Improving Virtual Reality

Abstergo is indisputably known for its most famous invention, the Animus. This marvel of technology has its limits, however – such as needing to be kept still when in use. While it offers the illusion of movement, the limitations to its functions are creating issues with consumer groups who want to be more active in their daily lives. We have decided to move in that direction by tying an omnidirectional treadmill system in to the virtual world. Now you can run, jump and walk your way through history. As we move to further develop our virtual reality technology, we hope to improve lives by creating systems that are portable and can function almost anywhere. Our goal is to improve access to what many consider basic rights, such as education. Imagine waking up and going to school simply by putting on virtual reality glasses. You could interact with teachers and other students in the classroom, even use an online system to interact with others around the globe in real-time, blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real world. Motion tracking gives the device the ability to understand its position and orientation using custom sensors. Depth sensors allow the device to understand the shape of its surrounding space, allowing the virtual and real worlds to interact with one another. This technology is also quickly gaining approval in the medical world. Virtual reality grants opportunities to children who would otherwise be stuck in a hospital room. They can now travel, own a virtual pet, or interact with other kids in a normal setting. Abstergo strives to create a better world every day.



Algae and the Future

Most people do not think too much about algae but here at Abstergo we believe this simple form of life can transform worlds. We are pouring millions of dollars into biotechnology centered on algae. We are exploring the possibility of biomass, biofuel and even terraforming in our search for a sustainable future. We believe that we can even use algae to terraform planets such as Mars into suitable planets to live on. Algae is a super adaptive, fast growing organism that helped lay the foundations for our world three billion years ago. Algae are found in almost every environment, including thermal springs and soil free environments, or even inside other living organisms. Algae also produces 70 to 80 percent of all the oxygen we breathe, thus making it a perfect organism for terraforming. With the help of small-scale lab experiments, we are currently able to create microclimates using algae and hope to scale up in the near future. We have also discovered that certain algae can produce combustible oil as a byproduct and are working to genetically modify these algae to produce on a large scale. We are also looking at the toxins that are produced by some algae in hopes of resolving dangerous algal bloom events and preventing future mass animal die-offs.


Growing in Space

Liked The Martian by Ridley Scott? Abstergo is taking steps to cultivate in space. We have successfully grown flowers and herbs on the International Space Station and would like to move towards crops that are more substantial. Many problems arise when it comes to growing in zero gravity, including water uptake by the plants. Another concern is whether the continuous exposure to common contaminants found in the spacecraft affects the growth and development of the plants, and whether this exposure makes them unsafe for consumption. Using information gathered through the experiments on the space station, we could improve farming practices on Earth by creating farms that are more efficient, and greenhouses that use up less water and arable land.

We are constantly moving forward in our efforts to understand the galaxy and you may, by now, have heard of the discovery of the 9th planet. This planet was first discovered in 2014, but with our high scientific standards, we wanted to be certain before making an official announcement.

German Abstergo site is online!

Good news for our German speaking customers: You can now enjoy in German. Just click on “German” to be redirected to

German link

A big percentage of our patronage comes from Germany, as it ranks second on our list of customer frequency. It is for this reason that we had been planning this German site for a few months.

The next languages on our list could be French, Dutch or Russian, if we find there is a need for it.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

Happy New Year

Greetings Everyone,

We hope your holiday was joyful and that you succeed in all your New Year’s endeavors. Some exciting things to look forward to this year from Abstergo include new releases from Abstergo Entertainment, new gadgets, medicine and a scientific breakthrough or two. The movie following our popular Animus game simulation will be released around December 21. However, we will be skipping our annual game release this year as we work towards improving the Animus. We will also be investing in pivotal projects such as, creating nanowire electrodes to make long lasting brain implants

We have a busy year ahead of us at Abstergo. As always, we strive to make the world a better place and hope you stay with us in the New Year. Whether through investing in our products, or collaborating with our corporation to help fuel our creativity. We wish you a happy and safe New Year.


Holiday Gift Guide

We would like to apologize for not posting in the month of November. We had to make repairs to our site.

Now that it is December, the Holidays are upon us. It’s the season of giving and we have some recommendations for fulfilling this year’s wish list. First on this list is an interesting opportunity to help our partners develop the HoloLens; “We are looking for creative developers to help us build an active, dynamic community. Come build the holographic future with us.” This is your chance to help Abstergo and Microsoft build a better future. Next, to go with your HoloLens, give the gift of history. The latest version of the Animus lets you explore your past like never before. Think your history is boring? You can follow the lives of dozens of historical fingers from around the world and throughout time. Check out all our latest gadgets and make your tech lover’s dream comes true. You can also protect the things you love with Abstergo’s complete home security system. Feel safe with 24 hour monitoring and emergency services at stand-by if the need arises.

From all of us at Abstergo, have a happy holiday.


Assassins Creed Syndicate Is Here

The wait is over! Assassins Creed Syndicate is here! From all of us at Abstergo Entertainment we hope you enjoy our latest installment in our Animus experience. We are proud to give you a unique perspective on street gangs during the Industrial Revolution in England. Our hope is that you will learn of the historical events that have shaped our future today through the eyes of a notorious murderer. If you have any problems with the Animus interface, or the game, please contact our support team immediately. Enjoy.