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Animus Fixes and Updates

Recently, an update has been made to the Animus. Here is the change log: – Added a system to make the Animus accessible for more hours – Added a new security system, viruses have now been “run-over” [ERUDITO] – Interface made more accessible and simpler – Animus functionality increased. Less probability to have connection problems to your memories […]

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Antibiotic Resistance and the Animus

With the announcement of a-OS 4.0, Abstergo has been fielding a number of questions from the public, but the most common is why a company with a main focus on pharmaceutical development needs to explore the past in such great detail with the Animus. Abstergo is committed to solving the toughest riddles in the medical […]

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New a-OS

Currently the latest version of the animus-OS is in development. At the moment we can not reveal any details, but rejoice to improvements of the features of the predecessor. Expect information in the coming weeks or months.

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New Animus Program

Thanks to our engineers’ work with Project Legacy and the DDS, Abstergo is about ready to venture into a new area of simulation with the Animus.  After almost 20 years of studying users in the Animus and compiling DNA memory, there is enough information to start forming simulations of alternative history. Alternative history or “Uchronia” refers […]

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Announcement of Death

It is with great sadness that Abstergo announces the death of one of its most influential employees, Dr. Warren Vidic.  Dr. Vidic’s body was found in his office at our facility in Rome early this morning.  Cause of death is under investigation, pending an autopsy by officials. Dr. Warren Vidic in Sept. 2012 Dr. Vidic […]