Origins and a Festival

By now you have all heard about Abstergo Entertainment’s next big game, Assassins Creed Origins, which gives you a look in to ancient Egypt from the point of view of a disgruntled vigilante named Bayek as he works to protect the people from so called threats. However, in collaboration with a sister gaming company, we showcase the fantastical powers of theses so called vigilantes that have been loved in our previous games and combine them with the wildly popular Final Fantasy games. The theme of the story plays out like all our other games in that this group of “Assassins” strike out against imaginary foes and causes harm to good people just doing their jobs. In our work, we like to remind people that this terrorist group has cause widespread chaos and devastation, even nearly ending the world at one point, but that’s another story.
Be sure to catch our latest lessons, ok games, this fall. Origins is set to release October 27, 2017
Assassin Festival runs now till January 31, 2018. Check out the trailer below.

Pet Translators

Abstergo Industries hopes to have pet translators available in the next ten years. As our research in communication extends from cyber to organic, we find ways to better communicate with the world around us and that will soon extend to our pets. Pets have become an increasingly integral part of our lives, to the point that some pets have become “fur babies”, consumers are now demanding a way to better understand the needs of their dogs and cats. Abstergo is eager to explore the possibility of communication between humans and animals. The insights and perspective associated with the cognitive functions of animals can lead us to a new understanding of how humans see and interact with animals and the world around them. This can then in turn advance research in social behavior diseases and disorders. Therapeutic animals have been used in treating social behavior diseases and disorders, it is still unclear why animals have this healing tough and it is with great hope that pet translator will begin to unlock this mystery.


Abstergo Entertainment is considering launching into a new branch of entertainment by turning our beloved videogames into an animated series. Producer Adi Shankar was approached about the job and asked to create an original storyline. We are still working on the details, such as how “anime” we want the series to be. Stay tuned for further details.

Assassins Creed Origins

By now you have probably heard about our new game, Assassins Creed Origins. While this game was leaked early, we are still excited to share our latest venture in the world of villains, also known as assassins. Explore ancient Egypt as you relive some of the most fascinating events in history. Be sure to check out Abstergo Entertainment’s Assassin Creeds Origins webpage. We have many more exciting events and products coming out soon. Stay tuned and live better.

A Special Day!

Today is a very special day for us at Abstergo. Not only because of how far we have gotten into our numerous projects and not only because of all the awards we are receiving; but because of the celebration of an important member of our organization today.

This person has constantly aided in keeping Abstergo operating efficiently as well as keeping the connection with our community strong for more than 7 years. This person is always cheerful, hard working and a truly valuable asset to Abstergo and to any other corporation in the world! This person is Haylin Porter and today happens to be her birthday.

From all of Abstergo, we would love to wish you a grand happy birthday! May all of the years to come be great for you and us all.