The Animus Disk

With our amazing and brilliant launch a week ago, with your help, we have introduced to you all an amazing new technology. A simple disc that would let you explore the memories of actual true events of the past.

Even though we’ve had trouble with the terrorist organization, known as “Erudito”, we stand strong, and continue to deliver you the best we can.

Animus 3.0 Launch Weekend in Review

On 30 October 2012, the Animus 3.0 made its highly anticipated debut in the US, with the rest of the world following the next day. At our HQ in Rome, Abstergo employees cheered and champagne flowed in celebration!  Without a doubt it was the most popular launch by Abstergo to date, with sales topping the most recent predecessor by 117,000 units, and becoming the top-selling industry service in the UK!

We at Abstergo would love to hear stories and experiences by our users!  Please comment with your thoughts and likes about the new Animus experience!


Soon the first big test of our new animus in conjunction with a new a-OS will be held, in which we are recruiting again for.

If you want to be involved please contact us at your nearest Abstergo facility to determine whether you qualify for a test.

Animus Experience – Feedback

Dear customers,

We at Abstergo have implemented testing laboratories in the past. We’ve received complaints as to which nothing has been heard from people who have participated in the tests. We, of course, do not want to keep you in the dark for longer. We will introduce to you some of our most successful subjects who have agreed to share their experience.

Please note that some of our subjects are not native to the english language, our staff has translated their stories.

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The Bleeding Effect

The media has recently sensationalized a rare condition caused by prolonged exposure to the Animus.  The condition, called the Bleeding Effect, occurs when a user’s DNA memory “bleeds” into that user’s real-time memory, causing the user to temporarily become confused and unable to distinguish past from present.  Abstergo has contacted these media outlets in an attempt to have the story retracted, as the information was leaked from internal R&D documents before a full study could be done to release a full disclosure statement.

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Update: Operating system “Animus Control III”

Our new OS ACIII presumably will be released at October 30th (America) and October 31th (Rest of the world). The development team is making great progress.

Furthermore ACIII will be able to display more people than older OS.

We now have a couple thousand guys on screen, whereas before it was capped at around 100
-Creative Director Alex Hutchinson

Upcoming is a closed beta for which we need testers.
The customary test subjects will get invitations.