! It’s Latin and it translates to:
        “If he falls
        And he has conquered death
        All live,
        But if death take him,
        All shall be consumed by the flames of hell
        And those who came before
        Will rise from the ashes
        of Man”

        But what does it mean? Who is “he” and what will “he” have to do?
        As for “the flames of hell” I have no idea.

        1. If I were you, I would run a scan on the name “Sephiras”. 83% of the time, in such situations, the name leads to a clue. I also suggest making this a security level 1 clearance investigation if you wish to go further with it.

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          1. Okay this thing has Level 1 Clearance as of now.
            I’ll respond as soon as I have results on “Sephiras”.


          2. Sephiras is another spelling of Sephiros which means Severus in Arabic. Severus is an old Roman/Latin name meaning Stern or Severe. Considering the message Sephiras delivered, I believe they were going for Severe. Any input on this?

  109. Abstergo, you should really fix the multiplayer on Assassin’s Creed 3 because every time i try to play a match with my friend, i end up getting stuck in the lobby and it tells me to choose my charachter when everyone is already playing, it’s getting really annoying so if you could please fix it that would be much appreciated

    1. I thank you for sharing your experience with us and apologize that you have had a negative experience with our multi-player feature. Unfortunately we are not able to aid you here however we recommend that you redirect your comment to Ubisoft in order to solve this issue. Here is the link to their support page By reading our FAQs page you may realize why we cannot aid in terms of patches.

      However, situations such as your are a bit rare and some common issues are either your NAT settings are on STRICT (you can see it as a triangle, red is strict, yellow is moderate and green is safe or open). Another reason could be internet connection is failing to all you to synchronize with the other players. Another reason could be your system does not match the minimum requirements for multi-playing.

      We wish you a better experience and that your issue is solved soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  110. Well you guys are quiet on the holidays

    1. We had a lot on our plate to finish in preparations of our new launch and other really cool features. Do not worry, holidays are usually when we are loudest.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      1. So cool features hmm? What are the details?

        1. Patience is a virtue :)

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division


    1. We have no idea where tenzin is.

      1. Who’s “REDACTED”

          BE PREPARED

          1. The truth? Whats more truthful fhan how much an explosive round hurts… Cought one in my shoulder. Again.

          2. *sigh* I’ll send a medic. Co-ords?

          3. The assassin’s will take care of their own!


          4. I dont require medical attention. Ive removed the shrapnel, will be heading towards vancoover soon.
            Oh, and im sending some interesting schematice your way.

          5. Also I found out that “redacted” means to edit or censor material/text before publication or for legal and security reasons. Whoever this is They’re going to have some serious leverage.

          6. Ignore my last comment didn’t see the grey assassin’s thing.


          7. Theyd better. And if they know of my exp,oits, than they know that i am more dangerouse than an assassin or templar. I honestly wonder how tenzin is… Hes been gone for a while now…

          8. I will not argue your skills, but your power is less than you may hope.
            Even now plans are being made, and you are but a pawn on the chessboard.
            As are we all.

          9. A pawn? Possibly. But i work for no one.

          10. Yes a pawn of the first civilization. This just proves our war goes farther back than the crusades.

            btw I am very good a chess


          11. Nein… This isnt a game of chess. Its a game of cards. Two sides vying for the better hand. Exept in the end both sides lose…

          12. Interesting …

            Last we have is that Tenzin wanted to be off the grid for a while but I am sure he is fine as I am sure you are fine Grey; you both are ‘special’ in your being.

            Sebastos, no need to worry much about redacted, at least not for now. We are far ahead than anyone can imagine and so far everything is being taken care of.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          13. Thanks Otto, – and Logan, I was once an assassin, so technically I can help Grey if I want to.

  112. I Am Being Followed
    Alert Tenzin

  113. Aye gray, whats your status?

    1. Current status: gathering intel an erudito out here.

  114. So did you get your flight?

    1. They were very pleasant thank you. Oh, and next timeim sent after a peice of eden, warn me before i see bats!

      1. Well I can’t tell you about everything now can I?

        1. I guess thats true… So…. Does anyone object to me traveling to anhorage?

          1. I don’t but where did you land? I’ll need coordinates to book another flight.

          2. Already got a flight booked. Multiple fuel stops, smaller plane, oh, and right noww im in russia.

          3. I hope all is well, contact us if your need any support.


            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  115. Okay the soonest flight off this first world rock is 5:00 am 23 November. It’ll take you straight to The Canary Islands into a wildlife park named Anaga. There should be a large tree in the middle of the park. on the tree is a set of hieroglyphs. They lead to a chamber of some sorts through clues. If you need help contact immediately.

    1. Also, since I’m being dragged into this, who’s Tenzin Gray? Erudito mentioned him once, and scrolling through the thread I saw the name a couple times. By the way DON’T YOU DARE BRUSH THIS OFF. Tell me who he/she is.

      1. I’m quite amazed that you have gotten through all our transmissions. You must really have a boring job.

        I’m supposed to be getting an associate of an IT guy called John. Didn’t get much more info than that so sitting, hacking and waiting.

        1. Yeah well when you just get out of almost getting killed, and they sit you down in front of a computer, it’s basically “have fun or bore yourself to death”.
          I used to be a hitman too so this sitting and waiting while some one ELSE gets to kill something really sucks.

        2. Speaking of a John…..
          There are three
          John Tenko
          Johnathan Estrab
          And finally a guy whose only records say ‘John’
          I’m guessing that’s your guy?

      2. Well if you want to know then you should. Tenzi- GAHHUGSSHSG!!!!!………..
        No one will tell this man who Tenzin is. No one.

        1. Im simply amazed you know of tenzin. Trust me when i say this, you will learn who tenzin is when the time is right. If they ever decide the time comes.

          1. Simple. Tenzin is one of the few to best me in the feild of combat, the rest are dead.

  116. Ah, hey there. Any plans for next missions? I’m stuck up here for a few days till my target comes along.

    *takes a swig of her steaming hot drink*

    oh that’s so much better, I can feel my fingers now.

    1. Yeah. I have a lead in sparta, and apearantly theres a peice of eden in the canary islands i have to get before someone elso does. Whos your next target?

      1. I hate Erudito……. well if it helps grey i can book a flight plan for the canary islands, then to Paris , then to Sparta. Free of charge, long wait lines, and wallets!

        1. Damn them! When can it be ready? I will colect the peice of eden, and wait, paris? Whats there?

          1. Nothing but it’s on the way to greece. and there aren’t any canary islands to sparta flights.

    2. Sweet, I’m sending a team there in two days if you want a lift. Caitlin, wanna head down to the sub labs? We can watch them test out the new military systems.


      Help us. Help you. Help the World.




    *KRSHHT* Hey guys, since when did you all join Abstergo? Didn’t we decide to freelance? And who’s this ‘Sebastos’?

    Sorry for being away so long, I got stuck right into Animus training, had to get through some loopholes to get some info. Also, if anyone’s in the Abstergo Entertainment building, can I have a hot chocolate and some biscotti? Great view and all but its fritzin cold on the roof.




    1. I will be up in a few. And i have been freelancing. But when your under a large body of water for as long as i am, just seeing another human is nice. Nyway, il be up soon, old freind.


        Be good to see you, it has been quite a while…


        1. Behind you. *all that is visible is tray with hot chocolate on it*

          1. Ha, thank you. *She pulls herself out of a mess of what looks like thick tarps and blankets, taking the warm drink back and checking that her gear is still in place.*

            Are you going to come out into the open or lurk?

            This “Sebastos” is intel and operations thank you very much. I came from the Sample 17 research facility in antarctica. I’m also very handy with tech hacking.

          3. Ahhhh, been a while since we all hungout like this. Otto may join as shortly, some problems with Laeticia.

            Anyone have any nice jokes?

            *phone beeps* oh it’s Otto, seems we have clearence for our new project. We may also be moving in deeper within Chicago, some sort of centralized operating system by a corporation called Blume or something. He said he’ll post an article about it soon.


            Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          4. Im not lurking. *leaning against wall* im just leaning.

  118. If you hit the nest and kill a bee, you start a swarm.
    If step into a pool of piranhas, you get eaten.
    If you kill one wolf in the pack, the others kill you.
    All of these result in your injury or death.
    But these are just animals.
    What happens when you apply this to an assassin?
    You get assassinated.

    1. exactly. remember who you are messing with.
      nothing is true. everything is permitted.

      1. How does Erudito have access to the site? I know that they’re hackers and all but don’t we have some serious firewall?

        1. We do, but we let them in at times just for a bit of excitement. Sometimes it gets a bit dull over here with all the paper work and we get bored.


          Help us. Help you. Help the World.

          1. So what did you do before Abstergo?

  119. Otto the assassino are in the building. they took out most of your evac team and I’ve taken the survivors to a bunker underneath the facility I ne– TRANSMISSION ENDED