New Animus Program

Thanks to our engineers’ work with Project Legacy and the DDS, Abstergo is about ready to venture into a new area of simulation with the Animus.  After almost 20 years of studying users in the Animus and compiling DNA memory, there is enough information to start forming simulations of alternative history.

Alternative history or “Uchronia” refers to a work of fiction regarding the timeline of our world if an important historical event had occurred or ended differently.

Perhaps it is better explained in an example.  Within the first months of 2013, Abstergo will be releasing an add-on program for the Animus that will allow the user to live in a time when checks and balances fail in the newly formed United States of America.  Instead of adopting a democratic presidency, George Washington names himself King of the newborn nation and imposes a tyrannical, power-drunk rule.

The Tyranny of King Washington will be the first of what we hope will be a series of add-ons with more to follow.  Just another way for you to Enjoy Your Animus!

Announcement of Death

May Dr. Vidic rest in peace.

It is with great sadness that Abstergo announces the death of one of its most influential employees, Dr. Warren Vidic.  Dr. Vidic’s body was found in his office at our facility in Rome early this morning.  Cause of death is under investigation, pending an autopsy by officials.

Dr. Warren Vidic in Sept. 2012

Dr. Vidic has been with Abstergo for the past 35 years and has been a key player in many of Abstergo’s advancements in biotechnology.  Dr. Vidic was the head of the department that spearheaded the entire Animus project, which is quite possibly Abstergo’s most famous product.  Though he is gone, his legacy will live on with the various Animus projects he helped develop.

We will keep you updated with funeral information.  We thank you for your continued support during this sad time.

Animus, Movie Star?

This just in!

In a recent interview, chief sales and marketing officer Geoffroy Sardin told an industry website that there is a movie in the making centered around the Animus experience!  Officials are being very tight-lipped on the subject, but Sardin let it slip that this movie could be released within the next year.  The only other bit of information we know so far is that the movie will star actor Michael Fassbender.

We will keep you informed as more info becomes available!

The Animus Disk

With our amazing and brilliant launch a week ago, with your help, we have introduced to you all an amazing new technology. A simple disc that would let you explore the memories of actual true events of the past.

Even though we’ve had trouble with the terrorist organization, known as “Erudito”, we stand strong, and continue to deliver you the best we can.

The ERUDITO Threat

ERUDITO, or The ERUDITO Collective, is a terrorist organization consisting of several individual users whose goal is strictly to oppose Abstergo Industries primarily by hacking Abstergo’s intranet and destroying digital property.

The threat was first discovered in Abstergo’s DDS, or data dump system, Project Legacy, which employed a vast number of volunteers into a special Animus program to compile events in history from each individual ancestors’ perspective into one fully-immersive experience.  This would allow anyone using this program to relive the memories of anyone in history, whether they were blood related to that person or not.

ERUDITO would attempt to =__==___—++


The world HatEs liars, abstErgo.  we kNow what you’re DoIng.  we will not Stop uNtil Everyone knows, you ARe the enemy.



==++__—++=     brought to justice.  Rest assured, the Animus program itself is safe, as it is taken off network during sessions.  These sessions are digitally recorded for later upload onto our secure server for the safety of our users.

Animus 3.0 Multi-User

Exciting news about Animus 3.0!

The hard-working engineers at Abstergo have further improved upon the network capability of the Animus to bring you multi-user sessions!  Whether they are in the next room or on the other side of the world, your friend can now come with you to experience your Animus sessions!  Just don’t forget to return the favor!  Visit any Abstergo facility to learn more.

Just a reminder, Animus 3.0 will be released to the public on October 30.


Soon the first big test of our new animus in conjunction with a new a-OS will be held, in which we are recruiting again for.

If you want to be involved please contact us at your nearest Abstergo facility to determine whether you qualify for a test.