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Update: Operating system “Animus Control III”

Our new OS ACIII presumably will be released at October 30th (America) and October 31th (Rest of the world). The development team is making great progress. Furthermore ACIII will be able to display more people than older OS. “We now have a couple thousand guys on screen, whereas before it was capped at around 100” […]

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Animus 3.0 – More News

We have announced the project, a-OS 3.0, a while ago, now. We have some more precision on what we would like to do. We gave out a couple of details earlier about the time and the seasons system. Now we would like to just throw out what we have been doing. We are in fact […]

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Animus OS 3.0 Progress Update

The development of Dr. Vidic’s new Animus Operating System (a-OS) 3.0 has made amazing progress. It will be released on schedule in October 30th.

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Testers Wanted

Abstergo Industries is looking for testers for a new drug to treat chronic fatigue. We are looking for 50 testers, the experiment will run for 2-6 weeks. Some of the tester will be administered a placebo. The testers get $1260 each as payment. To take part in this test you must send us your documents, […]